Wednesday, December 14, 2011


11 days, still no pug tree. But the UPS man did bring us a giant box yesterday, and my friend Tiffy did get a tree-in-a-box recently. So I'm kinda wondering if there might be a tree in the box we got.

If you're wondering why I'm still wondering what's inside the box, it's because my human hasn't opened it yet. She says it might be a Christmas present and refuses to open it until she knows for sure. Something about not wanting to ruin any surprises.

But what if it's my tree?

Trees don't come in boxes from Amazon.

Yes they do!

HUMAN: You just want me to open the box.
ME: No I don't. I mean, I do. But only because my tree might be in it.
HUMAN: It doesn't smell like a tree.
ME: Trees in boxes don't smell! You have to burn a special candle to get the smell.

This went on for awhile. I got no where. My human says until she's 100% sure the box doesn't have some sort of surprise inside, she's not going to open it. I think Christmas will be ruined because my pug tree is trapped inside the big Amazon box my human refuses to open.

What do you think? Does it look like there's a tree in there or what?


moPSY+MISIOber said...

We are not sure, that you would like to get Tiffy's kind of tree. We've seen it and it's absolutely GORGEOUS (Pucia and Zuzia wants the same) but it's... pink ! Dutch would love this tree !!! but you?? we're not sure. Hope your Human would let you open it soon, beacuse we are very curious pugs just like you! hugs PT

Noodles said...

I dunno Pug, I think you have a point. The box sure is BIG enough to be a pug tree. I say OPEN IT!!!!
Love Noodles

Anonymous said...

Hey Puglet,
We dunno open or not to open thats the big question. If it is your tree you'll be super excietd, if its not...sigh! then what?

Oh what the heck, OPEN IT our vote is open it. Hey thats an idea take a vote to open or not to open.

Ellie, Emmitt & Eli
aka 3E's

Pepper the Pugalier said...

Wow Puglet, I'd have a hard time keeping out of that box. I may have already investigated a couple of presents under the tree that were for my baby sister (who still isn't here, BTW...)

Hopefully your human gets you a darned tree AND let's you into that box ASAP!!!!


PS - Daisy says THANK YOU!!! to everyone who sent her hood tail juju! She's feeling better and hopefully will get to keep a long tail. All your nice comments made mommy's eyes leak (in a good way) and she says thank you for all your kindness.

Anonymous said...

Your human should go out and get the tree before there are none left. It might put her in the holiday mood and that's a good feeling. She can hold out on the edible ornaments til x'mas eve. If she doesn't they will be all gone before the big day. xxx

Christa said...

To open it or not to open it??? Hmmmmmm. Our vote is let it be a surprise. Christmas surprises are awesome! What if there is something in there you dont know about that is just for you for Christmas. You gotta have something to open Christmas morning. :) Have a great day!
Christa and Cletus

Payton said...

Pug, all boxes are for pugs and should be opened immediately. That is my motto. So my mom gets upset that I delay her wrapping for hours and then once she finishes I unwrap a few under the tree...
I think this calls for another "secret operation". You could call it, Operation Pug Tree! Do you still have boxes of that sugar cereal to feed your human?

Foodie Girl said...


You should have tried to knock it off the stairs! (and blame Dutch). See if it fell down the stairs and broke open, you HAVE to open it. Or just have Dutch sit on it and maybe it'll break open. See, that's what my cat brother did to a box and it broke open....


MochiMachoMarshmallow said...

We are dying from the suspense Puget. You have to find a way to open it.


Buddy said...



THE PUGLET said...

Shhhhhh. Dutch doesn't know about Tiffy's you-know-what tree. Don't give him any ideas!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you just pee on it and that will make her have to open it! Oops ... does that put me on the "naughty" list?

Chang from Chicago

THE PUGLET said...

Noodles, if I had thumbs I would!!

THE PUGLET said...

I hear you 3Es, but how? How do you open a box when you don't have thumbs???

Anonymous said...

P.S. Tomorrow is my 8th birthday!

Chang from Chicago

THE PUGLET said...

