Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Happy Gracie

So after I practiced trying to share Nikon with Eddie McSupercute, we headed over to the Pug Rescue Lady's house to drop off Emi.

PRL's house is like a pug mecca. There are 2 full-time pugs who totally would have out-cuted me in a picture, plus whatever recycled ones need a place to crash for a few nights or have no where else to go. Like Gracie. She's been staying at PRL's since the doctors found out she has the C-word.

Olive, uber-cute resident at Pug Mecca

My human says she has a soft spot for Gracie and was superexcited to see her. Gracie was just superexcited. About everything. My human says the drugs she's taking kinda crack her out, but I think she's just happy and feeling awesome. Between the juju everyone sent, the Omegas Lola donated and the love at Pug Mecca, Gracie's stupid C-word doesn't stand a chance.

Of course since Gracie was feeling so good, my human wanted to take her picture. Which meant more practice for me. There was some worry about a repeat poodle, or Gracie poodling on me because the crack-drugs make her extra food-crazy. But Gracie was fine and I sat on the stupid rock waaaaay in the background just like my human told me to.

* * *


I got a special SOS yesterday from Payton. The doctor found something scary and maybe C-wordy on her ear. They're removing it today, but I know her people are superworried about it, plus the anesthesia part because of Payton's PDE. Please send juju to Payton + her people!


Sabrina said...

Hiya Puglet!

I'm sooo glad to see Gracie looking plumped up (although I know that they c-word drugs are probably steroids so maybe she is also getting pumped up ;))! I'm also glad you are getting more practice (i.e. treats). Those Pug Rescue Ladies (and Gents) are sure awesome people. We should all have extra treats in honour of them!

Sending much juju for Payton. Hopefully its just the b-word.

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Man o' man is today's post chock full of cuteness! Pug, you're doing a great job as the 1000K Pug dictator, you're looking totally regal behind Gracie :)

LOTS of good juju to Payton and her peeps!

Meredith & Scarlet

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Payton my sweetest girl, I'm sneding right now tons of polish JUJU !!!! I belive everything will be just FINE. Hope your mom will write word or two here or on your blog, I'm worried :(

and Gracie looks soooo much better then before, what a smile what a CUTIE :) and Olive, if I would live near to SF, she would be mine :) I just love her.

Pug again you practice just great! good job !!! hugs Misiober

Crabbie Chris said...

That Gracie sure is a cute, even if that is her name (dang cat!) I'm glad you didn't go poodle on each other, I mean you can't be takin' a girls food...it's not kosher!

PAYTON!!!! most beautiful friend, I'm bottling up all my orb juju and sending it your way. It's more powerful than the sun! I hope your ear is pugeriffic!! Keep us updated...

Buddy said...

I got to thinking last night, with your human doing this 1k pug thing all next year, does this mean you and Dutch get to stay at HoM??!?!?!?!?!!?
Sending out much juju love to Payton, gracie and Emi.

Anonymous said...

Puglet, you're getting LOTS of good practice!

Anonymous said...

Hey Puglet,
Nice to see you can control your Poodle tendancies, the King of 1000K Pugdom has to learn restraint you never know when your royal subjects will need you. The next time you feel poodle coming on, inhale exhale..etc.

As for Olive and Emi our mom said if we lived closer both be living in our house. We think mom is working on getting pug #4 we'll keep you posted.

JUJU to Payton from the 3E's and Lucy the house cat. Our friend Zoe had a bunch of bumps removed last week, they were some sort of gooey cysts, keeping our tails curled that Payton's bump is just a bump.

Ellie, Emmitt and Eli from SA
Lucy says HI !

Deb and Daisy said...

Puglet you are being the ambasador already! What great pictures, even if they are sick pugs look great.

Super juju to Payton. Love and prayers to you all.

Ollie said...

So nice to see Gracie looking so happy and you being such a perfect gentleman (that's how you get a girlfriend- you give them your treats and let them boss you around).
The PRL lady's house sure seems like a fun place to be with all that pug hyper-cuteness staying with her.
Lots of good wishes to her and Olive in their conquest of the C-word.

Much beagle love and magic coming your way. Like Sabrina, I'm working on turning the c-word into a b-word for you. And lots of comfort licks to your worried humans.

