Wednesday, November 9, 2011


So, I think I might be done with the practicing. Because yesterday was the ultimate test and I totally passed.

We were at the Post Office taking a few pictures and standing right in front of us was a poodle. Yeah. A poodle. A real live poodle.

There we were: me, Nikon, my human, a bag of Omegas... and a poodle. And for a second (or ten) I thought about telling Mr. Poodle to step away from me and my stuff, but then my human gave a look. It was a look that said 'go poodle and you won't be #1'.

So I took a deep breath and tried to erase the poodle from my head. I thought about Emi and all the other Emi-s out there, about the other 999, and how it would feel to be a zero. And it worked! My human got her picture, I got my Omega and the poodle didn't get poodled on.

I was pretty proud of myself, and I think my human was too.

* * *


Thanks for sending Payton such awesome juju yesterday. I know it totally helped. If you have any left over, can you send a little to me? I didn't say anything yesterday because Payton needed it more, but I've been kinda sick the past few days.

The sickness started on Monday when I started honking + puking up water. My human was afraid I'd finally met a woodchip I couldn't beat, but food is still going in and out of me so the problem obviously isn't in my belly. I'm not really puking anymore, but the honking is still pretty bad sometimes. My human says it sounds like kennel cough, but the puking part is weird.

She's worried I might have something stuck in my throat, and that makes her worry about me dying under anesthesia again. We're going back to the Bishop Ranch place this morning because they're supposed to be pug gurus. But my human's still worried I might have eaten a fork or something and might have to go under.

I don't remember eating a fork or anything, but if you have any juju left please send some to whatever's making me honk. And a little extra to make my human feel better.

* * * HOLD THE JUJU! * * *

We just got back from the awesome pug vet and it doesn't look like I have anything stuck in me and that the honking is just that kennel cough thing. The vet said sometimes dogs (and especially pugs) will puke up white foamy stuff when they have the cough. I'm supposed to be resting so I'll tell you all about it tomorrow. I just didn't want any juju to go to waste - this stuff is powerful!


Noodle said...

Oh PUG!! Please feel better! We're gonna worry about you all day. Juju's on it's way. Please keep us posted!!!

Riley said...

Uh oh Pug!! I'll keep all my paws crossed for you. I'm sure you earned oodles of good juju by laying off the poodle yesterday, but I'll send all I can just to be sure!!

Eddie from Leipzig said...

At the moment me and my mom are sending a whole bunch of juju over the big pond. Just for you.
Everything is going to be fine! Please go to the doctor and get checked. We are wishing you all the best!

Anonymous said...

We are sending every juju we got ! You are my #1.


Buford T. Justice said...

Pug, my human works at a very cool boarding and daycare kennel in Sonoma and she was informed by a local vet yesterday the kennel cough is going around again.....We're sending you juju but that's probably what it is. This strain is new so the vaccines don't prevent it (they kinda don't anyway but they do protect you) Keep us posted.

Buford T. Justice and the Pack O' Pugs and a Boston

Nugget and Murphy said...

Sending you tons of juju and hoping you feel better very soon!

Buddy said...

Super duper mega JUJU to you and your human, all day long.
Maybe Human can feed you some chicken and rice with broth. It always helps my tummy. Sometimes a little bread too!!

THE PUGLET said...

Aw, thanks everyone. I'm feeling pretty OK except for the honking. And the not sleeping. There hasn't been much of that for anyone since the honking started.

Hey Buford T ~

Boka + Miley's human said the same thing about the kennel cough outbreak and Dutch caught it once before even though we always get vax'd. The weird thing is the puking, which is not really puking but more like coughing up loads of spit. Is that some special pug version of KC??

Buford T. Justice said...

No, but because of the shorter faces and throats puking isn't really abnormal.....Kennel cough still sucks but we've heard this round is pretty quick to run through.....The sucky thing about KC is that it can be shed for up to 6 months AFTER no signs are being shown as well as before so there is no real way to avoid it....Just tell your human you need LOTS of treats to make you get better quickly....Maybe she'll fall for it.

You Bud,
Buford T.

Payton said...

Pug! I am so upset that you didn't say something yesterday about being sick. We could have totally shared all of the wonderful juju! I am worried about you, so please keep us posted as to what the vet says. I know sometimes dogs puke up liquid and mucus as a way of coping with allergies. It stinks to feel crappy, so get well soon, ok? And tell your human that all the prayers totally pulled me through so I know it will work for you too IF you need to have surgery.

I am feeling better but very tired...and hungry. But I have to wear the dreaded cone. My mom made me post a few embarrassing pictures of me wearing it today. I just really can't thank everyone enough. I feel so loved. And Pug is right. I know it totally helped me. I will be sure to let everyone know when I get the test results.