Pepper -

You better hurry up and *ingest* those presents before she comes!

Glad the juju worked its magic on Daisy (and your human).

THE PUGLET said...


Good idea Mookie! I don't need thumbs to do that. My tree won't get hurt though, will it?

Anonymous said...

Puglet, you don't need thumbs to open a box you have teeth.



Payton said...

Pug, you can totally open boxes without thumbs! I do it all the time. I used my claws to scratch at it and my teeth to rip it and chew it!

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

I bet the pug tree is in it! Push it down those stairs...speaking of that, you guys look so perfect sitting there together, and could've just leaned over and pushed it down and it might've opened! DANG, ya'll should've thought of that!!!

Meredith LeBlanc said...

We say unless your human produces a pug tree within the next 24 hours you have every right to bust open that box.

I think Payton must be a master spy suggesting drugging your human with the sugary cereal and clawing into the box...

Meredith & Scarlet

Chfnman said...

OK enough of this, obviously your human is having one of her moments. How can she know one way or another without OPENING THE BOX! Puglet, go for it!


bzgirl said...

Hey Puglet and Dutch, First of all you need a tree plus if you open the box then you'll have an empty box to play with. Win-win for you. But what I really wanted to say was that me and my human, Susan of Susan and Bill who've been feeding Daisy and Delmar the wild Wildcat dogs, said hello to you today. Your human was talking on the phone and I don't think she recognized my human. But anyway it was good to see you guys again. Lola, the German Shepherd

Anonymous said...

Open it. OPEN it. OPEN IT!!!! We can't stand not knowing. It's Christmas. Go ahead and open it.

NO WAIT ..... how about getting your Mom's friend to open it and tell you "TREE-YES" or "TREE-NO" Then everybody knows without spoiling any surprises.

YES!! We hope it's your tree.

Roxi, Riley & Lea
Those Jersey Shore Christmas puggles

Anonymous said...

Please please open it!

2 Chun Pugs said...

We have our pug tree but not pug food tree. : ( . We are very curious too what is inside the box. It must be your pug tree.

MeiMei ChoCho, Melbourne

Pugs2Luv said...

We say open it just in case it is something that needs to be taken care of before Christmas. Plus we were watching cartoons yesterday & if a box couldn't be opened until Christmas they would put a big red stamp on it saying so. Zoey is concerned that it may be something that needs air. Phoebe says push it down the stairs to get it open & say it was an accident. Speaking of Phoebe, she is in the cone of shame right now because she tore out her dewclaw; it's not hurting her in any way but she is crying bloody murder. She won't stop licking her paw so the cone remains. We don't want to take any juju away from anyone who might need it but maybe we could get some positive no-more-cone thoughts for the sake of everybody's sanity.
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

Anonymous said...

OPEN IT!!!! OPEN IT!!!! The suspense will surely Kill us here in N.Y.!!!! We took a vote, and the tree in a box won!!!!! OPEN IT!!!!! :O)

Opaka said...

I feel you pain about not having a tree Puglet, our humans haven't put ours up either! I say open it, if it's a present it might be inside another box in the box. :D

pugfish said...

I agree with others open it a little to spy! Or just say Dutch did it!
My human promises next weekend the tree goes up. Reaaly... isn't all about pugs?

Suki said...

Hi Pug,
Just an observation, but the box doesn't look like its sealed that good, the top looks open a little bit. If "someone" accidentally knocked it down the stairs, the box would probably open, then you could see the tree, I mean, the contents.


Sammy and Neko said...

I think... It's SPAM !! Not heavy enough? Hmmmmm...
Can you smell anything?


THE PUGLET said...

Sammy + Neko ~

It smells like everything! Boxes from the UPS dude always do.

Barbara said...

Man, your mom is tuff!! You and Dutch need to pee on the box, because moms don't let peed on stuff stay in the house. She'd have to take it out of the box!!

I think it's a pug CAR!

Anonymous said...

Puglet, you look a little perturbed in that picture, but Dutch looks as calm as can be!