Tuesday, November 29, 2011


somebody still loves me

I hope everyone is still warm and fuzzy from yesterday, because today I'm being forced (again) to talk about 1000 Pugs. I guess my human has some sort of dilemma she needs help with and thinks the you in you/we/us can totally help. I think you/we/us are pretty awesome, so I can't really argue with her or anything.

So. The problem. When my human did the
1000 Pug mock photoshoots, she learned a bunch of stuff. The biggest thing: 1000 pictures of pugs, no matter how supercute, will make the gallery + book look like a giant pug catalog and this is not what she wants.

Aiko, queen of mock-shoot cute

What does she want? To split the pugs into a whole bunch of different categories (chapters for the book). And I guess the problem is she only has like three thoughts a day and can't think of enough categories.

That's where the you in you/we/us come in.

My human says what we need is a great big brain tornado to come up with as many different pug categories as possible.
Don't think too hard, but the categories should be stuff that can be shown in a picture. Y'know, stuff like pugs on color, one-eyed wonders, couch-potato pugs, foodie pugs.

pugs on color

The more categories, you/we/us can come up with, the happier my human (and her gimpy brain) will be.

* * *

Today's Dutch-style SYOP is from Sailor the poodle (!) and Emi. Yep, little Emi. Who is totally not afraid to get between a giant poodle and a big pot of food. Emi, you rock!


Riley said...

Pug, it's nice of you to help your human out with her project AGAIN! :) I hope you're getting lots of cookies for your kindness and hard work! ;)

Some categories could be:

- Oldies but Goodies (senior pugs)
- Our Favourite Freaks (skinny pugs)
- Glamourpugs (all those pink/rhinestone loving pugs)
- City pugs / Country pugs (self-explanatory)
- Well-Dressed Pugs (in cute outfits)
- Yuppie Pugs (pugs at the Farmer's Market, riding streetcars, eating cupcakes...)

Christa said...

Hope yall are great! Emi does rock!
What about Pugs in clothes or Pugs in costumes. You could also do something like Pugs in mugs find a giant coffee cup and use it as a prop, maybe put some Pugs in the cup. You could also do a recycled Pugs section, and a working Pugs section like for therapy Pugs or agility Pugs. I am sure the places you go will have amazing backgrounds so maybe once you see where you are shooting you will have an awesome idea! Hope we helped! Good luck!
Christa and Cletus

Anonymous said...

Puglet, I know your human if going to meet so many different and unique pugs in her travels. I'd love to see a section on pugs of a different colour- like Phantom. He can't be the only bi-coloured pug. I hear there are even white pugs out there.
I'd also love to see an action/agility section. We pugs can be active when we want.
Oh, I'm not sure if you'll see any on your tour, but pugs in snow is always a favorite of my readers.

Brutus, Ellie, Pippa and Otto said...

Hi Puglet!

Those are some great suggestions by Riley - some of those are the ones that we thought of too!

We did think of one other category - You can do a category for Rescue pugs and include the name of the rescue that they came from.

Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

Poozles said...

Awww, Puglet, lots of people still love you! When my humans were in San Francisco, they were at your supermodeling beach twice and looked at every pug to see if s/he was wearing a skull and crossbones harness. They also looked on the streets but were more hopeful about the beach.

Also, my human says she wouldn't mind if there was a whole book of pugs in glasses or goggles (she calls them doggles and I call them chew toy).

Buddy said...

I ditto everything Riley said. haha.
It is super awesome for you to help on the 1k pug stuff. I'll have to brainstorm a bit but it sounds like your loyal followers won't have any problem helping you out. The other category I can think of at this moment is Chewie Pugs. Not like foodies, but ones that like to chew! toys, shoes, socks, furniture....anything they think is theirs to nom on. :D

Buddy said...

