Monday, February 4, 2013


Please don't ask what happened with the bacon. I'm not ready to talk about it.

OK. So, I know it's boring when I talk about food. But since I'm already talking about food, I have a huge question for everybody. 

What is bacon?

Like, what is it made out of. Reason I ask is because my stupid human decided to replace my new food with a new new food. She says I need to eat something that lives in the same aisle as Dutch's nasty lamb+apple stuff so she won't forget to buy it. 

ME: but I like my old new food.
HUMAN: the bag is almost empty and this one has BACON in it!
ME: then why does the bag say PORK?
HUMAN: silly Pug. Bacon is PORK.

Google says Bacon is a cured meat prepared from a pig. My human says pork is just another word for pig. She doesn't eat pigs or bacon so I'm pretty sure she has no idea what she's talking about.

My human pointed out that Dutch's nasty apple-y food has pictures of apples on the bag and my new new food has pigs. She says if pigs = bacon, then my new new food must be bacon. Even though it says PORK in big giant letters.  

But do pictures of pigs mean really mean anything? I mean, what if the food people just like pigs??
The whole bacon/pork thing wouldn't be such a big deal if my new new food tasted good. But it tastes like butt. Worse than butt. It tastes like... apples.

We know how I feel about apples.

I'm pretty sure this is some sort of conspiracy. Like maybe a certain gimpy-brained somebody didn't bother to check the ingredient thingy for nasty stuff (like apples) and is now trying to cover it up by telling me I'm eating bacon when I'm really eating pork. And apples.

Should I believe the lies? Does pork = pig = bacon??


Buddy said...

Im sorry sweet pug, but fimpy finally got this one right. Pork=bacon. Im unclear why you said it tastes like butt though. Bummer. Mayber the bacon truck can give you some real bacon grease to go over your butt tasting food and it willbe super amazing then!

Beatrix's Mom said...

Ah Puglet, I know that food. It definitely tastes like butt. That said, pork = pig but doesn't always = bacon. So pork is always pig. But bacon isn't always pig and its definitely not pork (in the sense that your food means).

Thankfully (for me), I'm allergic to all poultry so I get special food from my vet. Tastes like ass. But the 'rents load it with cheese or ham (another form of pig) and them I'll eat it.

Maybe your human can try cheese?

Good luck!

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Yeah, what Belly said.

Although, Scarlet just likes bacon and only cares that it comes from the fridge, into the pan, and then into her belly. Or Belly if Belly was on the Eat coast.

OK, now, I'm confused.

Meredith & Scarlet

Chfnman said...

Pug, you have it right I think. Tell your human to forget the butt tasting pork food and go back to the bacon food that you like. After all, you're the one eating it, not your human!

And Pug, pigs produce lots of different kinds of meat, including bacon, it all depends on what part of the pig you're eating and how it gets cooked. : )

Anonymous said...

Pork and bacon both come from pigs (well, real bacon, anyway, not the turkey kind - that comes from turkeys). But even though bacon is made from pork = pig, not all pork = pig is bacon. The bacon people do something special to the pork to make it taste like bacon before they send it to the store. But I agree that your human should feed you food that you like. Afterall, you do have to eat it every day.

Mercy said...

I got this one! Pork is the culinary name for the meat from a pig. Actaually there are many different cuts from different parts of porky body such as:

Ham is from the hind leg: Picnic is the front leg;Boston Butt, shoulder roast and shoulder staek are all cut from the front shoulder; chops come from the loins; ribs are from the sides, and sausage is from all the other left over parts (like the eyeballs, boy parts, snouts, etc). bacon actually referres to a method of curing (or processing) the meat. Now that we are all totally confussed lets have some bacon! Just tell your human you WANT THE GOOD STUFF!! If you don't get it, I suggest you go on a hunger strike (it always works for me - I get ANYTHING I want when I go on strike).
Kisses, Kisses,

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

LOL...all I know is I'm confused with all the stuff you said and didn't say! I do know that I like bacon and I got me some last night! I know another thing too, I like that pig on TV that I see named Maxwell that does commercials...I like him so I don't want to be eating him but if he's a pig and he's bacon....well....what is a pug to do?

PDXpuggiesx2 said...

Hi pug. Bacon is always pig if our dad is eating it. If mom is eating it then it is soy. She is always trying to convince all of us that it tastes the same but she isn't fooling anyone here except that dumb pit bull that they let live with us, but he runs into walls and eats anything so I don't think he knows what he's talking about. Us pugs know what real food is and we just turn our noses to nasty fake bacon.
We know what food that is in your picture and...well...yuck. We eat that same brand because of our ichy skin. The ONLY good one is buffalo. Maybe try that one.

Tyson & Tank

Pug Slope said...

Wait. Puglet, you actually TASTE your food? I haven't the time, man. Gotta get that stuff into my gut as fast as possible. I really only taste it when I burp.


P.S. Does Wendy (that lady that makes the Baconators) make any dog food? I think you need to look into that.

Jane said...

“My human pointed out that Dutch's nasty apple-y food has pictures of apples on the bag and my new new food has pigs. She says if pigs = bacon, then my new new food must be bacon.” OMP does that mean this food is made of pugs?!?!?!

Mercy said...

Forgot to say - Pug, you look adorable in the picture ... all orbing and sort of sad looking.

Also, my Mom wants to tell all you fellow Pug/Dutch/Amanda followers that you are sweet and funny and always make her laugh (except for the complainers.....) You are very much appreciated!!! :) Whenever my Mom has a particularly poo-ey day at work she comes homes and reads old posts and that cheers her up. We also LOVE Pug's videos, especially the video about Pug going to see "the one" in the Northwest. Whatever became of that...hum?
Kisses, Kisses,

Sydney said...

Hi Puglet! We've never commented before, but we read your blog all the time! My mom buys me the same brand of food, cause I have a sensitive tummy too. You should try the Buffalo and Sweet Potato kind if you don't like apples. The people at Petco told us that those flavors all have the same base so you can change flavors without having to worry about tummy upsets. Hope this helps! -Riley the Cavachon

Anonymous said...

aww... poor Pug! Maybe if your mom added cheese or something it would disguise the appley flavor? Anyway, I hope the bacon fairy comes to visit you soon!

Hugs from NJ! Patty