Friday, July 22, 2011


I'm trying to look extra cute today to make up for all the fish and snail pictures you've been looking at week. Uhm, make that Swedish + Meatball pictures.

Now that everyone has a name, I can go back to talking about really important things. Like food. Awhile ago Misiober in Poland (hi!) sent me a picture of this awesome human candy. It's kinda like the Swedish Fish candy my human loves so much, only gummier. And shaped like a pug!

My human loves gummy things, so I asked Google where we can find us some gummy pugs. Google found us gummy pigs:

And gummy cows:

And even gummy roadkill:

But no pugs. I've never eaten a gummy before so I begged my human to get us gummy something (gummy ANYTHING!). She said maybe - which is way better than a no and can usually be turned into a yes.

Does anyone here have any gummy experience? There are soooo many different kinds of gummies to pick from, I'm wondering what kind we should get. Y'know, if my human's no becomes a yes.


Lola said...

My fam totally wants some pug gummies! My mom says her fave gummy is coke bottles and peach rings. Yummy!
Lafayette Lola

Noodles said...

Gummi Pugs - really??????
My Mommys do not give me gummi anything either. Hmmmmm a conspiracy, no doubt. If they can eat it why can't I. BTW, does the gummi PIG taste like bacon? Just wonderin'
Love Noodles

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Hi Pug:)
There are two flavors of these gummy pug heads. Regular (just gummy) and sour (which I love). In Poland the most popular are Haribo gummies in all kind of shapes and flavors.
I also love gummy candies and this morning I found a new one (no haribo) fruit+panna cotta flavor. Oh that was super yummy:) have a great weekend Pug and Dutch and Human (hi!) and I hope you'll have some gummies soon:)

Payton said...

Pug gummies! How funny! My mom says I'm not allowed to have any of those, so I'm trying not to think of all the shapes and flavors I would like...sigh...

Have a wonderful weekend Pug and everyone!

Glad to hear that Ellie and Benny are doing better...keep us posted.


PS. My mom says our Blogger Dashboard isn't posting new updates for some of the blogs we follow (like this one) even took away some posts from the list even though they are still available. Does anyone know of another way to find out if friends have new posts? Thanks.

Payton said...

Now the posts are showing up again...sheesh! Can't live with Blogger, can't blog without it!

PPS. Pug, you look adorable in that a good smile on such a handsome face!

citydog said...

Ah! A friend just sent us a bag of the gummi Pugs from Germany. We were thinking that we'd give them to Pug Rescue of New England to use at the annual fund raiser.

/Iggy and Charlie

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Puglet...anything food sounds good to me but I never get any gummy stuff...never had it and I think I should be able to try it. I bet it's because my human doesn't like gummy stuff. Yep, bet that's it cuz I know I would like them a lot and especially if they were shaped like us cute pugs!

Foodie Girl said...


I've never had gummy anything. My mommy loves gummy sour candies though. Anyway, I made her google them too and she found them in Germany. She doesn't read German but maybe someone here does...

Now to find some! My puggle friend Jake's mom (who I totally love - she has pockets full of turkey - seriously) has family in Germany....I might have to brave the heat to give her puggie eyes to get them for me!


Ollie said...

I vote for the roadkill gummies!
I have no candy experience but my human turns into a Jelly Belly and Skittles addict when stressed out.
If you want to do further candy research there's a show on the food network called 'Kid In a Candy Store'. It's this guy who goes around the U.S. visiting different candy makers. One episode featured a 5 pound lollipop. I put that one on my bucket list!

Mimi, Diva Dog Extraordinare said...

i used google and found some on a german sweets pages. its hilarious if you use google translate because mopse is actually the german words for boobs. so when you translate it they are called gummy boobs.

THE PUGLET said...

Gummy pugs = Jelly boobs! I had no idea Google was such a pervert :)

moPSY+MISIOber said...

I think that pug in German (and Polish) = MOPS. MOPSE it's more like puggie in English, or MOPSIK in Polish :)

moPSY+MISIOber said...

ok I ask my Berlin friend Aga (mom of two pug girls Felka and Dula), and mopse ("o" with two dots) = pugs :)

moPSY+MISIOber said...

ok no 2 :) she just told me that people in Germany call boobs mopse, as well as pugs :) so the google was right :)

Anonymous said...

