Monday, July 2, 2012


So, Mazda got beat up again. Well, sort of. You probably remember the first time this happened - when some jerk who didn't know how to park left a big giant dent and drove away. Or the second time when a bunch of Mac-nappers hit us with their getaway car and drove away. Well, this time the person left a note.

It said:

I'm so sorry I banged up your license plate 
frame! Please text me at (phone number) so 
that I can pay you for replacing it.

 - Carine

Uh huh. The license plate frame. Y'know, that plasticy thing that says Redwood City Mazda on it? Yeah, that.

Mazda has sooo many scars from the other attacks, I have no idea how anyone could even tell if the license plate thingy got hurt. My human says it was probably beat up waaaay before Nice Carine went anywhere near it.

I wish we could leave a note on Nice Carine's car telling her how freaking awesome she is. But since we don't know which car is hers and I don't want to leave you-are-so-awesome notes on the whole entire neighborhood's cars, I'll tell the whole entire internet instead and cross my paws that she reads it.

Dear Nice Carine, 

You are the best. If the entire world was as nice and honest and thoughtful as you are it would be a much better place. 

Hugs + Bacon,


PS: Don't worry about the stupid license plate thingy.


stellaroselong said...

Wow there needs to be many more nice carines in the world doesn't there! I wish there was a nice carine on every corner of the town just so we would know that our day was going to turn out great! stella rose

Sammy and Neko said...

: ) Speechless. I bet she is cute too, lol.
Why don't you text her??

Payton's mom said...

So great to hear that there are still good, honest people out there!

Augustus said...

I think it would be very cool to text her back and tell her how much you, your thumbs and all us pug people appreciate her honesty and kindness. She'll just have to walk around feeling bad if you don't let her know.

You could also leave a note near where Mazda was parked when she left the note, maybe she lives in the neighborhood and would see a flyer on a pole.

THE PUGLET said...

Sammy & Neeko ~ you're so smart. We texted Nice Carine a link to today's post and she said it made her heart smile.

How awesome is that?


pugsmom said...

I don't know why, but all this talk about honest people and smiling hearts made my mom leak.

Augustus said...

Duuuuude! I just saw your picture on Facebook, from some funny picture site. Demotivational dot com or something. I'll try to link it here.

Anonymous said...

I agree hearing about good people makes me leak! Pug people should rule the world!

Unknown said...

Nice Carine sounds just as wonderful as Super Chris! Wow, two super nice people in the world! Do all good human's names begin with C?

Otis and Black Pearl

Meredith LeBlanc said...

If Nice Carine & Super Chris are both single, maybe you should set them up on a date Puglet! It may have to be a skype date because of the 2 different state thing, but they could be superheros of niceness!

Meredith & Scarlet

Anonymous said...

Wow Puglet, you even made it to my Dressage Forum! You're definitely famous.

Southern Fried Pugs said...

Yay, there's good people, even on the West Coast!

Buddy said...

can't you just tell thumbs to text her that same message. :D

Buddy said...

oh sorry, just read them all that you texted her already. Super cool pug, and thumbs.
super cool.

Rama's Mama said...

Aw, that was really nice.

So good to meet you. New follower here. Stop by our blog and follow us back. :-)

Bruno and Diesel said...

A whole week without Puglet, Dutch and Thumbs =(
Missing you,
Bruno & Diesel ♥♥♥