Friday, February 14, 2014

DUTCH FRIDAY: I heart Steve

oh Steve, this is not my best angle!
Hello everybody! It's me again :) If you're on the Ice Coast, I hope you're wrapped up in your favorite sweater... and blanket... and matching scarf. Just the thought of knit coordinates makes winter weather sound soooo much better.

Anyhoo, I know Pug already whined told you about Steve and how much we love each other so I'll let today's pictures speak the words for me. Yes, it's true. Now that we have Steve, I just love love LOVE to play supermodel!!

My human is very curious to know why every other picture-making thing she's ever pointed at me is creepy and Steve is not, but I don't have an answer. Some things are a mystery. I just know something feels different on the inside. 

I also know it drives Pug crazy and I kinda like it ;)

Like the other day, I was super modeling for Steve in front of a bugle-ing buffalo. And I thought the picture would be better if I pretended to hear music, so I made believe there was a stream of sound pouring out of the bugle and into my head. 

what? I can't hear you!

The make-believe bugle music was so loud and so powerful, I had to tune it out.

la la la la
That's when Pug freaked on me.

PUG: what the heck are you doing? 
ME: feeling the music.
PUG: there is no music. Besides, real models don't feel stuff, they just look good.
ME: I'm a model *and* and actor.
PUG: (annoyed)
PUG: (more annoyed)
PUG: there is no music!!!

Poor Pug. Gets so upset when he's not the center of the universe. Which is precisely why he panicked, ran over to a record-playing buffalo and pretended to be a DJ. He kept yelling Look! I'm spinning! I'm spinning! until my human took his picture. 

DJ Pug
Part of me wanted to tell him I couldn't hear his music either. But that wouldn't be nice and I'm always nice. So sang myself a little make-believe song and pretended to dance. Because that's what a good model/actor/big brother would do.

Pink Fuzzy Hearts,


PS: I didn't know it was valentine's day until right now. Extra love, pinkness and smooches to the pooches! And their awesome humans too :D


Butch and Sundance's Mom said...

Dear PUglet, I laughed so hard I snorted when I read this have made my extremely sad day very HAPPPPPPYYYY!!! Happy Valentines Day to you, Amanda and Dutch.

Paula from DE said...

DJ Pug is so funny! Dutch you look fantastic! Glad you and Steve get along so well. Happy valentines day!

Maggie and Lucy the Pugs in Dallas said... are the best! You ARE a good model/actor and most of al big brother for letting Pug think you could hear the music! Gotta love ya! Happy Valentine's Day to you too!!!

Mercy said...

Dear Dutch,
Oh Studmuffin, I thought you listening to the music was very clever! LOL , you are a model AND an actor. You always make us smile. My brother Vinny, sister Izzy and our human, and me, wish everyone at the casa a happy Valentines day AND we think there is a special birthday at the casa this weekend. Have a very happy birthday Amanda!
Kisses, Kisses,

Amy in Colorado said...

I was so looking forward to your Valentine's post and it did not dissapoint! Pink hearts to you and Amanda, Dutchy, and bacon skulls to Puglet!

Anonymous said...

So glad we get to see more pictures of Dutch! He really is a super model too :)

Ann, Fro, Molly & Cleo

AllyB said...

I believe that performance earned an Oscar nomination!



Rachel's Thoughts said...

Looks like a lovely way to spend V-Day. :)

citydog said...

Dutch, you're hilarious. At risk of sending Puglet into conniptions, perhaps there should be a Daily Dutch... ;)

Iggy in Vermont