Monday, January 20, 2014


mysterious sidewalk shoes
Sorry about the whole Dutch Friday takeover thing. I'm glad you don't mind it as much as I do. Not that I don't love Dutch or anything. And not like his US LOVES YOU sign wasn't better than all my stupid signs put together kinda cool. But I missed like half of 2013 and I'm kinda sick of missing stuff.

baby step shoes?
Anyway. Last week was a little easier for my human. She's still slow as a slug in slow motion, but getting better. The word around here is baby steps. Even though my human's feet are ginormous. 

I didn't understand how anyone with such giant feet could walk like a baby. 

HUMAN: it's a metaphor, Pug.
ME: metaphor is just a fancy word for doesn't make any sense.
HUMAN: Dutch understands metaphors.
ME: exactly.

A little sucky, but I guess lame little sluggy steps are better than no steps at all. And I guess as long as everybody keeps walking that's kinda all that matters. Uh, that's a metaphor. 

I think.


Anonymous said...

Puglet, I'm so happy your human is taking baby steps. All the pugs and their humans out there really love her. :)
Remember there are lots of nice people out there too.

Noodles said...

Puglet, Dutch and Amanda
As Dory says "Just keep swimmin', swimmin', swimmin'."

Love Noodles

Meredith LeBlanc said...

We always say one day at a time in our house, no point rushing!

Meredith & Scarlet

Jenny H. said...

Puglet, first and foremost, I'm thrilled to have you and your family back in my world! It's been a bleak few months without you.

Second, nothing happens all at once, dear, as much as we would sometimes like it to. For example, I didn't get tubey all at once and I'm not going to get un-tubey all at once. But in 6 months I'm 50 pounds less tubey and I can actually run for an hour now when I couldn't even run for 30 seconds before! And before you say that running is pointless unless there's food or you're being chased...keep this in mind: the local Mexican restaurant is 2 miles from work. The goal is for me and my work buddies to run up there one day, have a margarita, and then run back. So yes, it's sort of like I'm running towards food, but better! So the moral of this is that some things are worth working towards, however slowly you're doing it.


Beatrix's Mom said...

Oh Puglet! I have missed you!

FYI, have you ever read Battlepug? It's such fun!


Finnegan and Murphy said...

We're glad your human is learning to be kind to herself and that she's baby stepping her way back into our lives. Tell her not to overdo it, we love her the way she is.

Finnegan and Murphy said...

We're glad your human is learning to be kind to herself and that she's baby stepping her way back into our lives. Give her some pug kisses and tell that we love her the way she is.

Sorry Gnat said...

Dear Human, you must know pug lovers' hearts pulsate for your well being! Best of luck to you.

Anonymous said...

We love your baby step! We are just so excited that you are back!You make our day, I love all of your posts, even when Dutch takes over!Your bud Grumpy!

Anonymous said...

A good friend once told me "Left foot, right foot, cha cha cha" which I take to mean: if you keep putting your right foot down after your left foot, before you know it you'll be DANCING!! Glad you are doing better! Please take good care of yourself!! Hope you are DANCING SOON!!

Patty in SLO

Ollie said...

Baby steps became our motto after watching the movie 'What About Bob?'.

There's a scene where Bill Murray
is duct taped to the mast of a boat (because he's terrified of the water) and shouting "I'm sailing! I'm sailing!"

That scene is the perfect metaphor to describe my human.