Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I haven't done a single freaking thing since the adventure that broke Frank last Friday. Seriously. On Saturday I missed Bellatrix's party because my human had to work... and we've been stuck inside ever since.

I'm not 100% sure what's wrong with my human, but it's the same thing that happened a few months ago and I think it has something to do with pee. Uhm, her pee, not mine. All I know for sure is that this stupid pee or whatever it is situation sucks.

To make things worse, a whole bunch of destruction dudes have been tearing apart our street all week. I've tried barking at them to be quiet so my human can get better ASAP but all that's done is get me in trouble for barking.


So today I tried making friends with the destruction dudes instead. I told them about my human's  brokenness (I left out the pee part) and asked if they could destroy the street quietly. The boss dude said there really isn't any way to be quieter, but he did say they'd be done soon.

Boss dude seemed like a pretty cool guy and I guess it's not his fault destruction is so noisy. I promised I wouldn't bark anymore if he let me sit in one of the big yellow machines. He said I am the coolest dog he's ever met and loads of people stopped to take my picture. Not sure if this counts as an adventure, but it's better than sitting inside watching my human sleep.


Anne said...

You rock the destruction scene Pug! Tell your mom to get well soon and drink tons of water! I've been sick all week with a fever and my pugs were doing a fine job of making sure I stayed in bed, but they are now getting very restless and I'm pretty sure are planning a mutiny!

Paula from DE said...

I've seen the commercials for the Baconator and those guys who drive those destruction machines get them for lunch. Maybe you should hang around them , you might score one!

Anonymous said...

Feel better Amanda. Pug come visit us in Plantation Fl we have the store who sells BACONATOR! We could share one or two! Grumy in Plantation Fl. We also have new floats in the pool.

Anonymous said...

You totally look like destruction, Pug!
Don't feel bad, you didn't miss anything great at Belatrix's party- except cake, pugs, non-pugs, goody bags, oohs and aahs from every direction, and scratches galore... OMG! I'm so sorry you couldn't make it!
We have construction going on outside our house right now, too- noise, noise, noise!
Lafayette Lola

ps- Honey, the cute, sweet rescue pug, STOLE MY CAKE at the party- the whole piece- I only got to lick the fork!

Suki said...

Hi Pug,
Safety first, where's your hard hat, steel toe shoes & safety vest?

Hope your human feels better. Tell her to drink cranberry juice.


Anonymous said...

We are sending good juju to your human. Stupid human pee. If they could pee everywhere she would be better. Offer a trade: you get her cranberry juice and she gets you a Baconater. My brother Scooter wishes he could sit in a John Deere.

Sammy and Neko said...

"Destruction dude" was funny, not construction, hee hee. How smart are you? You look fantabulous on the john deer destruction machine.
Tell your human to get better soon, we can't afford having her broken like Frank....right?


Anonymous said...

You have a funny little grin in that last picture. So cute!

Noodles said...

First, the Pawty was on Sunday so you were totally OTL there. Second, the pawty was beyond awesome! Finally, it woulda been OUT OF CONTROL had you made it. BTW, I ate MY cake and ALL the crumbs on the floor! It was outta HERE!
Love Noodles

Crabbie Chris said...

DUDE!!!! You totally missed out on cake...sure it wasn't bacon flavored, but it was damn good. I ate so much of it...I'm going to start growing back fat for you to munch on!
I'm sorry your mom and her pee are sick. You need to make sure she takes breaks so that she can lift her leg on a tree like you do.
I hope all that construction ends soon, but I agree with Paula from DE, those men usually eat bacon, so go and sweet talk your way into getting some.

Meredith LeBlanc said...

In our experience, destruction dudes and funeral homes dudes always love pugs and seem to have them. They're extra smart. And we think Paula and Bella-T are on to something, maybe if you offer to help with the destruction, you'll get a whole Baconator!

We hope your human feels better quickly, sick pee is nooooooo fun.

Meredith & Scarlet

stellaroselong said...

I think everyone here is correct in assuming that destruct-construct guys eat bacon, beef, cheese etc. for their lunches..(plus they have their own calendars )hang around a little longer, and I bet you they will get you your own sandwich...i also bet they will let you drive one of those machines through the drivethrough..and then the person working there will think you are so cute that she gives you an extra one to eat on the way home..yep....go for it!! Hope the ole pee straightens up....belly bands probably wouldn't work for her would they?
sTella Rose

Atlas The Pug said...

Atlas and his dads wished you and your human could have made it to Bellatrix's Birthday. There wasn't any bacon but Atlas started a few riots and there was cake!