Thursday, February 14, 2013


It's been awhile since I tried to write poems, but Google says Valentines Day is all about this kind of stuff. So here goes:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
My human just figured out what day it is
I hope your V-Day was better than mine!

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Dutch has a crush on Justin Bieber AND Timberlake
Uhm. Yeah.

Roses are still red
Violets are still blue
99.99% of the people reading this are pretty freaking awesome
I totally love you.

PS: I'm sooooo much better at Haiku.


Mercy said...

That was adorable! Everyone has their own style and yours' is totally you. I'm a bit concerned about Dutch and Justin Beiber and Timberlake.... I thought I still had a shot w/Dutchy. Well, a girl can still dream. I hope you had a totally awesome Valentine's Day.
Kisses, Kisses,

Anonymous said...

We love you too!!

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Pug you are cute
And Dutch is too!

Meredith & Scarlet

Molly and Gus said...

We're not so good at poems either, Puglet. But we thought we'd share our Valentine's Day poem with you anyway.

Roses aren't edible
Neither are violets
Where's the bacon?
What kind of crappy holiday is this?

Yeah, it's kinda sucky. But seriously Pug, how did the martyrdom of an early Christian turn into this glut of commercialized crap that we can't even eat? We'll take Thanksgiving any day. Mmmmm...turkey. Heck, even the deviled eggs at Easter are better than all of this crummy candy that thumbs says will kill us.

Anyway, happy Valentine's Day a day late. Our thumbs was lazy last night and wouldn't send the poem for us. We love you and Dutch and your thumbs.

Wags, snots, and kisses,
Molly (#185) and Gus (#22).

Anonymous said...

Puglet, This is just the way I like to start my day, with a picture of you and a tale too. Love you!

Deb and Pammy said...

Your poem kept me reading til the last word. I like it.

Dutch just loves everbody!

Anonymous said...

We totally love YOU! -Megan F. & Lola Pug

Butch and Sundance said...

I love hearing from Puglet in the morning....makes my day oh so much better. We love you!!!

Noodle said...

Dude. Ditto. You know... YOU know... yeah... we,uh...yeah... weloveyoutoo. I totally mean that in a macho-pug way!!!

LuLu #787 said...

Just read the recap. Seriously crying and loving you.

stellaroselong said...

i was hoping for a big valentine bacon in the shape of a heart no such luck!!
stella rose

Anonymous said...

Nice poem. I don't get the V day thing, it seems like it all about chocolate! We can't eat it so why celebrate! Hope you have a great weekend, now that you have thumbs back maybe a hike and a cow patty or two! Amanda I read the recap, I don't know what to say. This project ate you alive. My 15 minutes that turned into thirty I will never forget. Thank you for doing this project. Grumpy from Plantation Fl. A very proud pug!

Anonymous said...

The recap- amazing. You & this project & all the big hearted cheerleaders are amazing. Again- we totally love you! Hugs, Megan F & Lola Pug

Bailey and Buddy said...

I just read the re-cap, and I cannot tell you how much admiration I have for you and for what you managed to do in one year. What you had to overcome after your accident is truly amazing, and that you didn't give up is inspiring. You are truly amazing and I am so glad I found this blog over a year ago. We drove 5 hours to NJ to be a part of the project and it was such an awesome experience. I would have waited years for the final product. There will always be people will never be happy with anything and simply like to complain and be unhappy - not much you can do about them. But, I hope that your loyal followers and fellow pug lovers can help you to not feel bad about not pleasing everyone - because I think most folks are pretty darn happy with you and the project.

P.S. Would you mind emailing me your address? Buddy & Bailey would like to send Casa Puglet a surprise. (


Ginny - mom to Bailey (#870 & Buddy #871)

Unknown said...

Miss Amanda, just read the recap, WOW! All we can say is WOW! Thank you for doing this project! The book is gonna be AWSOME! You are loved by many, many pugs & their humans! Our prayers for you are for God to restore your health and give you peace. Pug Love, Black Pearl & Otis

Anonymous said...

