Monday, November 21, 2011


Hello everyone, Dutch here again. First, I must thank you for sending me the juju. My honking is almost completely gone and I'm feeling much better now. Hopefully I'll be 100% honk-free soon so we can rejoin society soon.

You might be wondering why I'm here today instead of Pug. Let us just say he's having a bit of a moment. Ever since The Epiphany, he's been OK with the 1000 Pugs. He's even been showing off his #1 tag and encouraging other pugs to be one of the other 999. But yesterday someone sent us a picture of my human that sent him over the edge:

I don't understand what he's so upset about, but Pug says there are many things wrong with this picture. According to him, Nikon, food, a strange pug, and my human should never be in the same place at the same time. Ever. Especially when the strange pug is very, very cute.

I think Pug is being ridiculous about this. My human and Nikon are safe, the cute pug did not follow us home and there is plenty of food left for us to eat. It is just a stupid picture. But when I tried explaining this to Pug, he just kept saying Pictures don't lie! Pictures don't lie!

If that is the case I would like to share a picture someone shared with me. It was taken last week at the airport when Emi flew away and clearly shows a certain pug and a very girly pink toy. Yes, Pug was playing with a PINK toy (even though Emi's new human brought him a stuffed lion).

I'm sure my human will talk Pug out of his sulk (again) and he'll be back tomorrow like nothing ever happened. I also know he will try to deny the pink toy incident, and when he does please remind him that pictures don't lie.


Buddy said...

LOL Dutch, I have to say, in Pugs defense, that he *isn't* actually PLAYING with the dreaded PINK toy.... hahaha.
Happy to hear your are 98% better and can grace society with your presence. YAY!!!

Payton said...

Hi Dutch! Well, if pictures don't lie then I think you have totally warmed up to the camera. Look at that big smile of yours! I think that might be the best pic ever. And I'm so glad you were feeling better. Not cool of Pug to have given you the honk...but he couldn't have helped it I guess. I sure hope he understands that in order to help all of the pugs like Emi, he's going to have to suffer through this (share his human, Nikon, and food) with 999 other pugs. Maybe this just proves that the tour Prius is a must so that if he's there to see it first hand, he won't feel so betrayed. Tell Pug that this doesn't change how much of a super model and star he is and how much he is loved!
PS. Pug will admit his fondness for pink in his own time, I'm sure.

Wilma said...

Oh boy Dutch, it's a good thing Pug has you as the voice of reason. Of course, I sure hope he doesn't go all poodle on you when he sees that you've posted evidence of him embracing his feminine side. I hear he is almost 100% over going poodle, so with any luck, you'll be safe!

Chfnman said...

Dutch, great pic of you! I think you are being a very clever dog catching Pug "in the act" so to speak. Not much he can say now! Well done!


Meredith LeBlanc said...

Dutch, you are awesomely photogenic! And the little black puggie is adorable too!

Pug may have to start behaving or you may get to be the honorary #1 pug, Its good thing you have the pink toy blackmail picture for when he starts acting like a diva.

Meredith & Scarlet

Ollie said...

First, I have to say you look totally hot in photo #1.

Your human and Pug may be back at the negotiating table but I'm sure level heads will prevail and mutually benefitial terms will be ironed out. Or just give him more treats (happy belly = happy pug).

He looks totally busted with the pink toy! Like he was caught with his pants down (if he was wearing pants).

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Hi Dutch :) I like your today's attitiude. I read here some irony, and I like it :)
Pug is little bit hysterical, but be careful Dutch, technically he only STANDS next to pick toy, so please try to think about some riposte if he'll say so :)
P.S. your Human can roll like a pretzel :) hugs Dutch :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dutch -

That is one awesome picture of you - kind of a tye-died throw back to the 70's. You remind our Mom of Twiggy who was a super model back when she was young, like 1,000 years ago.

Oh poor Puglet. He always seems to be getting his fur in a tuff these days. Must be all the stress. Good thing they all have you ... the calm, gentle, level-headed brains of the family.

Stay healthy and strong for them Dutch. They're sure going to need you.

Roxi, Riley & Lea
Those Jersey Shore Puggles

PS ... Lea needs a shout out and maybe just a little juju. She has ringworm on her face. ~ Rose

THE PUGLET said...

Hello MizzTree,

Oooooh - but he was! My human confirmed it. The whole story: Peggy gave Pug a lion and the pink toy was for Emi. Pug really liked the lion, but then he went into Emi's travel bag and pulled out the pink toy. And played with it! My human just wasn't fast enough to get the play on camera. Pug totally dropped the pink when she picked up Nikon.

THE PUGLET said...

* * * Juju to Leah * * *

Help kill the ringworms!!

(even though my human says ringworm isn't worm but fungus)

Crabbie Chris said...

Oh Dreamie Dutchie, I long for the day when I can once again bite at your neck and steal your treats. Until then, I will gaze lovingly upon your magnificent pictures. are so busted!!! Not even I get photographed with such a pink toy!

Buddy said...

I guess I stand corrected!!! (and still chuckling at the image of it all) hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha. I think you got caught out this time Puglet!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dutch

Ellie here, Emmitt & Eli are bothering the worker bees at our house today.

I don't know who said it, you really do look great for must be coming our of your shell.

And Puglet with a PINK toy, even if there isn't a picture of him actually playing with it...busted...totally busted.

