Friday, April 8, 2011

VIDEO FRIDAY: Sleeeeeepy

Me and Dutch got to spend the whole entire day at House of Meat yesterday. Don't tell my human, but Dutch stole a loaf of bread off the table. He ran out the dog door before anyone noticed and we ate it in the backyard. The Crazy Labrador Brothers found a giant cardboard box in the garage and we tore it into a million pieces. We were having so much fun, the people who live nextdoor told us to shut up. Twice.

Good times!

I love my human and everything, but the HoM is so much fun, I didn't want to leave. When The Man called my name and said it was time to go home, I tried to blend in with the rug. When that didn't work, I tried to hide under the table. When hiding didn't work, I put my ears back, made my tail go flat and tried to look as sad as possible.

But that didn't work either.

I was soooo tired by the time we got back to Casa de Puglet (AKA the House of Carrots), I could barely keep my eyes open. My human wanted to do the whole Freeze Frame Friday thing for today, but there was just no way.

So, she took this video instead.
Of me trying to stay awake.

*turn up your volume for puggy surround-sound*

Sorry it's not very good. But I mean, I was falling asleep. Besides, my human took it with the dumb Droid. Y'know, the one that can't even get my name right and doesn't know the difference between bacon and sex?

Yeah. That one.


Anonymous said...

A loaf of bread and cardboard...hmm sounds like your need carbs and a little fibre in your diet.
You have us laughing Puglet..

The other day our cousins from Del Rio came to visit.. the noise level in the back yard was so bad mom came out with a broom and told us to shut up before one of the neighbors complained.

We didn't listen..its fun to aggreviate mom.
Ellie, Emmitt and Eli from Texas

We still don't know why she came out with the broom, maybe she was going to take a ride!!

Gabrielle said...

Love the video. So adorable ♥

Minnie and Mack said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all!

Love the video and cute puggy sounds!

Drools and licks,
Minnie and Mack

Ollie said...

There's nothing better than coming home completely exhausted after a day of supersized fun and collapsing on the sofa for a good snore-I mean snooze.
Once, I did that sitting up in a chair with my head tilted back and my mouth hanging open.
My human had a good giggle because she said I looked like a worn out passenger sleeping on a transatlantic flight.
Have a good weekend :)
Ellie, Emmitt and Eli: Haha...I love your broom story!

Molly in PA said...

Heya Pug,

You look like me when I'm trying to stay awake, I make funny squeeky noises too! We're so sexy.

I love your sleepy blanket, mine is black wool and it is *suuper* warm, it puts me to sleep instantly.

Enjoy your weekend full of sex ... erm, I mean BACON!

Molly in PA

Emelina & Massimo said...

Oh, Puglet! LOL! Just what I needed for Friday: A good laugh! I can totally picture you trying to hide from The Man. LOL Too hilarious!

THE PUGLET said...

I forgot to say please don't tell my human I hid under the table because I didn't want to come home. The Man thought it was superfunny but she would be sad.

Kellee the Caffeinated said...


Anonymous said...

The cuteness of that video is off the chart!!! It's nice to visit the HoM, but I know after a while you would miss your momma....admit it Pug.

Ann, Fro, Molly & Cleo

THE PUGLET said...

I'm sure she'd totally come and visit me :)

pepper the pugalier said...

ha ha, puglet. mommy took the same video of me yesterday. i don't really remember her doing it, because i was sleepy from surgery. i went to the vet and she stole my tooth! i'm glad you had such a great day. i'm (mostly) back to my old self today and you've inspired me to tear something up. i think there's a shoe box in the living room...

have a good weekend, puglet!

~pepper the pugalier

I Love Lucy said...

Oh Puglet, I just adore you. Shhhh! Don't tell my mom, she says I'm too young to sweet talk boys. Hehehe.

Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, that was about the best thing ever! That just made my weekend! Gotta love Puglet, he's so hilarious

Anonymous said...

Wow, Puglet, you are so used to cameras it didn't even phase you to fall asleep.

Anonymous said...

I Would love to come snuggle, snuggle, snuggle with you. Food and sleep are the 2 best things in the whole world.


Robinette said...

Can I just say how much you Puglet, Dutch and your Human make me smile every day? Thank you for that :)


Two Pugs in a Pod said...

Eeeeee! The delicious sighs and snorts and gummy puggy sounds! *melt* are such a tough little dude that sometimes I forget you are still ALLLL pug.

THE PUGLET said...

Shhhhh. Don't tell anyone :)