Tuesday, May 1, 2012


So, not having thumbs usually sucks. I mean, there are soooo many things I really want to do but can't. Like blog. Drive Mazda. Open the refrigerator. But last night something kinda, uhm, happened to my human that made me superglad I'm thumbless.

It all started when my human decided to cut her hair. Like, by herself. I guess it kept getting in her eyes or something and was driving her nuts. So she cut it off. Not all of it, just the stuff in her eyes. Except of course she has no freaking clue how to cut hair so it came out looking totally dorky. 

Kinda like this guy from that movie Dumb and Dumber:

Ok, maybe not that dumb. But close. So she asked Google how to fix it and Google said to hack off the ends with a razor blade. No idea how hacking off even more hair was supposed to fix things, but Google is usually right about stuff so she hacked. 

Uhm. Yeah.

Google kinda forgot to mention the part about being really careful not to shave off an eyebrow during the hair hacking. So now my human has a superdorky haircut AND is missing half an eyebrow. Definitely not a good look for her. Or anyone, really.

My human would totally kill me if I put her face on the internet, but that's where her eyebrow used to be. So if your human ever starts hacking away at their hair, tell them eyebrows, razors and thumbs don't mix. 

* * *

PS. Tomorrow.  Minus the button part.


Elisa said...


Tell your human that eyebrow pencils are miracles.

All is not lost!

Noodles said...

Oh dear,
Puglet I think your human needs a vacation.
Love Noodles

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Ohhh!!! Ok our mom do these type of things like all the time, they end up bad, but NOT THAT BAD! If eyebrow pensil won't work, tell your Human to try eyebrow shadows, they come in blond lady version, and look very natural, our mom uses them daily after she plucked almost all of her eyebrow :) your Human is one of a kind, and we all like her a lot:) hugs PT

Sabrina PugTails said...

Your poor human, she does need a vacation. Tell her to make an appointment with a hair vet right away. I'm sure if she explains what she did, any self-respecting hair vet will get her in quick to fix it. Mum does this kind of silly thing on a regular basis. Usually when she is already late for work. Then she runs out of the house crying because she has to be in public looking dorky all day. Humans are weird!
Can't wait for the bacon button tomorrow! Hope I get some!

Augustus said...

Ohmygosh! My human used to be a dog hair vet and the stories she tells are almost like this, only on dogs and cats. Actually, she was afraid to scroll down to the picture after the razor blade explanation because so many of her "scissors in the hands of untrained owners" stories ended with blood, we are just relieved this story ended at bad hair stuff. It will grow out, poor human. Now go put all the sharp things away.

Jasper, Sarge, and Pepper said...

Pug, don't let her near you or Dutch with anything sharp, we don't want to mess up that gorgeous hair!

Fritter from the Lo-Flo said...

OMG PUG! Your Human and my mom must share a brain, because last night, she removed half of her eyebrow! She said it was because the wax smeared where it shouldn't have. I have no idea. So she had to wear her bangs down straight instead of curly like she usually does. So funny.

Laura Bee said...

Puglet you always make me laugh. I'm glad your human didn't hurt her eye, only the brow.

PS - I miss Dutch

Pearl and Tessa said...

Oh pug, sounds like your human is stressed out. Nice to see you back in town, hopefully you can get some rest! Maybe your human needs to go to the poochie parlor!

Anonymous said...

Puglet I think you need to find a way to get your mom a massage so she can relax and destress! How is Dutch? Is he mad you guys were gone again?
Mocha latte and katie

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! She needs an appointment at the people groomers and you and Dutch to be on your best behaviour!


PS See you in Boston!

Sammy and Neko said...

It will grow back. But we actually want to see her picture too... could you post one tomorrow? Well... it will be less than two weeks till we actually see her in fur. We will bring chicken nuggets for you, Pug, regardless of what your human says.

Sharing love

Wilma said...