Ellie from San Antonio

JUJU to Lea

Brutus, Ellie, Pippa and Otto said...

Dutch - we LOVE that pic of you! The pic of Pug with the pink toy is great!

Personally we don't care what color a toy is, as long as it is fun to play with :)

We sure hope we get to be 3 of 1000!!

Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

Sammy and Neko said...

Oh, Dutch, little jealousy is ok, don't you think? And admit it, Pug looks pretty good with the pink toy. Of course not as good as you and the pink : >
I am voting your human to make yoga with photo shooting technique DVD, I know I will buy it !!


Anonymous said...

Puglet likes pink (or doesn't mind it)! There's no denying it now.

Free Picture Album said...

Good photography takes too much efforts as well.

Love this post!

pugsx4 said...

Pug, I think your Human has a very good sense of... Humor.

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Dutch thanks for the update on Pug and his sulking ways...he is too funny! He is just so jealous of any other pug getting attention, but will soon realize it's all good! Thank goodness we have you to post when he is not up to it...too funny! And, I totally believe he played with the pink toy!

And, uh, you look so dashing in your photo!

Peggy2957 said...

Hi Dutch,

This is Emi and my human is letting me say a thing or two today. First off you look dashing!!! I'm discovering I like BIG dogs. I have a crush on Sailor ( my human's granddog). He is TOTALLY awesome and such a gentleman. He let's me run under him, jump on top of him, run as fast as him and even lets me bark at him. My human said he is ubertolerant.

I wasn't going to say anything about the pink toy but my human did bring it for me. Once pug set his paws on it there was no getting it back. Lucky for me she had one in purple. It's my FAVORITE toy!!!

Last but not least I want to ask for some juju for me and my foster sister Olive. Remember her? She is the TOTALLY cute pug at the PRL's House of Mecca. She has the KC which turned into pneumonia. Her mom says she is MUCH better on the new medicine she is on. I caught the KC too and am going to see a vet in Corvallis later today. I'm not too sick and I'm sure if you send some juju my way I'll get better REALLY fast. My human says the juju is Magic Potion because it is filled with so much love.

Tell Pug not to worry about anything. He will ALWAYS be #1 especially in my book. He is the one responsible for finding me my forever home.


Bailey and Buddy said...

Dutch -

I hope Puglet doesn't get mad at you for exposing him as a pink toy loving pug!

Payton said...

Oh goodness, I'm sending some major juju and puggies prayers for Lea, Emi, and Olive!

THE PUGLET said...

Hello Payton,

I am still not in love with Nikon, but I do appreciate the treats that come with it. Nikon's big creepy black eye still gives me the heebeegeebees though.

PS: If you don't mind, I won't be telling Pug how much he is loved. He already thinks too much of himself and his head could explode. Thank you for understanding.

THE PUGLET said...


The potential for poodle is real, but I think Pug's trying to be on his best behavior in case the universe comes through with a Tour Prius.

THE PUGLET said...

Thank you, Mr. Gampy. Being black and white, I think color is my color.

THE PUGLET said...

Hello M+S,

I think the little black pug is adorable too. But I don't have the same issues as Pug. He thinks the whole entire planet must revolve around him, but I'm OK just being a zero.

THE PUGLET said...

Well thank you Ollie for complimenting my hotness. I don't think I've ever been called hot before and am not quite sure what else to say.

THE PUGLET said...

Hello Misiober,

That's what pug will say: I was only standing near the pink toy. But I know there were witnesses who will say other things.

THE PUGLET said...


If the bees are real worker bees and not human worker bees, please be careful. Bees are good, but not your friend.

THE PUGLET said...

Yoda, Bru + Ellie,

I agree 1000%. Fun is fun no matter what color it is.

THE PUGLET said...

Hello Sammy,

My human is very bendy, isn't she? There are other pictures that are worse, but I was afraid of angering the poodle so I only posted the one.

THE PUGLET said...

Dashing! Yes! That is how I feel sometimes, Dalls Maggie. Not a lot, but sometimes.

THE PUGLET said...

Hello Emi!!!

Thank you for clearing up any doubts about the pink incident. And I'm so sorry you have the honk now too! I didn't get to meet you because I'm still hacking a little and had to stay home. Honking is no fun - I will send giant amounts of juju your way. And some to Olive too!

Hear that everyone? Juju to Leah for the ringworms, and to Emi and Olive (+the other pugs at Mecca) for the honk.

Anonymous said...

I dont think the picture with the pink toy proves anything. Pug is a professional super model so he will probably say he was working and not breaking his pose. Remember the bee incident on the super model vs super poser post?
Just sayin', he may have played with the toy but there's no real proof.
Dutch I'm glad you are feeling better! I love love love this picture of you! You have a great smile!
Lots of juju to all the honkers and Leah for the ickies!
Paula from DE

Anonymous said...

Emi and Olive, While Lea is getting some juju for her ringworm, which isn't worms but it is rings all over her face, we're sending it right back out to you two sweet little "puggies" - not to be confused with "puggles", like us. We love you and we're so happy you found good, loving forever homes. KC is no fun but with all the love and attentions you're getting, you will be well in time to enjoy the holidays. Lots of puggle prayers and special holiday magic juju being sent to you from us ~ Roxi, Riley and Lea from the Jersey Shore

Anonymous said...

Puglet LOOKS busted in that photo!

Unknown said...

Dutch and Puglet where are you today?