Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Hello everyone. Pug is very busy obsessing over 1000 pugs or 999 pugs or some other scary number of pugs at the moment. I believe he's working on a plot to drug our human so he can hack into the computer and do other bad things he'll get in serious trouble for doing.

Since Pug is so... occupied, I suggested this might be a good day for me to finally tell you about the top 3 #1 favorite things I was given for my Big 8 birthday. It's only been over a month since I turned 8.

So here I am.

#1 favorite thing #1: Buzz. O
llie in Canada sent me Buzz. I believe he described him as Henrietta's bad-ass boyfriend. Ollie was right, Buzz is quite bad ass. Of course this means Pug wants to steal him and eat him, but Buzz is much tougher than Henrietta and I am faster than Pug. That's all I need to say.

#1 favorite thing #2: manly collar. My new collar came from Pug. We all know how much he hates my love of pink, so he used my Big 8 as en excuse to buy me something blue. Pug wears skull and crossbones 24/7, so we clearly have very different tastes. But I love my new collar. It is trendy, but also classic, and has just the right amount of pink.

My #3 #1 favorite thing is a Himalayan Yak chew that Ollie also sent. I've not always been a fan of the yak, but the Canadian variety is extremely delicious. My human took a picture of me with the chews, but I'd rather share this picture instead.

Yes, that is a PINK bunny Pug is using for a chew pillow. My PINK bunny that came all the way from Canada to be MINE. I know he will deny it, but this was not an isolated incident. Pug spends a lot of time with my PINK bunny. Even though it is PINK.


Payton said...

Hi Dutch! Great post! I really think you look good in the first picture. I'm so glad you had an awesome birthday and got so much neat stuff from Canada. Ollie is so nice! And Pug did good with that collar too! Don't worry, we'll make sure to razz him big time about the bunny!

Anonymous said...

Dutch - your new collar is totally awesome. Pug has good taste. I love that you totally busted Pug by posting a picture of him with a PINK toy! I bet he secretly loves pink as much as you :)

Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III said...

Wow, Dutch, so much great birthday loot!! Ollie sure found lots of interesting goodies to send to you and Puglet from Canada! (Himalayan Yak Chew?? Sounds fancy!) And I love the new collar from your bro. Good choice, Pug!

Your feline friend,
Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III

Noodles said...

Hi Dutch
Those are totally cool things you got there. I especially love Yak Chews thanks to Bellatrix. But I gotta ask, why does Puglet always steal your loot? Doesn't he have toys of his own or does he spend his allowance on HEAD SHOTS for his modeling portfolio?
Love Noodles

DMBY said...

Hi Dutch,

I really love your posts. You are a great balance to Pug's crazy ways.

Congrats again on your Big 8.

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Oh Dutch, I am so glad I got to see you today. I've missed your handsome face. Thanks for sharing your favorite things with us and I must say I like your new collar and really love the bad ass toy you got from very nice of him! LOL at Pug and the pink dare him make fun of you and your pink are just too much you!

Oh and in case Pug reads this, love him too but I do enjoy when you get to post.

Anonymous said...

Busted!! lol Puglet

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Hi Dutch!!! Good to see you! I love when you blog, you're such a sweet, good, and handsome boy! Pug got you really nice collar (good choice Pug!!) and Ollie's presents are just awesome! It's great to have friends like Ollie, and I'm so happy that thanks to you and Pug I'm also Ollie's friend :) in fact thanks to you both I have more great friends like Payton or Noodles:) kisses and please blog more often:)

p.s. Pug do I see you with big PINK bunny???? Hahahahah

Anonymous said...

Hi Dutch - great post today and a nice change from Puglet. Loved all the pictures and we esp. love your new collar. It is very metro-sexual! Hope you feel as loved as Puglet with all your B-day gifts from Canada. And, don't worry, we will be sure to razz Puglet about the pink bunny!! Love you, Dutch.