Uh oh Puglet. Your poor human. Mine learned her lesson a long time ago about tring to fix her own fur. Now she pays too much money for someone else to do it. But it usually looks pretty, and she hasn't lost any brows. Although ten years ago just befor her and Dad got married (I was the flower pug!) mom decided to "splurge" and get her brows waxed, whatever that means. She came home with brows, but chunks of skin were missing!!!! Took lots of makeup to fix that!
Mom is exercising her thumbs as we speak, getting ready to make us 3 of 1000 in NY. Wish us luck!

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Pug, just be sure you tell your human how pretty she looks no matter what. This is very important. Compliments = bacon.

BTW, we're signed up for Boston 1000 Pugs & we really really really hope we get to meet you!

Meredith & Scarlet

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

My mom did something similar awhile back:

She shared it herself. If you don't laugh, you might cry....LOL

Dutchess the Pug said...

Ah, your poor human must be worn out. She should take a spa day and relax. At least hair grows back! Some of the pugs here talking about thier humans and wax is scary. Who wants their hair pulled out by hot wax?? Ouch!

Wilma said...

Puglet!!!!!!!! We just got our appointments to be 3 of 1000!!!!! I am so excited, I could explode! The only thing that could possible make me happier, would be if I knew I would get to meet you! Will you be going with your human to New York this fall?

Anonymous said...

If your human comes near you with a pair of scissors or a razor blade....RUN RUN LIKE THE WIND !!

We think she needs sleep and lots of it.

Ellie, Emmitt & Eli

MochiMachoMarshmallow said...

gtHi Puglet,
I am so excited that I'll be one of the 1000 Pug along with my two brothers.

My mommy #2 won't let my mommy #1 go into the bathroom with a pair of scissors anymore. Something about keeping mommy #1 from doing a Britney.

Hope to meet you in NY

Bailey and Buddy said...

OMG...my human is soooo excited right now. She said that she decided to sign up for the 1000 pugs shoot in Southern NJ. She says it is a very busy time at work (something about taxes and the IRS), but she told her boss she had a once in a lifetime opportunity to do something awesome so she is taking the day off to go to 1000 pugs!! She totally was thinking she was going to miss out b/c of work, but she decided to go for it!!! We are exceited because we hear there will be food involved.

See you in New Jersey!!

Anne said...

oh geeze! It never ends well when you are frustrated with your hair and have no time to get it cut!!!! Our mom knows this very well! We will still love you even if you are missing half an eyebrow :)
Buddy and Lucey
PS Lucey's leg is a little better today!

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Oh man!!! Not good and never with a razor! What in the world is going on with her? She's got to get some real down time before she kills herself...take care of her Pug!!!

Anonymous said...

Puglet, Dumb and Dumber is one of my favorite movies!! It's kind of like a classic, so at least your human can say that.

Anonymous said...

LMAO Thanks for the laugh.

Pug Slope said...

OMP! Puglet, you need to keep an eye on that human of yours. Actually keep BOTH eyes, EARS, and perhaps your TAIL on her. Maybe she can collect some of your fur sheddings and glue some in the space where her eyebrow used to be?

I, too, am super excited because I GOT MY 1000PUGS APPOINTMENT!!! I can't wait to meet you, and Nikon, and your mom in NYC!

May you receive all the bacon you desire, Pug.


Oakley and Swisher said...

Oh no, Pug! We're just glad your Mom didn't end up a pirate like Swish. Luckily hair grows back.

Lots of licks,
Swisher and Oakley

Southern Fried Pugs said...

Puglet, we think all humans have done that at least once or twice. Our mom is more about forgetting everything that isn't on her iPhone calendar. Not as visibly dramatic as the eyebrow, once she set the house alarm and left the house. And left the door wide open. So naturally the alarm went off. The alarm called the police and everything. The neighbors still talk about it.

We got three spots in New Jersey for 1000 Pugs! We are driving all the way from southern Virginia! And we are starting the search now for a yummy treat for you and something for your mom that's better than vending machine candy.

The Devil Dog said...

I thought you were going to tell us your mom cut her thumb off with the razor. Mom was immensely relieved that all your mom lost was an eyebrow. Sorry to your mom.

Roxy & Lucky

Puggyspice said...

Yikes! I'm glad the eyebrow and hair will grow back in time. Your human will probably become good friends with eyebrow pencil in the meantime.