Thursday, October 13, 2011


After so much Urban Outfitters and Apple store excitement, I really had to pee. My human says she'll bludgeon us (no idea) if we ever pee in a store so we went in search of grass.

I love downtown and all, but when it comes to grass there's not much of it. We finally found some a park-ish-but-not-very-grassy place called Union Square. We also found this really cool heart thing that
is a major posing spot for tourist people.

There were so many iPhones and Nikons and Canons, I swear I could smell them from all the way across the park. I'm almost as famous as the big orange bridge painted on the heart, so I figured people would want me in their pictures too. I don't know who these ladies are, but they're the only ones who got a picture with me before my human got mad and threatened to leash me.


For some reason, my human was even more excited about the heart than I was. Kinda weird because I'm usually the excited one. But I guess about a million years ago (June 8th, to be exact) we were in the post office
mailing a box of Panda heads and my human met some artist dude. I was too busy Jimmy'ing on stuff to pay much attention, but she got one of his cards and somehow managed not to lose it.

When we got home from downtown, my human went straight to refrigerator and pulled off the artist dude's card. It had a great big painted heart on it, but it wasn't the same as the one I posed with in Union Square. It was kinda like it, but not 100% the same.

My human was kinda bummed we met the wrong heart, but it was still really cool. If you ever visit San Francisco, you should totally pose with it. There's even a plain red side if you like your hearts to be like real hearts.

Dutch will be here tomorrow to tell you about his favorite downtown place. I'm not allowed to make fun of him for loving pink anymore, but you totally can.


Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
If our mom had her way she would live in San Francisco and we think we would love it cause its way more dog friendly then San Antonio.

Mom says Union Square is sort of fun but she likes the pier better, something about shops and seals, but no eating fish... she doesn't eat fish, actually we can't understand why she likes the pier, she hates the smell of fish too.

You look totally awesome by the heart with those two ladies, did they ask for your autograph ?

The 3E's

Payton said...

Hi Pug,
How cool! I really like the picture of you and Dutch by the heart. You better watch out because I think that Dutch was working the camera! What an awesome almost made me forget about the TSS...ALMOST!

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Ok It seems like you should be face of everything!!! Not only HOJ face (iPug) but also you and Dutch should be faces of SF!! I bet SF would have like bilons more tourists then it have right now!!! Look at those ladies!! They are too happy:) hugs Gosia:)

Sabrina said...

Oh my, Puglet! Are you now going to become "that pug" who ends up in everyone's tourist pics now?!

Anonymous said...

You, and Dutch too, are certainly SUPER supermodels and the new faces of SF whose new motto ought to be: San Fransico Pugs You!
We love it.

Puglet Baconator, would you send a shout out to our sister, Lea who turns 2 today. She'll be so surprised!!

Roxy & Riley
Jersey Shore Puggles

Anonymous said...

I think that big heart has something to do with leaving your heart there in San's possible. Happens all the time I'd guess.

Noodles said...

Love Noodles

THE PUGLET said...

Hey 3Es!

Hmmm. I've never been to that pier place and my human LOVES fish. Not sure what's up with that.

No autograph request from the happy tourist ladies. I'm pretty sure they didn't know I was in their picture - that's why my human got mad and threatened to leash me.

Apparently I was supposed to wait for our turn in front of the heart. I had no idea we were taking turns. After all the iPhone action at Apple, I kinda thought everyone would want pictures with me.

THE PUGLET said...

Hi Payton ~

You're right, Dutch is becoming more model and less poser... but I"m pretty sure he's just squinting in this picture. He has some weird Dalmatian eye malfunction and bright light makes him squint.

I almost forgot about the TSS! I heard my human tell someone it's on hold for something having to do with judges. No clue. BUT I also heard her tell someone that another TSS is happening. I know ZERO, except that it's 100% about pugs.

THE PUGLET said...

iPug. Yes! I wonder if that would make my human lose IQ like all the other iStuff?

THE PUGLET said...

Hang on everyone, I have a special thing to say:



THE PUGLET said...


You. Are. Genius! I could be like that Waldo dude in those books. Only not in a book and not Waldo.

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

OMG...I loved that pic of Dutch..uh squinting! It so looked like he was posing and doing it on purpose, ya know, like he knew what he was doing, I think Dutch is catching on to this modeling stuff and just hoping you don't figure it out! But you are still the best at it Puglet so no worries!

No TSS cuz of judge stuff...that doesn't sound good but what do I know, I'm just a pug living my life thru you! Still gonna wait for whatever it is tho!

Ollie said...

Hi Puglet,
There were painted moose all over town at one point but painted hearts are way prettier.
We're mesmerized by the palm trees behind you- it means it never freezes where you are....sigh.

Barbara said...

Yes....but did you pee?

Anonymous said...

Puglet, I'm still so amazed by all your posing, um, supermodeling. You know what I mean! You make it look so natural and regal at the same time. Awesome

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,

We also love your and Dutch's photo by the heart, just wonderful. We share the same (damn) obligation - once we are in the City - that everybody wants to take my picture. It makes progressing ahead difficult but this way I have met lots of foreign tourists.

And peeing in the City IS difficult - not to talk about major acts.

My mum also loves SF. How lucky you are living in such a blissful city.

By the way, I always pee gladly in two stores - one is our pet store and the other (embarrassment, embarrassment) my Mom's favorite home design store. Hehe, they are always kind and provide kitchen paper for Mom. This illustrates the importance of taking along your servants on shopping tours, however tiring it might be.

Pug greetings from Berlin
Carlos Santana