Friday, April 29, 2011


Ever since my date with Twizzle, I haven't been about to think about anything else. Not hot dogs. Not bacon. Not even SPAM.

So when I heard my human was going to the Peninsula Humane Society yesterday, I begged her if I could go too. I think my human likes Twizzle just as much as I do, so of course she totally said yes.

Since Twizzle liked me all pond scummy, I didn't bother to take a bath or
anything. I wasn't sure if she'd be allowed to have toys from "the outside", so I got a bag of Pirates Booty instead. I thought we could have a picnic and get to know each other better. There's so much about Twizzle I don't know and I know I'll only like her more the more I, uh, know.


Twizzle told me she never gets visitors, so I couldn't wait to surprise her. I waited under our tree with the bag of Booty and practiced being my cutest while o
ne of the nice volunteer ladies went inside to tell Twizzle.

So I waited. And waited. And then waited some more. I started to get really nervous. And a lot sad. Maybe Twizzle didn't want to see me again. Maybe she didn't really like how pond scum smells. Or the way my but smells. Or worse.

When I saw the lady walk out the door without my Twizzle, my heart hurt so bad. It felt like a great big angry momma cow was stomping it to death. But then the lady cheered and said "Yay! Twizzle is gone!"


Gone. I didn't understand why this was something to yay about until my human explained that gone = adopted. After 6 months of being homeless, Twizzle finally found her new people. I'm really happy for Twizzle and know this is supergood news - even if m
y heart still kinda hurts a little.

* * *
But we do need some more juju! Ellie in San Antonio (1 of the 3 EEEs) is having a bad back problem. Like, bad. She said our juju helped her brother Emmitt heal after they took the rocks out of his bladder and is wondering if she could have some too (please).


Anonymous said...

Oh Puglet, I am so sorry that Twizzle has broken your heart. I am sure she would have really liked to see you again. If it was meant to be, perhaps you will meet again on the "outside".

Sending all the juju I can for sweet Ellie. Eyes squeezed tight in concentration.

Barbara said...

Puglet, I'm sorry you didn't get a second date, but Twizzle really needed a family! Maybe you can go inside and find another girlfriend!

Did you eat the whole bag yourself to make you feel better?

SpencerBartholomew said...

So happy for Twizzle and her new home... sorry for your second broken heart.

Sending good thoughts for Ellie.

Payton said...

Puglet, it must have been very disappointing to miss out on saying goodbye to Twizzle, but how exciting that she has found a good home! I'm sure someone else will come along for you to share your Pirates Booty with.
Ellie, please feel better soon, we'll be praying for you! Hey, 3 Es from SA, do you guys have a blog?

Unknown said...

Hi Puglet. Well, I think this is good news for both Twizzle and ME. I'm hoping I'm back in the running... I just may have to make a new video with some more heavy breathing ;)


Anonymous said...

Try not to be too sad. I don't think it is coincindence that soon after she was featured on The Daily Puglet Twizzle found her home. Your blog probably helped twizzle find her family and for that I am sure you will always hold a special place in her heart.

Unknown said...

Oh! And I'm sending Ellie some good Scoutie therapy dog juju!


Bella said...

Sweet Puglet,

I think anonymous is right....all your love for Twizzle here on The Daily Puglet surely helped her find her forever home. That's how paw-some love is...It makes even paw-somer things happen! But I'm sure it doesn't feel so great to your little heart right now....I'm sending you a Pug hug all the way from Jersey to help your heart a little.

And sending a bucketful of juju to little Ellie.

Snorts and snarfles,

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

Ellie, juju coming your way.

Twizzle, congrats on the Gotcah.

Puglet, you'll find another special someone, I just know it.


Holdin27 said...

Puglet, if you set her free and it was meant to be, she will be back!

Are you guys going to pug sunday this weekend? It's Lucy's bday so I'm taking her for the first time!

I Love Lucy said...

Doggone it Puglet, My mommy's eyes are leaking again. She says she is really happy Twizzle has her very own home and very own people now. I'm happy for her too, but I'm not all leaky about it. My mom can be such a mush. We are so sorry it broke your heart to have Twizzle gone, but we know you're happy for her too. Mom says this means it's bittersweet. Okay, whatever that means.
Ellie, me, my mom, and my fur siblings are sending you all kinds of good juju. Get some rest and feel better soon.
Maybe you all could send some good juju to my dachshund brother Ricky. He had 2 cyst removed this week and we are waiting to hear back from the doggie doctor lady. All paws and fingers are crossed in my house.

Molly in PA said...

Heya Pug,

I bet that Twizzle will find your blog, and you two will totally hookup - on the *outside* this time. Outside dating is *way* more fun than dating in the joint. Keep your snout up, buddy!

We're super happy to hear that Twizzle is forever homing it up - WOO!

Sending extra JUJU to Ellie -- what the heck is in the kool aid in San Antonio?

Molly in PA

Kellee the Caffeinated said...

