Friday, August 3, 2012



Being Pug's big brother isn't always easy. He's bossy and a foodhog and has an ego the size of China. He also snores. But sometimes being me is very easy. This is one of those times.

Because today the mailperson delivered two very special envelopes. There was a yellow one with my name on it, and a white one with my name on it. Not Pug's name. Not my human's name. My name. DUTCH.

The white special envelope came to me all the way from Canada. The message inside said:

Hello Dutch!

This is JUST for you! You can be a cammo pink Ninja! 

I love reading about all your adventures with Puglet and your mom.


 Deb + Pammy

OMD. Tucked inside the envelope was the most hippest, pinkest cammo I have ever seen. It's not just beautiful, but quite versatile too! I can wear it on my head like a babushka. Or around my neck like a cowboy. When I find out how Ninjas wear their headscarves, I will wear it that way too.



Of course Puglet was horrified by my new pink accessory. He was even more horrified when he saw what was in the yellow special envelope, from our cousin Sophie on the other coast. The message inside said:


Here - you can have my pink dog!

Love, Sophie

OM(pink)D! Sophie must have read about our trip to the giant blonde lady store and the dog I never got. The only thing better than a pink cammo Ninja headscarf is a pink cammo Ninja headscarf WITH a matching pink poodle.

Thank you thank you thank you Deb + Pammy and cousin Sophie for sending me so much love and pinkness. It will keep me warm+fuzzy over the weekend when Pug and my human abandon me to shoot pugs where the giant blonde ladies live.



Pearl and Tessa said...

You look stunning Dutch! Hope you get to have some fun while the rat's away (sorry Pug, couldn't resist)

Pearl and Tessa said...

Also, have fun in SLO town and Santa Barbara...both fun, fun places.

Bruno and Diesel's mom said...

Good things come to those who are sweet & NOT bossy foodhogs! You look awesome in pink, Dutch =) It's hard for dogs to do the 'ninja'; they don't have enough forehead to wrap the bandana around & it ends up being a blindfold. Might come in handy if you want to play 'pin the tail on Puglet' =D
So happy you finally got your little pink dog; Sophie is the bomb!
Love always, B & D's mom ♥♥♥

Buddy said...

I think dutch is liking the cowboy pic the best. So awesome of your friends!!! I sent you stuff for xmas...but it got sent back to me. :(

Noodles said...

Dutch, You are so deserving. And you totally rock that pink, dude!
Love Noodles

Adam and Lindsay Martin said...

So cute Dutch. You are very secure in your masculinity.

Love, Walter and Ruby (pugs)

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Dutch, pink sure is your color!

Scarlet & Meredith

Paula from DE said...

I love your babushka look!! Go pink!!

Deb and Pammy Mae said...

I am so glad you like your pink cammo! It was hard keeping the secret. I wanted to tell you it was coming in the mail but what if it didn't get there? Suprises are fun to send!

Pammy wanted to keep it but I told her it was for you and she totally understood.

Love you all.

Deb and Pammy

Sue K said...

So I've been reading this blog forever and never posted...til now 'cause I can't resist. Dutch, you look FABULOUS!!!

Blanche and Piggy's Mom

Anonymous said...

Pink, with black, ANNNNNNDDDD white. How nice!

Anonymous said...

Oh Dutch!

How lucky you are to be surrounded by pink. You look wonderful. And while Puglet is away you can be as pink as you want without having to worry about what he thinks. Now you should try to score some pink dog jello.


Sammy and Neko said...

It's GOLD !! You win !!!

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

I'm so happy you got loot of your own. I play third fiddle to the pugs in our house. I'm always having to share (or watch them get their own presents), and tolerate the constant attacks from Gracie. I could squash her like a bug, but I'm a good girl, and won't do it.

I get mistaken for the "other sex", too. I'm a big, burly girl, so everybody thinks I'm a boy. No amount of pink would change that, so I just smile and thank them for saying what a good looking boy I am....sigh.

You look awesome in pink by the way. It really accents your spots wonderfully.

Snap the Boxer

stellaroselong said...

Dutch you are such a cool big brother...I wish you lived at my house cos I bet your would chase "mean ole cat Dietzman" far away from look very stylish in your new pink camo scarf...i really like your little pink baby also...your friend...stella rose

Oakley and Swisher said...

You rock Pink like no other Dutch! Happy for you my dude!

Lots of licks,
Swisher and Oakley

Suzy said...

Aw, Dutch, pink is definitely your color! xoxo