Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Ok, sometimes being me is kinda easy. But not all the time. Like when I'm working my butt off as official pug greeter all weekend.

I know you're probably thinking: what's so not-easy about that? Well. Let me give you a little peek at what it takes to be #1 of 1000...


Wake up. Do not eat breakfast (!). Pee. Get in Mazda. Go back to sleep.

Wake up to my human freaking out about there being no gas stations.

Quick pee break when my human feeds Mazda. Still not there yet. Still no breakfast. Go back to sleep.

Finally get to a place called SLO. We drive around looking for "bright, dry places" to shoot pugs. Stop for bagels. My human eats one but I only get a half. She says I'll get half #2 later, but this never happens.

11:30am - 5pm
Pug shooting time. I hang out, I greet. People bring my human lots of tasty foods... I get a lot of "love". Getting to meet everyone is really cool. Watching my human feed cookies to everyone is not cool at all.

6pm - 6:06pm
My human takes a pee break and comes over to say hi. Pets me on the head and gives me the tiniest cookie I have ever seen, then goes back to the other pugs.

Pug shooting, day 1 is over. We get into Mazda. My human snarfed down bagel half #2 during her pee break so she gives me a cupcake instead. When she's busy cleaning the cupcake goo off her fingers, I snatch a cupcake half #2.

Thank you cupcake bringers!!!

Take a nap.

We get to the hotel place. Sniff around, pee. My human doesn't remember feeding me cupcakes and I don't remind her. I get to eat my food, a carrot and a huge bite of the cake my human is eating for dinner. Watch TV with my human and wait for the weather dude to come on. Fall asleep before the weather dude.


Wake up. Pee. Get in Mazda. Eat some of the cake my human is eating for breakfast. Thank you Spongy, Licky & Patrick for giving my human such a yummy cake! She doesn't even like cakes!

Get to the Santa Barbara place. Walk around, check things out. Pee a bunch. Make a ginormous cupcake poop under those funny looking monkey trees.

Pug shooting starts. The human greeters aren't ready yet so I have to stand there (tied to a wagon!) and watch my human do her thing with a pug named Buddy. And then a pug named Guy. I do everything I know to look cute but get nothing.

9:30 - 7pm
I greet, my human shoots. I didn't see her once all day so I don't think she ever stopped to pee. Get in Mazda. Eat some more cake. Head home.

Stop at a different hotel place because my human is too tired to drive. Pee. Sleep.


Wake up. Eat. Pee. Get back in Mazda, again. Go back to sleep.

Finally get to Frank's. Sniff butts. Go for a quick walk. Say hello to Dutch, goodbye to Frank. Head home to sleep.... until Tuesday.

Yeah. See what I mean? And when we fiiiinally woke up yesterday, I didn't even get to relax or anything because my human's brain needed air and we both had cake to walk off.



Anonymous said...

OMG, I'm tired just by reading about your weekend and now I gotta pee!! HAHA


Buddy said...

You've got strength Pug. I would have refused to do most of that stuff and slept in the jeep.

Paula from DE said...

Being #1 sounds like really hard work, but on the bright side, cupcakes and cake!! And you still have a waist! That never happens for us humans!

Peggy2957 said...

Hiya Pug, it's Emi. Tell your human not to look while I remind you of the secret piece of bacon my human had in her pocketbook. She saved it from breakfast just so you could have it. Remember we snacked on it most of the day. We also had some of that awesome turkey from Al's sandwich shop. Oh and those treats my human's had with them so we wouldn't starve to death as we greeted ALL those people and pugs ALL day long. . Oh and the treats the nice shop people gave us just for being US!!!! I NEED to learn how to do the "starving pug" routine so just maybe once I would get a cupcake!!!!!

Okay tell your human she can look now. See you in Boston next month!!!!


Chicas Libelulas said...

Hola Pug!
We are sooo Glad you like the Cake La Mamma made Specially for you!!
We are so Happy we got to meet you and your Mom!!! and we have to say that you were more Guapo (handsome) in person!!! Thank you for lending you Mom to us for a while!!! and we also met Bella Emi!!! Hope you have a nice Break from all your hard work!!
Sending many Hugs & Bechos
Spongy, Licky and Patrick

Meredith LeBlanc said...

All we read is cake, cake, cake, and MORE cake. That sounds awesome to us. Now Scarlet wants to know why she doesn't get cake. Rats.

Meredith & Scarlet

stellaroselong said...

Wow you got to eat lots of gotta take that into consideration puglet! I am glad you are safe and back home up!
Stella Rose

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said... oh man. That is just too much work Pug! You need to take a break from all this pug greeting business and come on with all the cake eating!!! You gonna lose that waistline you had going, uh, but who cares, IT'S CAKE!!!

Sammy and Neko said...

Cake for breakfast sounds great. Mama is seriously thinking about it... hope we will get some. Stay cool, Pug. Lovies~

Sabrina PugTails said...

Wow Pug, your schedule makes my head spin. Eating bad food on a road trip is all part of the experience - or so mum says. I usually just get chips in the car, maybe the occasional french fry, but no cake.
Look on the bright side, you were with your human and Dutch stayed home. That has to count for something. Right?

Sorry Gnat said...

I am enchanted with your daily moments, seconds, opening of jaw, closing of jaw, frosting that lingers on your wicked black lips, everything - you rock

pugfish said...

Puglet, it is hard work being cute AND famous
We read your blod everyday. Can wait 'till the book comes out. I want to get your autograph!!
Sissy girl, Joey and Bucky

Sherry said...

You got CAKE??? Wow, we are going on strike until we get some cake! We don't do all the work you do Puglet, but we do love cake!!!
Pearl, Mac, and Trixie