Pugs2Luv said...

Juju is on the way! Pug your restraint is impressive; its like those humans who use discipline & restraint to reach nirvana. Well you were in Pug Mecca so that makes sense. We asked our human about nirvana and she said its where you are most happy. So for a pug it must mean all the treats, toys and attention you could ever want. So may think of that when you're holding your poodle back. Good luck with the practice.
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

Noodle said...

Great photos, as always!! We're so proud of you. All that practice is paying off!!

OH Payton!!! Everyone here at the Casa de Noodle is sending good vibes and juju!! Any friend of Pug, Suki, Bellatrix, etc, is a friend of ours and we don't like our friends gettin' messed with!!! Let us know if we need to go a little "poodle" to keep the C-word away!!

Grunts and Snorts,
Noodle and Mochi

Anonymous said...

Pug, I am so proud of you for sharing Nikon with all that cuteness. My human thinks both Olive and Gracie are just too cute for words.

Payton, tons and tons of juju!! My human and I are only thinking good thoughts and sending them straight your way. Keep us posted

Pug Love
Myko in SF

Anonymous said...

Oh Payton! chaos and I are sending mega anti-c- word juju. Remember I sent my SOS to pug and we believe it was the juju that made my c- word be not so bad.

So glad to see Gracie looking so good! We were thinking of her just thee other day.

Now...how anyone not love Olive! She is ADORABLE!!!

your Plantation Florida buds,
Bouncer & Chaos

Sue and Annie said...

Payton, I have asked St. Francis to keep you in his loving arms.

Gracie is so cute. I've got St. Francis on her case as well.

You're doing a great job Puglet.

Jack the Pug said...

MUCHO JUJU to Payton AND her Peeps!

MochiMachoMarshmallow said...

The 3M's are sending Payton major juju.
Macho thinks Gracie is sure pretty. He likes forceful girls.

Mochi, Macho, Marshmallow

Anonymous said...

The cuteness of today's post definitely off sets the saddness of all the never ending work those pug rescue people have to do everyday. Paws up to all of them.

Sending juju is what the three of us do best so we're sending major healing juju x 3 to Payton and her people for a full, speedy recovery. We'll eat cookies for you, Payton, since you're not able to do it today.

Gracie .... you look magnificant and Puglet, you're just the greatest supermodel ever.

Riley, Roxi and Lea
Those Jersey Shore Puggles

Treat Lover said...

Dear Puglet,
Gracias amigo for the update and photos of Gracie. She is so adorable; we think the c-word doesn't stand a chance against her adorable-ness. But we're sending her and Payton mucho juju anyway. We ate tortillas last night, so we're speaking "Spanglish" today.

Coco & Chili

Chfnman said...

I'm sure Payton's Pugrent will post but I wanted to let you all know she is out of surgery which went well and should be home this afternoon. Many, many thanks for all the great juju!

Payton's Gampy

Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III said...

Super mega juju being sent to Payton along with some hugs and kisses for her humans!

Puglet, you're doing a great job sharing the spotlight with all of these super cute pugs! Gracie looks fantastic and Olive is adorable!

Your feline friend,
Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Payton's Gampy!!!! Thank you for the info! I was checking DP all the time waiting for first goods news. Thank you sooo much!! Still sending juju!

Christa said...

Hey yall,
Mega JUJU for Payton. I am sure it will all be.ok. Gracie looks great! And a crackhead moment every now and then is just fine as long as she is feeling better.
Puglet, you are doing a super fantastic job as Pug 1/1000. You are awesome! :)
Yall have a great day and keep spreading cuteness!
Christa and Cletus

Payton said...

Hi everyone! This is Christy, Payton's mom. I just have to thank everyone for all the juju, positive thoughts, and prayers. Like Gampy said in a few comments above, Payton is out of surgery and tackled that anesthesia like it was nothing! The vet says she was ready for one of her pills as soon as she started waking up. I have no doubt that I'll have a starving pug on my hands when I pick her up soon. It will be about a week or two before we know the results of the histopath, but we are glad that nasty thing is gone, whatever it is. I'll have Payton update you all on those results when we get them. Thanks again for all of your concern and love. It means a lot.

