Friday, July 1, 2011


This is my cousin Sophie in New Jersey. I guess she thought no one would notice her sneaking into July 4th BBQs if she disguised herself as a hot dog. Totally genius idea, right?

Too bad the only costume I have is a lobster. I'm pretty sure people don't BBQ lobsters on the 4th (and don't think I'd want to eat one even if they did).

I don't know if today is Special, so let's all eat extra cookies just in case.

PS: Please send Juju to Frankie's family in Seattle before anyone else gets broken! And Frankie, maybe tell your people to stay off your bikes for awhile?


Sabrina said...

Hiya Puglet!

First off, thanks for all the happys last week for Beulah and Marble. They have been celebrating their birthdays on vacation so couldn't write in. Secondly, today is a special day for everyone in Canada! So, I think you should eat one cookie for every Canadian follower starting with three for Beulah, Barney, and Marble!

tubby3pug said...

What a cute costume--definitely you can take that into any bbq and get some yummy burgers

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Pug we have samething to celebrate!! Today in Poland is Dog Day. My 3 pugies had very special new treat! There was lota of joy:) I thing you and all out DP friends can celebrate too :)
Sopie you are the cutest hot-dog ever:)
And Frankie family, we are sending good juju your way, but just as Puglet said, please stay away from any potential danger!!!

Frankie from Seattle said...

I definitely will! Also, today is special! Its my birthday!
~ Frankie

Payton said...

Hey Pug,
Sophie's got the right idea for sure! How clever!
Happy Birthday!!

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Happy Birthday Frankie:) have a best day ever !!!
and Happy Canada Day !!!

Stewey said...

Hi Puglet,
I'm diggin' your cousin's costume!

Anonymous said...

Sophie looks to cute - she should wear that costume to our Pugoween in October.

We totally missed your birthday - so Happy (very) belated Birthday!!! We hope you had a great day with lots of treats!

Enjoy your visit at HoM. Hope your human feels better soon - I had to have a root canal last year, it wasn't fun.

Ann, Frodo, Molly & Cleo

Barbara said...

Aww, I wanna see you in your lobster costume!

Happy birthday Frankie and we are sending juju.

Sue and Romeo said...

Romeo thinks your cousin Sophie is vavavoom!!!

Happy Special Day Birthday Frankie...celebrate well, and hope the whole family stays well and unbroken.

Happy and Safe 4th of July partying USA posters.

Max the Jack Russell said...

Happy B day Frankie! Pug, actually lobster is really good!


Mr Puggles said...

Brilliant idea Sophie! Just as long as nobody tries to grab you and stick you on the grill!
Happy 4th of July, Puglet friends!

Anonymous said...

Hope everyone had a happy and relaxing Hotdog Holiday weekend. After last week's post about ticks, Hu-Mom got a fresh supply of Animal Armor at Wal-Mart. Just like Frontline but a wee-bit easier on the old pocketbook. We always get an extra cookie when Hu-Mom puts the tick repellant ick on us.


And Sammy, maybe you ought to wrap your family in bubble wrap to keep them safe. We're sending puggle prayers and major, serious-focussed ju-ju to your family.

OK, onward into summer. Hu-mom got us a pool with little bones painted on the bottom. It will be in the 90's in NJ this week!

Stay cool everyone. ~ Roxi, Riley & Lea (The Jersey Shore Puggles)

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,

Your little friend Dice the Dalmatian here. I am 9 months today and SO very loved by my new family!
Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July weekend - I sure did. I swim SO much better now, the water here is MUCH warmer than in S.F, and I had lots of fun with my family at the beach. I also got to go to my first, well sort of, dog show. It was a Rally Match and I strutted my stuff in the Beginner Novice 1 ring. Did great, but my mommy didn't know how to read the signs and did so many beginner mistakes we looked like clowns. I really don't care though - as long as the cookies keep coming :)
Have a wonderful summer!

Anonymous said...

OMG, Dice, is that you? Glad to hear from you.
Puglet... I think Sophie's lips are very sexy. And she got total Diva eyes...

Hope everyone had great 4th.


moPSY+MISIOber said...

Puglet where are you?? Are you ok??? and your Human and Dutch???

And Dice I'm so happy to read you have such a wonderful life with your new family :) Please send one or two pic. of you to Puglet, and maybe he would show them on DP :) I really would like to see 9 months old Dice :) Kisses sweet boy :)

Estelita said...

Hi Puglet!
I say the same words of Misiober.

Ollie said...

Hi Puglet,
Hope all is well with your human. We miss you guys!