Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Hello everyone. You can probably guess why Puglet is not here today. But if you can't, I will tell you. It's because he is on strike.

I believe he got the idea from the Occupy people in Oakland. The NPR radio people have been speaking about them a lot and last night Pug told my human if she made the 1000 Pugs launch happen today, he would be forced to protest it. My human told Pug the website won't be alive until this afternoon, but it's definitely 100% happening.

Pug's original plan was to go on a hunger strike, but that only lasted until this morning when breakfast was served. After breakfast, he told my human that today is a Day of Action; 1000 Pugs means 0 Pug. And that is why I'm here.

My human doesn't want Pug to be unhappy, but she says 1000 Pugs is an awesome thing and refuses to let one pug ruin it for everyone else. Even if that pug is Pug. She has agreed to hear his demands and they are now in negotiations.

I am not on strike or taking Action so I'll be here all day to let you know what happens.


Anonymous said...

So, what are Pug's demands? I bet they involve extra treats!

We are so excited for the big launch!

B&B from Alexandria

Anonymous said...

Standing by waiting for updates. Thanks Dutch....Hope you benefit from all this too! How do you think you'll manage with 1000 pugs and Puglet?

R & R & L
Those Jersey Shore Puggles

Bettie said...

Thanks for letting us know, Dutch!

And Puglet, if you're reading this, man, I totally know how you feel! Today is my birthday (I'm 2!), and even though I've filled their lives with tons of love and laughs, my Mom and Dad are getting another dog THIS WEEKEND! And not just any dog... -- a puppy! And not even a PUG puppy... -- a corgi puppy!! I mean, I've met a couple corgis before, and they're cool and all, but this is my house, my backyard, my toys, my food, my bed, and MY people!

But who knows -- maybe we'll sniff butts, and everything will be totally cool. Maybe I should just give this corgi puppy a chance, like maybe you can give this 1000 Pugs thing a chance? Maybe neither one of them is all that bad.

I'm in if you are.

A brother in arms,
Dexter from Austin, TX

P.S. Wish you were here to celebrate my birthday, dude! I could use some puggy comraderie about now...

Noodles said...

Hi Dutch
I sure hope the strike is settled quickly. I love Puglet and The Daily Puglet and You and your Human! So I am hoping the strike ends soon.
That said, I am super excited about 1000 Pugs!
Love Noodles

Payton said...

Hey Dutch! You are a great big bro to fill in for Pug today. Please give him our best and I hope his negotiations go well. I'm so excited to finally get to the bottom of this 1000 Pugs thing! I'm on the edge of my seat...
PS. Very nice pic!

Ollie said...

You're a very level headed and sensible guy - you may be required as an arbitrator in this dispute.

I like the idea of a dog Occupy movement though, as in Occupy PetSmart. We could curl up in the beds and chew stuff in protest.

Can't wait for the BIG reveal!

Happy Day Dexter and cograts on the corgi puppy your humans are getting you for your birthday. That's quite a present.

Anonymous said...

I love Puglet, but Dutch, your posts are the best!

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

LOL! This is going to be good! Pug's demands...can't wait to hear them...and so glad I got to see you today Dutch....you look even more handsome than usual sitting there. Uh, don't tell Pug, but I can't wait for 1000 Pugs to go live or whatever will be happening later today...I hate Pug being sad but it sounds like it might be something really cool and I think Pug will be happy when it's all said and done! Hope so, don't want no sad Pug!

Bettie said...


Thanks, man! And what a cool way to think about it -- my people aren't trying to replace me with another puppy... The puppy is actually a birthday present FOR ME! I bet my people thought I was lonely during the day when they have to go away to make money for treats (and I totally am, unless I'm asleep...note: I sleep A LOT), so they're getting me a corgi brother to play with and hang out with so I won't be lonely!

And Dutch isn't a pug, but he's still a totally awesome brother to Pug, so maybe this corgi will be a totally awesome brother too!

Maybe it'll be the same for you, Puglet. Maybe in the end, this whole 1000 Pugs thing will end up being all about you after all!

Hoping for the best for us both,

Christa said...

So nice to see you handsome Dutch! Hope Pugs demands are met and you get some goodies out of it to!
Cant wait to find out what 1000 Pugs is all about.
Have a great day!
Christa and Cletus

THE PUGLET said...

* * UPDATE * *

This will be quick because my human needs HAL4 to finish the Pugs website but...