Our human has given my sisfer, Bambi, sour gummy worms before...... Then she had the nerve to stand there and laugh at her while she made stange faces and spit it out like 10 times before she swallowed it. I mean, she is a Pug after all and would never leave anything "un-eaten......"

Buford T. Justice

THE PUGLET said...

Boobs = Pugs? Weird. I'm glad Google got it right though. I don't know what I'd do if Google's brain went gimpy!!

Thanks Misiober (+ Aga)!

THE PUGLET said...


Dude - that is soooo helpful! I'll tell my human that pugs eating gummies = funny faces for Nikon. She'll totally say yes to that.


THE PUGLET said...

+1 on roadkill gummies. Dutch wants the fruity panna whatever ones from Poland, of course. My human wants all of them. Except the peachy ones because apparently they are gross (sorry Lola!).

THE PUGLET said...

Citydog ~

Awwww, so nice of you to think about donating your Gummy Pugs/Jelly Boobs to rescue! I bet someone will pay a fortune for something so special :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, here is Carlos the German pug:

Indeed - and much to my human's annoyance "pug" which in German means "Mops" has unfortunately two meanings:

1- I am Carlos, the "Mops"

2- in more vulgar terms, "Möpse", plural of mops means .. well. Two female body parts which ignorant men like to mention sometimes when they see me and to which my human usually replies "very old joke". She used to get upset before but now got used to it - two years of pug ownership has taught her to stay calm!

These are the links at Amazon to the jelly pugs which are sold in all our shops in Germany, they are a German product, brand name is "Haribo":

Brand: Haribo Gert Käfer's Fruchtgummi Möpse

The sour version:
Brand: "Haribo Gert Käfer's Fruchtgummi Möpse Sauer"

I am not sure if you can order from the States or elsewhere at the German branch of Amazon, but I can inquire if you like to. The American branch of Amazon does not carry the jelly pugs.

But, help is at hand. This is the licensee for the "Gerd Käfer jelly pugs"

Would you like me to inquire if they accept orders from overseas?

With best pug ahem Mops greetings from Germany, the land of the jelly pugs

Carlos Santana

PS: It seems almost ridiculous - we are right at the source of jelly pugs and my human does not like them!

THE PUGLET said...

Thanks Carlos Santana!!

Yes, it is very ridiculous that you live in land of Gummy but your human does not like the gummies! Don't feel bad though, my human doesn't like chocolate and that kinda makes her a freak too!

I guess a million years ago when my human was little, her dad used to bring home Haribo bears whenever he'd go to Germany for work. I'm thinking that's when the gummi-love started?

My human is old now and we have Haribo here - bears and peaches and sharks and cola bottles and cherries and fish and... but no pugs (or boobs)!

There is one store that *might* be able to get us some. It's where my human gets all her weird, gross candies. One of them is Dutch Licorice (salty!!!!) and the other is some sort of ginger gummy bear from Germany. Sometimes she calls me 'ginger bear' because I guess the candies are the same color as me and kinda fat. Please don't tell anyone though - so embarrassing!!

Anyway - thank you for hunting down the gummy pugs!! I'll let you know if we can't find them... we may need to arrange some sort of international top secret mission!

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
I did some research while my human fell asleep and the laptop was all mine:

Now, here is a supplier who ships the gummi pugs to overseas destinations:

"We Ship Worldwide

We welcome orders from overseas. Prompt shipping, safe and secure packaging. Our system will help you through the purchase process. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to ask, we will answer immediately. Please use to get in touch with us. We will find a convenient and customer-friendly way to satisfy your request. Please keep in mind that there might be additional costs to your order, like local taxes or customs duties. Not mentioning, that the items should be legally allowed in your country. We are looking forward to your order. Thank you."

Haribo, Fruchtgummi-Möpse, extra sauer (SOUR)

Haribo, Fruchtgummi-Möpse (CONVENTIONAL)

Both versions are available in flavors
pineapple (white)
orange (orange)
lemon (yellow)
strawberry (green)
raspberry (red).

A 200 gram bag is 0,99 Euro (approx. 1,4 USD)plus shipping costs.

I won`t tell anybody that your human calls you "ginger bear" - if you do not tell that mine calls me "Hase" or rabbit, it is also very embarrassing, extremely so! Oh these humans ..

Good night everbody and kind pug greetings from Berlin

Carlos Santana (aka The Rabbit)

Anonymous said...