Hoooray for Twizzle!!!! Such great news for her!!!! I know you are sad Pug but you have your mom to thank for this amazing news! I am sure you will see her soon!

Sending lots of love to Ellie!!!

Noodles said...

I agree with Molly in PA - Twizzle will find your blog and you can still be furiends. PLUS there is a good chance she was adopted in SF Bay Area and still close enough to visit.
If she doesn't. . . I like Pirates Booty too . . . just sayin'
Love Noodles

Molly in PA said...

** Special Request **

Pug - I'd like to request a Frankie feature! How is your bromance?! Frank is 2nd best to you, in my book :)

Molly in PA

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Ellie me and my 3 pugie babies are sending you BIG POLISH JUJU. Hope so much you'll feel better soon!

then I'm SO happy for Twizzle, she was too cute to be homeless. Don't be sad Puglet, there's lots of nice and cute girls around.

Today here in Poland we start really long weekend, because on the 3rd May we have Constitution Day. Our Constitution was the Europe's first, and the world's second (just after yours). I'm happy to have 4 days off, but 2 of them are without you, and I don't like it at all!!!! Hugs Puglet :)

Anonymous said...

Sending extra special healing JuJu to Ellie!!

We're happy Twizzle got a good home! Maybe the family is local and you guys can still visit with each other at the dog park! There is still hope you will see her again.

Ann, Fro, Molly & Cleo

Ollie said...

Don't give up just yet! Remember I said it would be really cool if your 2nd date was at her home? Maybe the shelter can give you the adoption info for Twizzle and you can go visit. You may even find out that your blogging helped her find her forever family. How romantic is that?

Ellie & Lucy's brother Ricky - Sending you a big batch of supercharged beagle juju!

Twizzle for Schwizzle said...

Ahh, don't feel bad Puglet. I'm sure somehow your meeting her and sending that good energy to her helped her find a home! Think of it that way--she's no longer homeless, but now has a family to love and love her

Anonymous said...

Speaking of heart stuff, did you watch any of that Royal stuff this morning?

Kitty+Coco said...

Poor Pug. Have your mom get a tub of ice cream for you. Humans deal with heartbreak this way. It was a short romance, but long distance relationships are hard. Maybe another girl pup will catch your eye in the future. As a gentleman, you must wish Twizzle well in her new life.

Kitty and Coco

Robinette said...

Oh Puglet! I'm so sorry you didn't get to see your beloved Twizzle, but rejoice in the fact that she found her new forever family and will be very much loved--like you and Dutch.

And good juju out Ellie!

Robinette and Weezer the Pug

Lola said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Twizzle!!! We here at the Daily P are so very happy for you and your forever home!
Pug, I'm sure Twizzle is going to look you up and at least come visit you here. Your true love is just around the corner- I just know it!
Miss Ellie- we are sending ALL of our good jujus to you today. I know that when you check in on Monday, all will be good again- our jujus have magical powers when we all send them to the same place at the same time- it works every time!
Lafayette Lola

Pugs2Luv said...

We sorry your heart got broken. All we can say is that you'll find love when it is truly meant to be.
We are happy to hear that Twizzle found her forever home.
Ellie we are sending all the good juju we have plus some pughugs for good measure.
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,

You poor heart-broken Puglet! We are so sorry for you but for Twizzle we feel so happy. She has found her forever home and people who love her.

I comfort you, my dear pug brother and let me tell you - my heart has been broken quite a few times. Just this morning, I fell in love with a little lady of 13 (if, I like the ladies older and definitively long-legged) and she barked at me. Her mom said that she was in a bad mood and all my advances, short of picking flowers for her did not help. I even offered to chaperon her to her home and my Mom thought this was a bad idea - she had to run after me and the lovely lady because I did not listen.

Let's be strong together, brother and I offer you my paw just in case you are interested in a Bromance. It will be long-distance, but my heart is yours.

Elli, we are sending you our very best wishes and also pughugs from Berlin.

With pug love

Anonymous said...

Puglet: If meant to be, you two will meet again. 3Es!! My human was sick for a couple of days-she was either in bed or on a toilet thingy. She said it was a stomach flu or something...(gross) She feels better now, so it's your turn to receive super duper juju from me and my brother Neko. Our juju worked on our human, so it should work on Elli too.

Samantha, AKA Sammy- the shedding machine

Anonymous said...

ps. We think she got tummy bug because she said sh*t on this blog.. true Karma.


Anonymous said...

We are sending good juju for Elli.
Happy new home to twizzle! I believe that she will contact with you again.


AllyB said...

Hey, yay for Twizzle! Sending good juju to Elli. I feel bad for her back. Thanks for giving my person a smile again today Puglet.


Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III said...

I'm so sorry to hear you didn't get a second date, Puglet. That's so sweet that you brought Pirate Booty to share with her. My dad goes nuts for Veggie Booty. I bet the cheddar one is even better!
I hope you will see Twizzle again someday and get to express your love with tasty treats :)

Your feline friend,
Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III