Monday, February 3, 2014


Uhm. Sorry for Dutch's metaphorical-philosophical-whateverical weirdness on Friday. I wanted to tell him there's a word for expecting to get cookies at a closed checkout stand, and it isn't hope. But my human said that would be mean. 

Of course she also says I got the brains and Dutch got the looks. Which I think is code for I'm a genius and Dutch isn't. Kinda mean, right? I guess when you have thumbs nobody can tell you what mean is.

Anyway. If you ask me, hope is when your pretty spotted brother with the small brain and big nose finds a shark in the grass and you hope you'll be able to eat it before your human with the slow brain and fast thumbs notices.

Hope is when your human picks up your dead shark and you hope she's not going to take it away. Maybe she just wants a closer look? Maybe she really likes dead sharks too?


Hope is not when your human throws your dead shark back into the water so nobody - including ME - can eat it. I can think of lots of words for this. Some of them have four letters like hope, but hope totally isn't one of them. Unless maybe you're Dutch.


Anonymous said...

Oh thank you for that Monday laugh! Lola has HOPE that when Spring arrives, and the snow melts, she will be allowed to gore herself on bunny poop in the backyard... I will no doubt be offering up some four letter words myself! Happy Monday!! Love, Megan F. & Lola Pug

Anonymous said...

You were gonna say rats weren't ya Puglet! Or crap, or NOOO! That wasn't cool for Thumbs to turn your snack into a frisbee like that. I mean, it's not poo, right? Sheesh! Just no pleasin her, right? Have a better afternoon.
Megan with Rosie, Emmett, Madgie & Dalia

Meredith LeBlanc said...

We have to agree with your human and her fast thumbs on this one Pug.

Meredith & Scarlet

Unknown said...

Ohhhh literally fresh sushi!

Mercy said...

I'm glad thumbs threw it back in the water. It's looks scarey!! You and Dutch could have gotten hurt. It looks dead but it might have been fooling you. Maybe it was about ready to eat YOU! Thumbs takes good care of you.
Kisses, Kisses,

Maggie and Lucy the Pugs in Dallas said...

We don't get to see too many of those things! Man that could've been some big fun! Why do people always spoil the fun? It was kinda big tho....just saying....not that we would be scared or anything.

Anonymous said...

OMG Puglet - you really WILL eat anything!

Lana said...

My pugs find dead things on the beach all the time, birds, crabs, seals (the worst stench!) a baby shark once, sea jellies (clear goo can be dangerous!) and a small ray.

And they always get the stern "LEAVE IT!!!" from me no matter how fascinated they are, and they only obey about half the time which results in a race to see who can get to the dead seal first. I usually lose.

Ollie said...

First, how did the shark get up the hill?
Second, that thing looks like an awesome snack. The stinkier the better!

Andrea @ This Pug Life said...

Oh Pug, yuck!