Roxi, Lea and Riley
Those Jersey Shore Puggles

PS - The cranberry festival in Hammonton, NJ was a lot fun and Mom bought us cranberry cookies made just for dogs! We did not see that Jersey Devil dude but we were there in the day light, thank goodness. We bet the bog is one spooky place at night.....

Caitlin Williams, MFA, CPC said...

Well, you know what they say, Dutch: "You spot it, you got it." Pug's pink hang-up falls into this category (he really wants to let his pink-lovin' side OUT!)
Cool b-day loot. You really scored.
Caitlin & Twin Tabbies Abby & Audrey

I Love Lucy said...

Hey Dutch,

It was awesome to hear from you today! Sounds like you had a pretty cool birthday. I love your new collar, and I want one of those Henrietta-boyfriend-thingy dolls.
You are going to be in sooo much trouble when Pug finds out you showed us that photo of him with a "pink" bunny. Uh Oh!!
Love ya',

Anonymous said...

Hi Dutch,
We were wondering what you got for your birthday. Buzz, is that short for Buzzard cause thats what he looks like. The collar is just manly enough heck Eli wears yellow at dog trials. Someone said he looks like a bumble bee, something to do with his black fur and the yellow collar + matching leash, whatever.

Pug with a PINK pillow... a BUNNY PINK pillow.

BUSTED Pug ! Nuff said !

3E's in San Antonio

Anonymous said...

Speaking of bad ass and manly, that's exactly what you look like in the first picture! My human says you have kind of a GQ-modelesque look

Ollie said...

Hi Dutch,
I can't believe Pug has taken over your pink bunny. Just take that pink lamb I sent him.
As for Captain Buzz, he terrified me while he lived with us and guarded all your loot just in case I tried to swipe something (the smells were making me crazy!).
You look very spiffy in your new collar. Who knew that Pug had such refined taste?
P.S. I'm going to the vet today after work for my bi-annual anal gland business. So I'm spending the day wandering the office and farting in protest.

THE PUGLET said...

Hello Payton,

I see you share my love for pink. Isn't it just the best? And hank you for telling me how good I look. Pug can be a jerk at times, but PUGS are very nice.

THE PUGLET said...

Dear Anonymous,

I do love my new "manly" collar. I also think Pug might have had a little help from my human or I would have received a collar with skulls or flames or some other anti-pink silliness.

THE PUGLET said...

Hello EMP 3,

The Yak chews are very, very tasty. They are made form Yak milk (like cheese) so a feline like yourself might like them too.


THE PUGLET said...


That is a very good question. I think it's because he is a big fat greedy pug.

Ooops. Did I just say that?


THE PUGLET said...

Hello DMBY,

I've been told I am the perfect mix of yin and yang. I am not certain what that means, but I do think balance is involved.

THE PUGLET said...

Dallas Maggie,

I won't tell Pug you love me more if you don't tell him I said he's a big fat greedy pug.


THE PUGLET said...

Dear JSPs,

My human says I'm metro-sexual-ly-ist dog on earth. Pug would laugh at that, but I believe it to be a compliment.

I will ask our cousin Sophie about the bog berry cookies. Maybe she has some too.

Pug Slope said...

Dutch - it sounds like Canada is filled with all this cool dog stuff. I need to drag my 'rents there so they can buy me some goodies.

I also like your new collar - manly but playful.

An pug with the pink bunny - oh man, that photo has some serious blackmail potential! Good thing you're not evil.


Anonymous said...

Dutch, love your collar! I have some friends from Europe and real men wear pink proudly!
Glad to hear from you today.
Paula from DE

Barbara said...

Dutch! So nice to see you! I'll bet Pug is all worried that there are other pugs in the universe!

Ollie sent neat stuff and your collar is gorgeous!! Happy 8!

Molly Pug said...

Dutch that is so awesome I would have loved a chewie from Canada. I asked my mom what yak was and she said she will google it, I dont think we get it in South Africa. I hope you get your pink bunny back. At least Pug was using it as a pillow and not a chew toy.