Extra love,

RCT said...

Lots of juju coming your way! Grayson says it is probably just allergies cause that is what my human says when she is worried about me. Lots of LOVE!

Chfnman said...

This is Payton's Gampy and I can't say how respectful I am of you not mentioning your illness for Payton's sake! You deserve to be #1 of the 1000 Pugs!!!! My prayers are with you PUG!

Unknown said...

Oh Puglet, puggsie and I will be thinking of you and hoping that you feel better.

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Sending you some serious, major, super big juju Pug! You have a very important job to do & we need your Pug-ness evryday!

Be well our dear dear friend!

Meredith & Scarlet

Meredith LeBlanc said...

And kudos for not going poodle on the poodle!

You rock!

Meredith & Scarlet

THE PUGLET said...

Thanks M+S,

Mr. Poodle was totally asking for it too. I mean, look at him just standing there, looking all.... poodley.

Katie said...


We're sending you lots of juju from the East. I puked on my mom's bed on Monday, so maybe that's going around too. It might just be the acorns I ate, though...

Annie pug in VA

THE PUGLET said...

Oh Payton!

C-word stuff is way more important than honking. I didn't want the juju to get distracted or confused or lost trying to get to the right pug.

PS: Please give your supersweet Gampy a honking hug from me :)

Crabbie Chris said...

First off, that poodle can't hold a candle to your cuteness. Secondly, honking? If it wasn't because you were sick, it'd be funny. Mom says she heard you honking, and it sounds like a duck!
Don't worry about it though. I've got my juju troupe lining up as we speak. We march at dawn and will trample the honk!!
Let us know how you're doing and in the mean time, I will dust off my juju tutu and dance the irish dance for ya. Don't ask's a black pug thing.

Manic Organik said...

Good juju to you, Puglet!

margie said...

Oh Pug, I am so sad to hear this. Major Juju's coming your way. I think it is great that you didn't go poodle on the poodle!! You are after all the #1 pug!! Hang in there bet after the vet a few goodies heading your way. Juju's for Payton and Emi and Gracie and for all who we don't know about. Please keep us updated. We have all our paws crossed will be waiting to hear some good news!!

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

Sound like KC. But juju coming at you right now. Get better quick.

mary said...

My pug Lucy Lu had the honking thing about three monthes ago. it was a very disturbing sound, she'd have little spells that would last for a few minutes, then she'd be fine. The doctor said it could be anything from allegies to a collapsing asophogus (yikes) and to watch her. She and her sister both have clef palettes and so surgery is a big no no for us. Good news is that it cleared up in a week and she is just fine. :) Hope your honking oges away soon and you get back to your old self again. Juju being sent.

Anonymous said...

Great job not going poodle! You have passed with flying colours.
Sending lots of juju your way (and your human's way too) for a speedy recovery. With all that honking, you wouldn't want to be mistaken for a goose.

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,

3E's and Lucy the house cat with buckets of JUJU coming your way.

Big of you to look out for another pug, but now its your turn big fella. All of us gotcha covered. We hear you can get the 'honks' even if your human gets you the stuff to prevent it.

When you get home from the vet place, make sure you post an update..

Tails curled tightly sending the JUJU right NOW !

Ellie, Emmitt and Eli
Lucy the house cat too

Elisa said...

Wishing you lots of good juju Pug! The pug gurus will fix you right up and you'll be eating omegas in no time.

Agent Bosco said...

Oh no Pug! We really hope you feel better. I got sick a couple weeks ago and my mom thought I had the pancreatitis thing. very bad mojo but it turned out I was fine so I will send all my good juju to you!

Love, Bosco in Nashville, TN

MochiMachoMarshmallow said...

Major JUJU for you Puglet. Feel better we all need our
#1 1000 pug in top shape.


Anonymous said...

We need you to get better Puglet. Much love for you.

Meatball XOXO

Ollie said...

Juju coming at you! I'm sending you everything I've got. Today I'll be concentrating on you being healthy, honkless and chewing on something really tasty.
Some big beagle love going to your human and Dutch, too. He must be really worried. You know how sensitive he is.
But I know you'll be fine. No one has more good karma stockpiled than you :)

Pugs2Luv said...

We juju-ing as we speak and just in case we put our tutus on too, not sure why but Bellatrix mentioned something about it; if it helps we'll do anything to help all of of juju needing friends. PLEASE feel better really soon and if there i s anything we can do, give us a call.
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe
P.S. Phoebe says that Poodle totally had it coming but good of you to keep your restaint

moPSY+MISIOber said...

First i'm sooo proud of you, you didn't go poodle on poodle!! But you should tell us, you didn't feel well, juju could work even faster. We send you tons of major juju, and thinking of you all the time ( I think Zuzia has crush on you:)) please please please feel better soon! I'm sending hugs to your Human too, please keep us posted!!!! Love you Misiober

Christa said...