Emi!! LOL!!!! GO little
Emi!!!! hahaha

maybe that could be a section too ~ little pugs who think they are BIG! Although, that may be hard to convey in a picture......hmmmmm
but still lovin Emi pic!!! hehehe

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Wow! Look at Emi so not going poodle on the poodle! That's a pretty awesome picture, we must say.

We posted our section ideas over on FB so we don't want to overload your human with too many lists.

Good job being a pug ambassador in the first picture, it's like you're a tourist attraction!

Meredith & Scarlet

Anonymous said...

I don't know why, but I have seen a lot of pugs who need to use wheels to get around. Maybe your human could have a "Pugs on Wheels" chapter for pugs that need to use wheels. And if there isn't a whole chapter worth of those, she could expand the category so it doesn't include just wheel using pugs, but maybe also pugs in cars, or riding in bike baskets or on motorcycles or skateboards.

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Wow...we get to help with 1000 Pugs...love it! I can't wait for ya'll or whoever to get here so I need to have some input! Riley did have some good categories but let me throw mine in for kicks:

-Big ears/little ears - not all pugs have the same ears ya know.
-Fat/skinny - not all us have the same body type (guess you could say something better than fat or skinny tho).
-Head tilting pugs - some really get into it!
-Smiling big or no smile at all
-Sexy/or not - some say I have sex appeal!!!
Those are just a few from me...I'm sure I could think of some more if your human's brain is still not working later. Thanks for letting us chime in!

EricaDSchmerica said...

Snuggle pugs! That is when a pug is being ultra comfy/cozy with their friend or alone in a blanket or with a toy.

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Hi Pug, Ilove when you are such a nice boy (I also love when you are little bit naughty though;))
Maybe you Human will find some international pugs?, which came from other countries and now live in USA??? Or petit pugs ? Not a puppies but just petit :) and pugs with their tongue out (supercute) and squint-eyed pug (super supercute) :)
Oh and lots of kisses to Emi!!! She probably looks too cute:)
Hugs Misiober

Sabrina said...

OMG Puglet, you're a tourist attraction!!!

Um, can't think of much right now (and am posting illegally from work), so I'll try and think and post something on FB. Maybe black and white pug shots?

Anonymous said...

What a thrill to see Emi that way! We thought of two ideas. Holiday/Seasonal Pugs, like snow, spring flowers, beach sand, fall leaves, Easter eggs, Christmas trees, etc. The other is Experimental Pugs, as in those pugs who are the taste testers and models for the humans who make pug products like clothing or eatables. Think Buford T. Justice with a bully stick or Archie in a Barkclava Hat.
Chloe, Layla, Camille

Mubi Chitose said...

Pugs with Food!!!!!(of course)
Pugs trying to get Food!!!

Pugs on different colors.
Purple Pugs, Red Pugs, PINK PUGS!

Sleeping Pugs

Pugs with toys

Pug Running (you know that zoom, zoom, special run where the back feet are in front of the front legs.)

Pugs at work.(Store keepers, firemen, police pugs)

Pugs in disguise. (Pugs as non-pugs)

Pug parts. (Just tails, close-up of eyes, ears, belly, paws)

Pug look alike to famous people, like Winston Churchill Pug, Queen Elizabeth Pugs, etc

Pugs and Christmas.

Pugs as Bunnies (Easter)

Political Pugs (Pugs for President)

Handicapped Pug that Rocks!

Pug Musicians (Piano, DJ,)

Techno Pugs (Pugs that's good with computers)

Pugs doing funny face.

Upside down pugs

Pugs in/on/driving cars.

Pug wrestling

Pugs at sea

Pugs in the Mountain

Pugs on boat

Swimming Pugs

Smiling Pugs

Frowning Pugs

Pugs in glasses

Philosopher Pugs

Pugs are so multi-talented and expressive, and all are such individuals, I would really love to see Pugs in all their glories!

Anonymous said...

