Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Ok, so I don't really want to talk about yesterday. Not about not being here. Not about the pink incident. And really not about my human and those other pugs. Except to show you these pictures, which will maybe make you feel bad for me just in case I have any more "moments" and need forgiveness.

I mean, how can I compete with that kind of cuteness and supermodel caliber focus?? Or this Yeah.

Anyway. In case you're not on facebook, I need to tell you about the Shoot Your Own Pug contest that's happening over in the land of 1000 Pugs. You can read the blog post here to get all the details. And you totally want all the details because the winner gets $50 gift thingy to wag.com and losers still get to eat food (
the contest theme is pugs + food).

Dutch will be announcing his version of Shoot Your Own here tomorrow, so don't feel bad if you're a kitty or a beagle or a puggle. You'll get to eat food for the camera too :)

Oh! I almost forgot about the turkey testicles. So, my human has been kinda sleepless/stressed/crazy-busy recently and whenever this happens, she kinda gets a little grumpy. Well, maybe not grumpy, but she's definitely not as fun. Apparently if I had thumbs I'd understand.

Whatever. Anyway, this morning my human (and her grumpy thumbs) was on the phone with my friend Tiffy's mom and got crazy-excited about something on the computer. She was so excited and laughing so hard, she snorted like a pug and spewed water out her nose. Between the snorting and the water-spewing, my human just kept saying Turkey Testicle Festival?!?
Turkey Testicle Festival?!?

I guess there's this thing called the Turkey Testicle Festival and Tiffy's dad goes to it every year. I don't know why this made my human spew water out her nose, but I've only seen that happen once so Turkey Testicle Festivals must be really.... something.

If your human is
sleepless/stressed/crazy-busy/grumpy human, maybe you could let them know about the turkey testicles.


Payton said...

Hi Pug, welcome back! I'm not going to lie, those two stand-in model pugs are totally cute, but you are the #1 pug, Pug! Seriously, no one can beat your posing skills. You hear me? No one! I told Dutch yesterday that you'd probably feel better if you were there to supervise, so I'm still not giving up on the Tour Pruis idea!
PS. I will be teasing Tiffy's daddy about this little festival for sure!

Sammy and Neko said...

Testicles, huh? I will eat them for sure. Can he bring pugs??
Is Tiffy going? I am jealous if that is the case !!!


Pug Slope said...

Puglet, I think the solution to clear your head is to drown your sorrows in turkey testicles. Ha!

The Shoot Your Own Pug photo contest sounds great. While I'm not really crazy about photo shoots per se, where there is posing there are treats, and where there are treats, I will be there.


Ollie said...

I'm like Sid, not too crazy about photo shoots. But I'd pose for turkey testicles!

Crabbie Chris said...

Man Pug, I totally thought you had found a new yummy chew treat. I would love to eat turkey testicles! Oh well...guess I'll have to stick to yak chews.
Glad to see you back today, although I'm totally ok with Dutch standing in.

Unknown said...

Oh Puglet, Mom says there are not enough bonus points in the world. She IS excited to start handing out her new 1000 Pugs cards she got in the mail!


Buddy said...

PUG!!! Look at how well you trained your human....using her grumpy/gimpy thumbs AND snorting like a pug!!
Don't ever doubt yourself little one. :@{

Anonymous said...

Are you doing a tongue curl in today's picture? Very Adorable!

Wilma said...

Woah, I too thought you had discovered a great new chewy treat. Who knows, maybe their are such things for dogs. I'll ask google and let you know!

Hahahaha, my word verification is catomat!

Wilma said...

Well, no luck. Not that I suppose if we wanted, we couldn't have some of these said testicles that the humans are eating. But from my research, they are liking them fried. Fried food makes you tubey, so maybe not a good idea. I will tell you though, that when I asked google, your post came up 3rd. Followed by lots of information about the mid west and fairs.

Mimi, Diva Dog Extraordinare said...

hi puglet. i feel like turkey testicles would be something my mom would shot on thanksgiving if the big feast got messed up. burned the pie? TURKEY TESTICLES (and other assorted hbo words)!

Anonymous said...

How do you DO that with your tongue??!

THE PUGLET said...

Hiya Payton,

Thanks for keeping the dream alive. Tour Prius! Tour Prius!

I really hope Tiffy's dad doesn't get my human the T-shirt she asked for. No way I'm going out in public with her dressed in a Turkey Testicle shirt!

THE PUGLET said...

Hey Sammy + Neko,

Not sure if the Testicle Festival is pug friendly, but I bet they have testicles to go.

THE PUGLET said...

Heya Sid,

I was a consultant on the contest and made sure there was food involved. Not just involved, *required*.

Genius, right??

THE PUGLET said...


'Will pose for turkey testicles'

You just made my human snort water. I wonder if she's coming down with the honk?

THE PUGLET said...

Heya BellaT,

You always have such awesome treats. I'm sure if they made TTs for dogs, your humans would have gotten them for you already.

Well, maybe not your dad. But your mom totally would.

THE PUGLET said...

Hiya MizzTree,

Her thumbs are fine, it's her brain that's gimpy. And grumpy :/

THE PUGLET said...

Hi Scoutie!

Is OK, my human vetoed TTs too. She said we probably don't have stuff like that around here anyway. San Francisco is more of a Tofu Testicles kind of town. I think Portland is too.

Even though 1000 Pugs still freaks me out a little, I'm totally cool with you pug-spotting. My human says it's officially official > I
am going to Portland! And Seattle!

It will be in June, but not sure what days yet. I heard something about roses getting in the way? No idea, but I'm superexcited.

Want to Jimmy with me for Nikon?

THE PUGLET said...

Hiya Wilma,

Thanks for checking with Google about the TTs. My human isn't big on fried things so the chance of me scoring a fried testicle is like zero. Less than zero, probably. Sounds like I need to find a fair :)


THE PUGLET said...

Haaaa, Mimi ~

I can just hear your human shouting Turkey Testicles!!

THE PUGLET said...

How to make a tongue curl (top secret photo tip according to my human):

1. Chewing pugs make funny faces, so get your camera ready then give your pug something that requires chewing.

2. If your pug is more of a swallower than a chewer, you have to get creative. Think: peanut butter.

3. Make sure you have plenty of light and your flash is turned OFF (don't want to blind the pugs!). Hold your camera still and fire off as many pictures as you can before the food is all chewed up.

This 'top secret' works on non-pugs and kitties too :)