Cletus and I are sending super juju to you. We are also sending some to your human and Dutch because they are proably worried. Keep us posted Pug.
Christa and Cletus

Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III said...

Mega furry feline juju being sent to you, Puglet!! And some wet nose kisses and licks for your human and Dutch! :)

Feel better soon!

Your feline friend,
Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III

Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

Mega super huge JU JU comin' your way buddy!!
Puggie hugs from,

Jane said...

Sending lots of healing thoughts and good vibes to you and your human, Pug. I think it's probably just kc. The coughing and the phlegm moving in your throat can definitely trigger your gag reflex and explain the puking. Maybe ask your human for some honey to soothe your throat. That's what some puggies I know with kc have been doing.

Barney the pug said...

oh no, pug!! feel better!!! my human rescued a dog once with REALLLY bad kennel cough, and he was throwing up clear water/mucous too. coughing so hard he was making himself sick, i think. my bet is on kennel cough.

Anonymous said...

Dude! Sending you major ju ju! Can't have #1 pug be sick! Way to go @ the post office with the poodle! Very proud of you buddy!

Bouncer & Chaos & our human!!

ASC said...

Sending you lots of good juju and hoping you feel better soon. Also, I am so happy you didn't go poodle on the poodle. You see, I am a Standard Poodle and one of your biggest fans. My very best friend in the world is a Pug, so I appreciate all the cuteness Pugs have to offer. Maybe, just maybe, not all poodles are poodley? Feel better!

Your friend,
Perrie (the Poodle)

Unknown said...

Oh Puglet! I KNEW something was wrong! I licked and licked and licked and licked my paw over and over again last night. My mom figured it was some sort of stress reaction- though what I have to be stressed about she didn't know. I must have been worried about you! I hope you'll be all better soon. I can't wait until 1,000 Pugs comes to Portland!


Peggy2957 said...

Oh no Pug!!!! Even though I have been "quiet" the past few days due to (insert HBO words) internet issues we have TOTALLY been following you. We sent so much juju Payton and Emi's way yesterday that good things just have to happen!!! Now that we're all juju'd up we are sending the maximum dose possible your way. You have to TOTALLY trust the juju as it worked wonders on me this summer. We never mentioned Gracie's need for juju in September but my human and I BLASTED her with it and she got better. She had the honking and vomiting of clear stuff and we thought she had something stuck in her throat. They had to put her under to xray and scope her. The vet was shocked at what he found. One of her lungs had a total "white out" which means totally NOT working. It was filled with blood. That's right BLOOD. The vet thought she may have had pheumonia which progressed as there were no tumors seen. Personally I think she ruptured something when she did her usual barking maniac's like going poodle but minus the poodle. VERY annoying. Anyways. They treated her with Lasix to get rid of the fluid and an antibiotic for the pneumonia. She is ALL better now. And you know what that means??? You'll be ALL better too since that juju is POTENT stuff!!!

Just wanted to let you know we've been working on TSS too. Yup TOP SECRET STUFF. I know my human is SUPER excited about it but I feel like you do about the 1000 Pugs thing. Like NOT being in the #1 spot. My human assures me I'll ALWAYS be #1 but if you knew what I did about the TSS you would be worried too!! Just saying.


SpencerBartholomew said...

Please feel better Pug! Major JuJu coming your way.

Anonymous said...

Dear Puglet
Major juju to you and to Payton also from Bailey and Hazel, the PugRanch Kids in Idaho. This is our first time commenting on your blog but we had to let you know we are thinking of our fellow puggies. Our HuMom was told in Sept she has the B/C-word (found early thank goodness,but still scary). She gets much joy reading your blog. It makes her smile everyday. And she has found much inspiration from Payton, such a strong brave pug! Hope you both get feeling better!!
Bailey & Hazel in Idaho

Noodles said...

Puglet - Dog-gods, such as you, CANNOT be sick! The JUJU-anator is primed and fired in your direction. May the Bishop Ranch make you better!
Hmmmmm . . that didn't really have the Star Wars feel I was looking for. Um, May the Bishop FORCE be with you! Hummmph! Not much better.
Love Noodles

Sabrina said...

Oh Puglet! I would never have guessed that you needed the juju too since you have been "modelling through it" (to quote Tyra Banks). All of us are sending major juju to you!

And...look who's in the centre of the shot and who is in the background today!

Anonymous said...

We're sending you lots of juju from Chicago.

Chang and Family

Bailey and Buddy said...

Major JUJU coming your way Puglet! Good job on being perfect (with not just any poodle but a standard poodle - way bigger than a toy poodle!)

I Love Lucy said...

Oh Puglet,

You are always perfect! Great job.