Hiya Puglet!!! It's me Benny and I am HOME!!!! I was giving LOTS of kisses to ALL the nice people at the hospital today and according to the vet eating them out of house and home, so he let my human come and pick me up this afternoon. He still doesn't know what made my liver sick but all the IV's, antibiotics and vitamins made me feel better. He said I can take the medicine at home now. I was SUPER happy to see my humans and couldn't stop kissing them. When I got home Gracie was there and we were SOOOOO happy to see each other. We ran CRAZY ALL over the house, up and down the stairs, around the table and jumped all over the couch. I guess I was a little too excited and I barfed up so much that my human actually believed that I had eaten them out of house and home. It freaked my human out a bit but the vet said it was probably from all the excitement and the heat. I know I'm LOTS better then I was but my human keeps saying something about being an "enthusiastic" eater and she won't stop worrying about me until that "enthusiasm" returns. Whatever.

At any rate my human says I have to give a shout out to you and ALL your SUPER GREAT friends to thank them for sending that AWESOME juju my way. She said it REALLY worked miracles. So THANK YOU to EVERYONE!!!!! YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!


Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

Soooo very happy to hear from Benny!! Really makes for a happy weekend :)
P.S. I love running around tables at my house...kinda doin' my laps, like on the track...especially when the weather is hot! Heeheee and Puggie huggies to all!

Anonymous said...

Dude!!!!! Anything to help out a fellow mischief maker..... We are one and the same when it comes to being mischivious!!!!!!

Buford T.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Benny is feeling better!!!!!!

Buford T. and family

tubby3pug said...

We love gummys too-mom never heard of gummy dogs of any kind--but gummy pigs are new to her too

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

So glad Ellie and Benny are on the road to mending.

I've never had a gummy anything, but mom keeps gummy bears in the freezer for a quick treat for herself.

Crabbie Chris said...

My mom and dad like gummy cola candy. Don't tell anyone, but once mom snuck me a piece when dad wasn't looking. Dad snuck me a piece when mom wasn't looking. Pug you've got to come hang with my 'rents...they're suckers

Ollie said...

Way to go Benny!!!

Pug Slope said...

Well with all the confusion about "Möpse", just be careful if you try to order some off the internets, Puglet. Especially if the site doesn't have any photos and is all in German. You might end up getting gummies in a very, um, *different* shape than you expected. -Love, Sid

THE PUGLET said...


Whow. SO awesome to hear you're better and barfing stuff up at home where you belong. You should probably take it easy on the liver for awhile. I bet you can get your human to cook you special breakfasts and stuff until you heal, so I'd take your time if you know what I mean :)

THE PUGLET said...

Ooh, good point Sid. My human did a search for "ginger bear" and a big scary NAKED man came up! What the?? Yuck.

My human promised to take me gummy shopping tomorrow. And if I order anything gummy from Germnay, I'm totally going to ask Carlos 'the rabbit' Santa for help!

eddie the german mops said...

hey puglet
here's eddie the pug from germany.
my mommy once bought these gummies (even though they are more expensive than the other haribo gummies) and loved them because they had the shape of her favourite animals und tasted delicious.

she told me to offer our help, too, if you cannot find a shop that sells the "möpse" in your country.



Ashley said...

Hey Puglet,
My cousin is in Europe for school and has two German roommates! They are on the hunt for them :)


Max the Jack Russell Terrier said...

Hey Pug,

I have tried a packet of Haribo gummies. ( well, after my little human dropped them. ;) My other young human has tried the gummy roadkill though. She said it tasted reallllly good. Oh, by the way, its my humans 2 goldfishes birthdays on Tuesday. Their names are Goldey and Pearl.


Max the Jack Russell Terrier said...

ps. did you know that gummies contain gelitan, which contains pig fat? bacon has that in it. so in a way, they're related to bacon.

Toby Jon said...

Yummi, Haribo! My all-time favorite are the tropi frutti ones :)

Holdin27 said...

I'm a big fan of coke bottles, but theirs taste Haribo! Get it? I'll be here all week!

Kellee the Caffeinated said...

OMG gummy roadkill is hilarious!!! My very favorite is sour gummy cherry coke bottles!!!! Mmmmmmm mmmmmm now I may need to make a trip to the candy store!!!! Thanks a lot Pug!!! =)

Estelita said...

Hi Puglet,

I saw in this site your haribo pug faces.