Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I know rain clouds probably don't seem like a big deal. Especially if you live on the Other, Middle or Bottom Coasts and outside your window it looks like this:

But when you live in San Francisco and it's warm enough to wear nothing on your butts in January and you haven't seen rain since... I don't even know when... I guess even a few little rain clouds are a big deal. 

At least that's what the weather people say. Of course they don't have to pee in it or wear goofy raincoats. Ok, I guess they wear raincoats. But they don't have to pee AND wear the coats at the same time. I'm pretty sure they'd hate rain as much as I do if they had to do that. 

I've only been around snow once and I was having way too much fun to think about peeing, but it seems like peeing in snow would be kinda cool. I know you're not supposed to eat yellow snow, but is it any fun to make it? 

Can someone from the cold coasts fill me in? Feeling kinda left out :(


mlb7791 said...

I'm not from the cold coast anymore, Puglet, but I grew up there!!! Doing most anything in the snow is fun...except shoveling I am sure peeing in it is fun too!!
Love you Always,
Melissa & Bosco

Butch and Suncance said...

Oh Puglet you are so funny....WE LOVE to pee in fresh snow as long as its above 20 degrees, which we haven't seen in WI for a very chilly long time...but, its going to get up to 10 degees. We hate pooping worse though :(, cause you have to find that perfect place to go!!!

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Scarlet thinks peeing in the snow is ridiculous. She does not approve.

Meredith & Scarlet

Carlos Santana said...

Ah, Puglet - you do not want to know what it means to pee on a heap of snow! Yellow snow .. all over the place.

We have a terrible winter here in Berlin and this week we had two days of emergency, where nobody should have gone out. We did, had to. It was awful but we managed the pee and everything else, too.

We long for sun and green parks and look what we got. Well, I got two new winter jackets which are very warm and cosy. One makes me look like a lady bug, never mind. I wear it because I love my human.

Greetings to to the other side of the world,
your cousin Carlos Santana .. on the way to pee, yet again

Anonymous said...

I love the snow I bounce through it like a bunny and on my way I eat it too. Its so much fun but my problem is out too cold out to even stay and do that. On the other hand my sister Mackenzie Hates the snow. Hope one day you can come and play with me in the snow.


Anonymous said...

Don't feel left out, you are welcome at my house anytime. It is on the east coast and right now it is white outside. Be glad you are in SF with bare bottoms out and about. Just don't flash me full frontals!

Barbara said...

It is EXTREMELY fun to make yellow snow! Some dogs even do it more than once!

Unknown said...

I'm a "South Coast" pug and out snow this week was way unusual! I hated it...thought my people were crazy for throwing me out in it. Well, actually they didn't throw me, but I may as well have been flying thru the air when I stepped belly deep in the white stuff to pee :( ♥ Ginger

Unknown said...

I am a "South Coast" pug and never saw that white stuff- before this week. I thought my people has lost it completely when they threw me out in the snow to PLAY. No way was I going to stay there and play -pee maybe, but only because they wouldn't let me in until I did. I feel sorry for my pug friends on the Eat Coast!

Harry the pug from Oz said...

Snow never heard or seen it!!!!! Its 38 deg Celsius here today in Canberra, Australia!! Love ya!!!!

Those Jersey Shore Puggles said...

WE LOVE SNOW and we LOVE icicles but we love snow more but we love icicles too. Mom has to shovel a spot in the yard for us to pee and poop so all the yellow snow is over there and that means we can eat the rest of the snow and icicles in the yard. oh-oh-oh and rabbit poop is really easy to find on top of the snow!! Snow is just great.

Roxi, Riley & Lea

Paula from DE said...

Puglet, my pug nephew Stan does not like to pee in the snow. My brother has to shovel a grassy area for him. But he did once poo on my deck when there were leaves from the gutters we cleaned out but had not picked up yet. I guess to him it looked just like the yard.

Anonymous said...

I live up in Canada. When it's so cold your toes start to freeze before you can even finish your pee in the snow - it's too darn cold.
I'll take your naked butt, non-rainy weather any day of the week.

Maggie and Lucy the Pugs in Dallas said...

Puglet we had some snow here last month but it didn't last long. Haven't seen anymore since. I don't think we are supposed to get it here very often...but when we did it was sure fun to run around in it...not sure if I did anything else. Can't remember anyway.

Jazz Girl Pug said...

As a girl pug, I get a very cold bottom when I pee. I'm not into coloring that cold stuff.
You boy dogs love to find a tall mountain of snow and color it yellow, then find more snow mountains and make more yellow art work.
Oh Puglet, we wish you could take a whole bunch of our snow for your very own pee test patch! We're ready to water the Left Coast soggy to get rid of this stuff..

Ollie said...

It looks like you're opening a lemonade stand or any kind of stand. Might be a good idea in the summer to earn extra bacon money.

Peeing on snow is ok unless you have to push through a wall of it much higher than you or the wind is so bad your ears are flapping.

My personal favourite is digging through snow to find poopciles!

Mercy & Vinny's sister said...

I'm a little girl pug too, and it not nice on my special parts. I hate the snow. I will only pee and poop on the deck. I refuse to go in the yard. Snow - ugh! My brother loves the snow....weird. He pretends he's a cowboy and circles the pee around the little snow mountains like he's lassoing cow... like I said, weird. He also tries to write his name in the snow with his wee-wee.... double weird. Wish I could send you our snow to help w/your drought :(

Izzy from Chicago

Anonymous said...

This Tuesday morning was windchill or -40F or something like that with a real temp of -26 when we went to pee outside.
It's too cold, it hurts!! We both peed and Sammy pooped. (Later I sh*t on the carpet to make mama mad) We didn't care it's yellow or pink or blue, we turned around, ran back inside for treat. Enuf of this sh*t...

Sammy and Neko

badgerlaw said...

Oh pug may you never experience the cold and snow of a wisconsin winter. its so cold here you would freeze your paws. Tuesday we had a minus 15 for the high temperature and a minus 50 windchill. my dog chips could only go out for two minutes at a time or his paws would start to freeze.

Wilma said...

Sluggo wanted me to tell you that making yellow snow is lots of fun. Maybe that's because his pee parts don't have to touch the snow to make it! For me, I'll take a nice tuft of green grass to tickle my tummy just before I pee on them!!