Hello Pug,

How about "Pug Mugs" where your human could do close ups on the adorable and hilarious mug of a pug, (when part of my lip gets caught my human thinks I need a hat and a pipe and I would look like sherlock holmes)

Also, you could focus on "Service Pugs", pugs that assist humans for whatever reason.

If I can think of anymore ideas I will let you know

Pug Love
Myko in SF

Paws on the Run said...

You guys are going to have so much fun with this project!

- pug parts (tails, toes, wrinkles, etc.)
- pug buddies (pugs and their friends/siblings/human's etc.)
- pug activities - pugs doing agility, rally, obedience, tricks, etc.

That's all I got!

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
We agree Emi is one rockin little girl.

Everyone has really good idea categories.

'Action Pugs' like ya know pugs that compete in Agility like us.

'Working Pugs' like service dog pugs or CGC - canine good citizen pugs that have jobs at schools, nursing homes that sort of stuff.

'Pugs with Pals' pugs that live with cats or chickens or cows...

If we think of more we'll let ya know.

Ellie, Emmitt and Eli

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

3 E's - you beat me to the "action" pug part. Maybe expanded to "trained"?

I like the color idea, myself.

Thanks for the Emi picture. It's so good to see her right where she belongs.

THE PUGLET said...

Hey Riley,

I would like to nominate myself as a cupcake-eating Yuppie Pug. Are you in??

THE PUGLET said...

Bi-colored pugs!

We've met 2 Phantom-like pugs. That means there are probably more, right? My human thinks Phantom is the coolest pug ever. He is a pretty cool guy too.

THE PUGLET said...

Heya Poozles,

I can't believe we missed you. We're at that beach all the time :)

Dutch has a pair of those Doggle things because his eyes don't work 100% right. He never wears them though because they don't stay on his head. Do yours stay on your head???

Noodles said...

Hi Puglet
I admit my human's brain is pretty gimpy lately as well. So I did some thinking and I thought it'd be nice to have a category for Misbehaving Pugs cuz I am SURE to MAKE THAT ONE!
Love Noodles

THE PUGLET said...

My human says +1 pugs on wheels (of all kinds). Even though I hate skateboards ever since my buddy Frank taught me how to attack them.

THE PUGLET said...

Hiya Maggie,

Uhm, I have a bowl that says 'STUD' when it's empty. Does that mean I'm sexy too??

And I totally forgot about the ears. Are yours 'rose' or 'button'? I think mine are the rose kind.

THE PUGLET said...

Hiya Sabrina ~

I know! I got kinda nervous when an entire bus full of people surrounded me, but they *all* had cameras and they all wanted pictures. Of me! Nobody spoke English, but I'm pretty sure they came from the land of Nikon.

THE PUGLET said...

PS: My human says +1 on the Pugs in Snow. Anyone up for a Tahoe shoot??

THE PUGLET said...

Hiya Dasein ~

I think we found where all my human's thoughts went. They're in your head!

Awesome list :)

THE PUGLET said...

Paws on the run ~

Glad you like pug parts. My human can't wait for that section :)

Payton said...

Oh my pug! Everyone has such great ideas. My mind is totally blank except for the "beating the odds" concept I already mentioned to you. Guess it's time for another nap since I obviously haven't recuperated from Thanksgiving yet.

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Oh Puglet...of course you are SEXY! You are the number one STUD in my eyes!

And, I think I have rose ears too!

Anonymous said...

Aw, Pug! Thanks for posting my picture with Emi on the blog (even though I'm a poodle...I swear, I'm the coolest poodle around!)!

Pollie the Pug said...

Puglet, love the suggestions from Riley. How about major league baseball pugs. Every year KC Royals have a feature of cute dogs (mostly pugs dressed in MLB attire. Could also feature NFL and NHL pugs so that the guys buy the book too!! I personally like the rhinestone pugs-my favorite and most like my personality. I think Emi is the bomb. What a great picture-she does PUG proud.

dw said...