Puglet, you rock at poems! And I have to say, you look rather sexy in your portrait!

Happy Belated V-DAay!

Debbo and Rocky said...

Dear Puglet. I love your poem. Tell your human I just read her recap on the 1000 Pugs page and now I'm leaking like crazy. I have so much respect for her honesty in writing that, and for the way she just tries to make the world a better, happier place for people and pugs. I'm glad you and Dutch get to have her all to yourselves from now on. Take good care of her.

Hugo the Portland Pug said...

Attention pugs and humans! I am pretty sure today is Amanda's birthday! Like, a big important birthday! Everyone wish her a superspecial, superhappy birthday because she deserves it more than anyone! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Amanda! We hope you can do something really fun today!

Anonymous said...

Puglet, those were wonderful!! Pixe, Pugzee, Otis, Lilly, and Lois all send their love...and are dreaming that some day we may get to meet you & get pictures. Hope you come to Ohio someday!!

Brenda Hoerle said...

Amanda, you are an amazing testament to what can happen when someone follows their dreams - especially after experiencing such a life-altering accident. Your candid words in the project recap shed light on the impact of brain injuries, while sharing the love that we all as pug owners have for our amazingly funny dogs. This experience with Bella #904 has been so, so much fun for us as a family and we are honoured to be a part of your dream project, whenever it comes to fruition.
Thanks for the memories, and keep on pugging!
All the best,
The Hoerle-Dale family and Bella, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Anonymous said...

Wow. Just read the recap. What Amanda has accomplished is huge...

But I'll always think that divulging the same information over the course of the year would have gotten her much more support while doing the project. Which in turn might have made her health issues less severe... who knows.

Now, there's not much people can do other than feel guilty.

I'm willing to bet at least one pug parent in each city would have been more than happy to help sorting, uploading photos, things like that (most pug parents know their way around cameras since we can't stop taking pics of our little guys).
If it'd been me, I'd have offered to take a day off work just to help. In any way I could.

Still, I want her to know everyone in here (even the haters) appreciate her courage and determination. Things will only get better from now on.

If you ever attempt another Pug project, please know you're not alone!

Buford T. Justice said...


Bambi says she LOVES you poem!!!!!! Someday, she would love to share her treats with you.....Maybe at a day of her showing off her Agility skills....

Hugs to your human and just know that our lives travel down many different paths. Some better than others....Our human will vouch for that. Amanda is an amazing person and we are better just by knowing her.

Buford T. Justice, Bambi, and Miss Lacey Pug.....Tre - the Boston and Peg and Pearly from the bridge

TriHardChris said...

Aww...we loved the poem!

I am so proud and honestly lucky that my guys were able to be a part of the 1000 pugs project. I remember long before the project was even conceived, I was trying to figure out a way to get Amanda and my guys to meet. How lucky we all were that we were able to be blessed by her amazing talent. Everytime she posts a new 1 of the 1000, I am amazed and even more excited when I see what magic she did to Bouncer and Chaos.

Happy valentines day and if it is your birthday, happy birthday too!

Chris Matthews (not the hardball guy) and my two boys Bouncer and Chaos from Plantation, Florida.

Anonymous said...

Your human is just as freaking awesome as a pug! I read the list of things her brain has trouble with. I think my brain has trouble with a lot of those things and I have never had a brain injury. Like a lot of people, I have big dreams but I never figure out how to actually make them happen. Your human did, even if it didn't happen exactly how she planned. She bit off more than she could chew, but she is plugging along. Everyone should have that much follow through and work ethic.

PDXPUGGIESx2 said...


Your poems are awesome! I didn't get to celebrate love day either. My brother tank has is birthday on love day so it's always ALL about him. We all did get birthday ham and cake. But I'm pretty sure he got the best pieces.

Tyson & Tank

mlb7791 said...

I love you so much Puglet!!
Bosco in WPB

Paula from DE said...

This is the best poem ever! I never laughed so much! I love Timberlake too!

Otis from the Sunshine State #268 said...

Pug, your poem was awesome and the pic is supercute. Happy belated V day, dude.

Love, Otis