Sending you the bestest, superduper, juju in the world, and we're sending it to Emi and Payton too. We have plenty of juju in my house for everyone, and hugs too!

Anonymous said...

Pug!! I am super proud you did not go poodle, even when you are not feeling well. Tons and tons of juju. I really hope you feel better ASAP! (and that your human gets some more sleep:)

Pug Love
Myko in SF

Anonymous said...

Get well soon.
Mei Mei and Cho Cho

LauraNic said...

Maurice the Pug in Vancouver BC wanted to say that he is still in quarantine from having kennel cough, and that was two weeks ago! He spent the first night choking, so his owners thought he ate something bad he wasn't supposed to have like a hair-tie. Anyways the choking noises and feeling got worse and worse, and he started throwing up water, and mucus and other gross things, and kept his owners up all...night...long. A vet visit, some antiboitics and some cough suppresants left him feeling much better, but he is very sad that Puglet is feeling as crappy as he did.
Plus two weeks is a LONG time to be quarantined in the boring apartment.

Anonymous said...

Dear Puglet,

My darling "Max" came back from a kennel with a new strain of Kennel cough not covered by his vaccine.

He also was puking, along with a honking cough. The vet's meds cured him quickly.

Best juju and love from Max and his sister Lola in Toronto.

Anonymous said...

Oh Puglet,

Of course we have got lots of good juju left for you, and we are sending it to you via express wish!

Get well soon, the vet is a good idea. I had this honking once and it was terrible - but the vet made me better. I did not like the injection and above all the tablets I had to take, but I was better in a few days.

All the best for you and please let us know how you feel.

Much love from Berlin
Carlos Santana and Marieluise

BadAnnie said...

I puke up water all the time - but my hu-mom says it's because I am more pig than pug. I gorge myself on water and then oops - burp it right back up. I have to remember to drink just a little bit at a time!

Rocky the Texas Pug

Abby the Pug said...

Uh oh Puglet!!!! Sending MAJOR JUJU!!!

Treat Lover said...

Dear Puglet,
We were late to read the blog today, and you scared us half to death with your juju request, but thankfully we got to read the update at the same time. SO glad you're okay, and didn't swallow any forks or anything! We'll send you juju anyway, to get over the kennel cough soon.
I puked the other day, the night of Halloween. My human thinks it's because I was so excited about all the trick or treaters coming to the door. Or maybe I snuck some candy out of the trick or treat bowl. Hmm, it's still a mystery, since my human didn't see anything, and I don't "remember", and since Chili follows the code of the street, he would never rat me out (even though I rat him out whenever he lifts his leg in the house).

Coco (and Chili)

Anonymous said...

Pug, lotsa juju headed your way!! Hope you feel better soon!! Great job with the poodle!!
Paula from DE

Ollie said...

I know kennel cough is nothing to celebrate but at least it's fixable with just meds.
Now I can finally relax and take my nap...this juju business takes up a lot of energy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update!!! I was worried about you Pug and I'm still sending juju your cough gets better!
Paula from DE

Suki said...

Hi Pug!
Positive juju is headed your way from Austin, I'm concentrating super hard.


Peggy2957 said...

Pug I'm sooooo glad to hear it's nothing serious. I'm going to keep sending juju your way so you get better FAST!!! We're also sending a continuous flow of juju Payton's way. We want to hear nothing but good news on what they removed yesterday.


Barbara said...

Puglet, we are all jujuing here for you! Feel better soon!

Cerise said...

Jeesh PUG you had us worried man. We so glad you didnt go all poodle on us in the post office and you were feeling ugh. So jeesh thats fanatstic good self control. When we feel sick the self control thing flies right passed. Take your meds and rest up hey we need our no 1 blogger to be operating at 110%. Love the South African Pugs!!

Star1 said...

Pug~ sending many juju's from three special pugs...Get lots of rest..Keep us posted..

Kellee the Caffeinated said...

Oh my goodness, so glad that you are okay!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Puglet, we joined the blog late b/c thumbs were not available until now so we sort of got the bad news followed quickly by good news. Still, sending magic juju is what the three of us do best so we will just continue to send juju to Emi, Payton and to you too for a full speedy recovery, So Puglet you just rest, drink plenty of water and eat lots of treats. The latter of which is very, very important if you are to regain your strength to reign over 1K pugs.

Riley, Lea and Roxi
Those Jersey Shore Puggles

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Oh Puglet...I was not here yesterday to let you know I was worried about you! So glad you are getting better but still sending Big Texas juju your way to make sure! AND, too funny, I was at the post office yesterday myself! Didn't see any poodles in my PO though and have to give you MUCHO credit for not going poodle in your PO! Way to go cuz that one was a big one just sitting there trying to be, well, a poodle!