Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Hey everybody! We actually got to see the sun today. Like, outside. My human woke up crazy early (again) to stare at HAL4, so I figured me and Dutch would be sitting around doing nothing all day (again). But then the sun came up and my human said her brain needed air, so we headed over to see the cows.

I ate pies, Dutch ate grass and my human's brain got air and sunshine. We saw supernice Bill (of the fabulous Bill & Susan, leaders of Operation Daisy) and I even found a dead bunny to roll in.
After the cows, we stopped at Lily + Harry's house to see some spreadsheet thing their mom Cyndi made for my human to help her keep track of 1000 Pugs. No idea what that's about, but Cyndi wanted to play with Nikon so I got to eat snacks and play fetch. Try not to laugh too hard at the picture she took of me:

OH! Almost forgot -- I overheard the humans talking about the big surprise that's coming tomorrow. I still don't know all the details but I definitely heard the words FOOD and SUPERMODEL. I also heard the word FRANK and that kinda worries me because he can totally Jimmy and everyone thinks he's soooo cute.

But whatever. It's been so lame around here lately I think we *all* need a big surprise. Even if I have to share it with Frank. One other pug is waaaaay easier to deal with than 999 of them.

Uhm, no offense to anypug who's now 1 of the 1000. I love you all like bacon.


Buddy said...

I LOVE that fetch picture!!!!!!!!!!!!

So happy to hear everyone got recharged out in the sunshine and had a little bit of fun.

You always got to try to have a balance. Super awesome!!!!

Poozles said...

Puglet, your catch skills are super adorable and super funny! My human notice you weren't wearing your skull and cross bone harness! Btw, where did the term "jimmying" come from? My thumbs couldn't find it.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! You just made everyone's day.

Noodles said...

Puglet - nothing beats a sunny San Francisco day! It looks like you and I play "catch" almost the same way.
Love Noodles

THE PUGLET said...

Hi Noodles!

Balls bounce off your face too, huh?

THE PUGLET said...

Woot! It's good to have some thumbs back :)

THE PUGLET said...

Hiya Poozles,

Yeah, my gimpy-brained human can't seem to find my skulls. Last time we found them in her sock drawer, so who knows where my harness is or when she'll find it.

Ok, so Jimmy is this very cool dog in a book called 'Nose Down, Eyes Up' and there's this part in the book where Jimmy teaches a bunch of other dogs how to get humans to do anything you want. I think 'manipulate' is the word he used.

Anyway, according to Jimmy you can get humans to do just about anything if you do the nose down/eyes up thing (true). It's way easier to call the maneuver 'Jimmying' after Jimmy than calling it the nose down/eyes up thing, so that's where the name came from :)

THE PUGLET said...

Awww, thanks Buddy. Cyndi is way more fun than my human these days. But at least I got to hike and eat some baby cow poo. Good times!

Frankie from Seattle said...

That is one of the funniest pictures I think Ive ever seen!! You always know how to make me laugh :)

Crabbie Chris said...

I'm kinda happy we're still having the sun shining here in the bay area. I like the cold, but at least there is no rain. I like your catching pic! I think it's a waste of an open mouth, why not stuff it with bacon?

Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

Just wanna know...did you catch the ball or did it bounce off your funny face? HeeHee...I know I couldn't catch it!

BTW...just checked Kickstarter-I just knew your human's 1K pugs' goal would be met or go way o v e r. Puggie power is rockin' the website:)

2 Chun Pugs said...

A bit of Matrix?
MeiMei and ChoCho

Brutus, Ellie, Pippa and Otto said...

We think the pic of you playing catch is great!

We wanted to say we think it is pawsome that your human reached and then exceeded her goal on Kickstarter in just a day and a half!!

We can't wait to see what the big surprise is - hoping that it includes bacon for you!

Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Puglet, you look like you're having so much fun playing fetch & not at all spazzy! It's pouring rain here so it's nice to see the sunshine in your pix.

Meredith & Scarlet

Anonymous said...

Hey Puglet, what's a cow pie taste like? Rolling on dead stuff is the best! Last night our Mom made a golden turkey. It's just like golden chicken only way bigger! Not as good as bacon tho. Nothing beats bacon. Bacon RULES!
Roxi, Riley & Lea
Those Jersey Shore Puggles

Laura Bee said...


I love tennis balls too, even if they mostly bounce off my face. I spent 7 years of my life wedging them in my mouth until my new vet told my human that I had to give them up.

Apparently, all those fuzzy tennis balls sanded down my teeth. The vet said this usually happens to labs and other retrievers. (She didn't know about sporty pugs like us.)

Luckily my human found some smooth red rubber balls that I like almost as much. ALMOST.

Yours truly,
Otis Redding the shop dog in Seattle

Sammy and Neko said...

You are awesome~
Hope to meet you in pugson this year......

Sammy-proud to be one of 1000
Neko - proud to be one of backers!!

THE PUGLET said...

Ok, you really want to know? It bounced off my face. But I'm only telling you because I know you won't laugh at me or think I'm a dork... right?

THE PUGLET said...

PS: Eddie - they make little tennies for the snout-challenged. We can totally catch those... sometimes.

THE PUGLET said...

I know - - that kickstarter thing is crazy! People keep calling my human freaking out about how awesome it's doing.

I just think it's VERY cool that people love pugs so much. I think I'm going to back the project with some of my modeling money. Because that's what I would do if it wasn't my human's project.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA!! Love the fetch picture! You're HI-larious, Pug!


Payton said...

Pug, that pic is awesome! Stuff bounces off me all the time cause I can't see to well but like to go for it anyway.

Suzy said...

I love that pic of you trying to catch your tennis ball. My sweet Chloe LOVES tenny balls xoxo