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

LOL! "sitting on the stupid rock waaay in the background", oh Puglet, you make me laugh! You are the cutest no matter where you sit...but Gracie is just so cute she HAS to be up front this time!

Oh my, lots of Big Texas juju to Payton...can't have any c-word going on with her ear and her people don't need to be worrying anymore.

Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

Sooo happy to hear positive news about cutie pie Payton! Phew...the ju ju is working :)
Kisses from,
Eddie the Pug

Pug Slope said...

Whew - glad to hear Payton is doing ok. I was seriously worried. I'll keep my paws crossed that the test results come back good. Be sure she gets lots of treats to get her strength back!

And Puglet, that picture of you and Gracie is awesome. It's like the young student and the wise older teacher. I think a lot of pugs have honed their posing skills from reading and studying your blog. I know I sure have. How else would I have learned how to Jimmy (and get lots of treats as a result)?!


Suzy said...

Gracie and Olive are just BEYOND adorable and I'm soooo thankful Miss Payton is doing okay after her surgery. Keep up the good work, Puglet xoxo

pugsx4 said...

Hi pug, Gracie looks super cute but that Olive has stolen my heart. Sending good thoughts to Payton, she is one of our favorites.
Glad to see you are behaving, just think of all the great friends you are going to make.
Love to you and Dutch,
The pugs in Frederick.

Suki said...

I have been concerating on juju for my good friend Payton as well as for Gracie. With all the positive juju going around, the c word turn into the b word!


Anonymous said...

OMP great to see Gracie looking so good!! Super juju to Payton!!
Paula from DE

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Were sending lots of healing Juju to Payton too, and her family. What a sweet friend she is.

Gracie is looking adorabe, and Olive- oh my gosh,, what adorable photos you take.
You have a heart of gold.

Cerise said...

Much love to all of you and a extra special dose of JUJU to Payton and his family!!

THE PUGLET said...

Hi everybody!

It's been a superlong day and my human is *finally* letting me have a few minutes of thumbs. If this keeps up, I'm seriously going to need one of those intern people...

THE PUGLET said...

Sabrina ~

Gracie is *toally* pumped up! The humans were worried she might 'roid rage' on me, which I guess is kinda like going poodle. Except roid rage comes in a pill.

No idea.

THE PUGLET said...


Is Dictator a better title than Spokespug??

THE PUGLET said...

Gosia + Bella ~

Thanks for sending Patyon some uber juju. I think it worked :)

THE PUGLET said...

Heya MizzTree,

Hmmmm. That's a good question. I haven't seen The Man in like forever and my human didn't mention anything about the House of Meat when I complained about the airplane thing. Is a mystery!

THE PUGLET said...

Heya 3Es,

Whoa. Keep up posted if pug #4 happens so we can be on the lookout for comments from 4 Es :)

I'm kinda liking King of 100 Pugs! Is King better than Dictator?

THE PUGLET said...

Hi Ollie!

Sometimes you know more than Google. If we do get a tour Prius and I do get to go to Portland and meet Jenny, I'll remember 'Ollie's Girl Advice':

'you give them your treats and let them boss you around'

Anonymous said...

We are late in sending loving juju to Payton but it comes from our heart. The news are inspiring and we hope for the best.

We are also sending our love to Gracie, what a sweet little lady and to Emi and Olive, both so super cute.

Cousin Puglet, you do a super job!

Love from Berlin
Carlos Santana

Anonymous said...

Juju to our friend Payton.
So nice to see your pugrents and gampy both posted on DP about your status, how sweet is that? Pug, you are still #1 super model.

Can't wait to see #4 Ein SA



Peggy2957 said...

Hiya Pug,

First off I want to give a shout out to Payton to let her know that we are sending LOTS of juju her way. My human is always talking about wanting a magic wand so she could just fix everyone with a wave.

Second, and I think you need to cover your ears with your paws for part of this......Gracie looks AWESOME!!!! She doesn't even look like the same dog!!! She doesn't look one bit sick!! Now Olive.....well lets just say she is ADORABLE!!!! I just want to know how I can get myself from the East Coast to Pug Mecca so I can see ALL this cuteness first hand. If I ever figure it out Pug I'll let you know because even though they are CUTE with a capital "C" I doubt they could face wrestle with me the way that you would. You would just have to promise me you wouldn't go all poodle on me.