HAPPY WHELP DAY! I think the Special Day calendar is broken because it still says October, but I will make sure my human fixes it and wishes specialness on everyone.

I did not see the value of protesting until you mentioned Occupying PetSmart. You are genius.

Pug has many Demands, but the Big Demand is about a tour. He wants to be part of the tour and our human says that is not possible. That's all I know.

Negotiations will resume after lunch and a nap.

Pearl and Tessa said...

Wow, its coming...watch out! Is this like that day that didn't happen...twice this year?

Bettie...Happy Birthday! Watch out for the Corgi cuteness...not as cute as pugs (nor dalmations for that matter) but way up on the cute factor...our auntie is a corgi, and she gets lots of attention!

Payton said...

Thanks for the update, Dutch. I just want to give my support to Pug about him going on tour!! Come on everypug, let's rally for our good buddy! And you should go too Dutch...but only if you want.

Happy day to Dexter! I will certainly enjoy a treat in your honor.

And last but not least, Ollie, you
ARE genius! Let me know which Petsmart we're going to occupy!


moPSY+MISIOber said...

Dutch it's so nice you are with us today:) I have 3 pugs and pugs are little histerical :) but I'm sure Pug will love 1000 pug idea pretty soon:) I can't wait tovyour lunch and nap and all that come after!!!! Tick tock :(

Happy Birthday Dexter!!!! You will get the best present ever!!!!! i want corgi puppy so bad!!! Lucky you!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dutch,
Well we all know Pug could never go on a hunger strike, food is too important to him.

Getting his picture taken + posing for a camera is in his blood, so if 1000 Pugs has anything to do with a camera...guess who will be front and center...Pug.

Keep us updated we can't wait to see how all this shakes out.

By the way you look handsome today.

Ellie, Emmitt and Eli
waiting and you know how impatient pugs can be.

Fritter from the Lo-Flo said...

This is more like a puglet lock out, like those silly men who throw balls to each other, but not to a dog! I hope the negotiations go well, though I would love to occupy Petsmart! Awesome idea, I want to occupy the squeaky toys and treat aisle!

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Negotiations will continue after lunch and a nap! FUNNY! Of course that is when it will happen...Pug needs his food and rest for his demands to be met! I say stand tall (as tall as you can) for that tour gig! I mean you are the most important Pug there is!!! Can't wait for it all to happen...and of course if we plan on occupying any PetSmart, I want in on that!!!

Treat Lover said...

Hi Pug and Dutch,
Chili and I just signed up on the 1000 Pugs website. We can't wait to see what this is all about, so we know if we need to go on strike too!

Is anything happening now? How about now?

Happy Birthday Dexter! We hope you love your new puppy! Trust me, when I adopted Chili, I didn't think I wanted to share treats and toys and stuff, but I found that there are more treats and toys with 2 of us! I still get a little jealous sometimes, especially when Chili gets more human attention, but it's not so bad to have someone around when the humans are off making money for treats.


Anonymous said...

Dutch, It is now 6:25 on the east coast, when are we going to find out what's going on? I might go on strike with Puglet!

Suki said...

Hi Dutch,
Poor Pug, you and him are more than welcome to come stay with me while the tour is going on. We would have sooo much fun.

Can't wait to hear more updates.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dutch,

From one European to another - you are so handsome!

I hope negotiations will be ending soon, have the parties been supplied with enough food and drink during the sessions? This is a very important feature of any kind of strike!

I am on strike quite often. Negotiations, however, are mostly short and amicable, the pug union does not have to be called in and most times I walk out of the meeting room a winner. It seem that my mum is quite feable when facing me over the negotiation table - she easily collapses... seconds with the right pug approach!

We are eagerly waiting for 1000 pugs!

Dexter, Happy Birthday and what a present! I personally do not want a puppy, they are now all over the place here. I am doing quite my share of puppy minding in the parks - but yours is here to stay and that will be fun.

Love from Berlin
Carlos Santana

THE PUGLET said...

* * * UPDATE * * *
Negotiations have broken down.

My human agreed to give Pug the #1 spot, but he's still holding out for an all-access pass and front row seat on the tour. My human insists there is no front seat because the tour will happen on an airplane. Pug is now bargaining for a 1000 Pugs tour bus.