Wow, so many great ideas! The pug parts ones rock! Pugs in parks, pugs on benches, multiple pugs, pug puppies.... and yeah, you gotta have foodie pugs (duh!)!

MMH Photography said...

Don't know if this has been suggested yet but what about pug tails. I have a long straight tail and my sister Mila has a curly-q tail.
Lola the FL pug

Minnie and Mack said...

Wow, so many great great ideas. We could only think of a few:

Pug Moms
Pug Dads
Pugs in cars - BYW - I'm named after a car....Mini Cooper except I spell my name like Minnie Mouse.
Movie pugs

Drools and licks,
Minnie and Mack

Anonymous said...

Hero pugs

Trickster pugs - showing their tricks they do

Hipster pugs - hip, stylin' pugs

Story Pugs - pugs who have some unique story about them

"Love Bug" pugs - who love to love/lick people!

Hobby Pugs! - our pug loves to go down slides at the playground (and goes crazy for it!)

Generation Pugs - how long the lineage of pugs the family has had - we're on our 3rd generation of pugs

Eccentic/Quirky pugs - pugs who like to do strange things!

Hope Pugs - pugs who have overcome adversity

Adventure Pugs - says it all!

Noodle said...

My vote is for "Tongues or Teeth" and "Walrus Lips."

Just sayin'....

Barbara said...

Puglet, we would never not love you!! We love you and Dutch, no matter how many pugs are out there!

The Devil Dog said...

How about Bad Pugs, (I excel at that one). Working pugs, Funny pug positions and sleepy pugs.


Aarin and Mimi said...

not to knock a previous commenter but any pug who isn't fawn or black (multi-colored, white,etc) is a mix. pure pug genes only have fawn or black. other colors crept in during the whole designer dog craze fueled by the desire for money and poor breeding practices. if you want to include them in the project/book, its up to you.

at any rate, i like a lot of the ideas mentioned. i was going to suggest pugs in action, napping pugs, pugs about town (in different stores, taverns,etc) cross species love (pugs cuddling/playing with cats/fish/livestock/etc) and these were all inspired by things that puglet has done! we've seen pictures of him running on the beach, in countless stores, and playing with cows! your human already had these ideas, she just didn't know it.

Peggy2957 said...

Hiya Pug!!! I've been having sooooo much fun with Emi that I'm a little behind on the whole "Brain Tornado" thing. Everyone had such GREAT ideas and the only thing we can add is "Water Pugs". There are lots of pugs who don't live near a beach so we thought pictures of pugs in a pool, on a boat, under the sprinkler, at the beach or anything to do with water would be a good idea. Maybe even a section on pugs getting a bath would be fun.

Emi said Sailor is AWESOME and she didn't have to go poodle on him because he didn't mind sharing one little bit. My human said his size did NOT intimidate her at all. In fact she keeps saying someone needs to remind Emi she is only 10 pounds not 100. There is a lot of power packed into that little girl!!!


Anonymous said...

How about Smug Pugs???

Pugs who look like they're smiling or laughing in their picture?

Margie said...

Sporting pugs - not all of us are couch potatoes :-)

Unknown said...

I am so late leaving a comment here but we were on vacation last week. I like the seasons/holidays idea since you're taking a year to do this project. I also thought about using the region of the country as a theme since you're traveling all over the US and Canada. You could also get your readers to submit some region specific pics to include and you could also include any experiences you have while not taking pics of pugs.

BadAnnie said...

I was away from my computer last week but how about Pugs in Action! Running, playing hard, etc. I also like the idea for "recycled pugs". Our Rocky was found in the street in Chyenne Wyoming with a broken jaw nursed back to health and recycled a couple of times after that. Now he's in his forever home in Texas and big as a cow and happy as a pig in a mud hole!!

THE PUGLET said...

'Big as a cow and happy as a pig in a mud hole!'

What a happy ending :)

Jenna said...

Hipster pugs? It would be VERY ironic!