The site still isn't ready yet because one of Pug's many demands is that 50% of the photographs be of him. I don't know why my human agreed, but it meant she had to make massive revisions. I heard her say something about after dinner. That's all I know.

Payton said...

Tour bus, tour bus, tour bus!!!

Suki said...

I'm with Payton,

Let's all say it together...TOUR BUS,..TOUR BUS...TOUR BUS!


Anonymous said...

1000 pugs on a tour bus!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I saw on your bloggy 1000 pugs!
It sounds like a big party to me!

SpencerBartholomew said...

I am so excited to find out all about 1000 Pugs!! And Puglet leads us all!

Barbara said...

Dutch - nice to see you!

I hope you're helping in the negotiations...it sounds like they are going badly!

Pug Slope said...

The tour bus idea sounds AWESOME! You need Puglet along on the shoot so he can help those camera-shy pugs out there to embrace their inner supermodel! He taught Frank how to Jimmy so quickly - imagine what he could do by working imparting his posing expertise to 1000 other pugs!

We're with ya Pug! I also would love to meet you in the fur if your momma is coming to NYC - so you HAVE to go with her!


P.S. Thank you for all the updates, Dutch. You need to go along with the tour bus, too!

Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

Hey Everybody! I am with Payton, Suki, Sid, et al....TOUR BUS...or at least an RV...Let's hear it...Puggies in the house tonight...everybody's gonna have a good time! Kinda like another famous book titled Travels With Charley, for all you old timers out there...BUT...that dog was a p o o d l e if you understand what I mean!

Pearl and Tessa said...

HOLY CURLY TAIL PUG! We just got a look at the 1000 pug website! AWESOME! Hold out for the cover shot of the book. Tell your human we want in, 2 of the 1000...thats like .02% of the book. Its going to be great...yeh, she is going to be looking at a lot of other pugs, but you will always be #1.

Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

OK folks! Just saw the amazing website for the 1000 Pugs adventure...I will give up some treat $$ to help with a new Nikon, gas money or a replacement for HAL4... Not that anyone was asking, BUT...what a super idea and one that will help rescue other pugs :)

Anonymous said...

Just saw 1000 Pugs website, how exciting!!! What a wonderful idea. Can't wait to donate and possibly participate:)

Happy Whelp Day Dexter!!

Pug Love
Myko in SF

Anonymous said...

1000 pugs website is SUPER COOL!!!

Christa said...

You should be the most proud Pug ever! Even if you arent the star of 1000 Pugs, you are the inspiration! Because of you, your human had this awesome idea! If it wasnt for you 1000 Pugs wouldnt be happening. So walk with your head held high and be proud that you inspired you human! Great job Puglet! :)
Christa and Cletus

THE PUGLET said...


A lot has happened since my last update. Pug got really mad at my human for not buying a tour bus, my human got mad at HAL4 for crashing, and the 1000 Pugs website was just... mad. And broken.

It was all quite stressful so I took a very long nap until things got better. When I woke up, Pug and my human were friends again. HAL4 was behaving and the 1000 Pugs website was almost un-broken.

The calm didn't last long because the launch of 1000 Pugs created lots of excitement. For my human anyway. Pug is still... adjusting.

The Big Demand for a tour bus was rejected (even though our human would LOVE LOVE LOVE to make 1000 Pugs a road trip!!) but I believe Pug's Day of Action/strike is over.

Things should be normal tomorrow, if things with Pug are ever normal.

Signing off,


Debbo and Rocky said...

Whew! Good work, Dutch! I missed all the excitement because it was night where we are, but sounds like you had a busy day with Puglet being a diva... BUT I got up to find the 1000 pugs website working so all is well! We're busy sharing it with all our pug and assorted dog friends on Facebook!

Anonymous said...

"Pug's Day of Action" certainly was a action-packed, busy day. We are all so happy and excited for the 1000 pugs website and looking forward to following this quest through the upcoming year.

The best of luck to all ....

Roxi, Riley & Lea
Those Jersey Shore Puggles

Anonymous said...

I hope you guys can come shoot me in Minneapolis !! I will bring all of my pug gfriends there. 1 human, 1000 pugs and $ to help, super cool idea. I am in !!!
Do you sell the t-shirts?? I want it !!


Ollie said...

Just read every detail on the 1000 Pugs site and my comments are as follows:

Awesomely Ambitious!
Brilliantly Creative!
Fantastic Vision!

And makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.