Thursday, February 20, 2014


after attack, before Jack
You're probably wondering how I scored a Bacon Insider from Jack in the Box's magic window. Honestly? I'm still kinda wondering that too. But I think it might have had something to do with a(nother) near-death experience I had at the park. And maybe my human feeling bad about "forgetting" to buy cupcakes.

The near death thing went down like this. I was minding my own business chasing Dutch when something in the grass attacked me. That's right, attacked. Suddenly I couldn't move and it really hurt. I tried to escape but when I did, the attacking thing just held on tighter. And when I tried to bite it away, there wasn't really anything to bite.

So I did what Dutch would do and screamed like a girl. Of course this freaked out every human in park, including mine who's slow brain was trying figure out what the heck was going on.

This is what was going on:

Yeah. I don't know what it is either. Or why it attacked me. But once it grabbed on to my harness, it wouldn't let go. 

ME: aaaack accccccck aaaaaaaaaccck
HUMAN: Pug! Hold still!
ME: aaaaaaaaacck aaaacck aaaaacck aaacck 
HUMAN: Can't. Unhook. Hold. Still. 
ME: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!

I was so freaking freaked out, I may have accidentally tried to bite my human when she was trying to rescue me. She was so happy I didn't break a leg, we took a detour to 'the Box on the way home. 

Totally worth almost dying for.


Anonymous said...

Puglet, You are totally worth almost dying for and that burger looked good. Way to go.

Maggie and Lucy the Pugs in Dallas said...

First of glad you are ok...second..."Totally worth almost dying for" that was funny!!!! I get that for sure! I mean knowing you are going to get a baconburger is just...well...worth it no matter how you look at it! Dying, getting hurt or whatever...we need our bacon!! But man, that is scary Pug!

Pearl and Tessa said...

Wow Puglet, that was a burger emergency. What is that thing? Anyway, very happy you are ok. Happy belated Birthday to Dutch.

Noodles said...

Close one dude.
Love Noodles

Barbara said...

Oh, that happened once with Trixie. She got her collar caught in a wire chair. The chair, and her anal glands, were everywhere until I could get her unhooked. Pew! She got a burger too!

Mercy said...

Puglet, how many lives do you have? Are you sure you're not a cat? Anyway, I'm so glad you are okay and that you scored Jack baconberger from it! We don't have Jack in Chicago. I think that violates my constitutional rights. Shouldn't I have the right to bare arms, paws and Jack baconbergers?? Oops, I digress. I get carried away when it comes to bacon. Glad you are okay buddy!

Kisses, Kisses,

PS - Izzy thinks you're hot!
PSS - I'm looking forward to Dutch Friday!

Ollie said...

Close one. Nature can be so dangerous! I scream like a girl when my paws get too cold and I need to be carried back to get over the shock of frosty pads. I'm beside myself in distress but all I get is "stop howling and being such a wimp". Where's the compassion, I ask you? Where's my steak? Where's my burger while I snuffle in despair?

The best part of yesterday's video was watching dainty Dutch go all Cujo on that burger. Awesome!!

Anonymous said...

I think you deserve more than one burger....

Sammy and Neko

Christa said...

In the future watch out for things that are not supposed to attack you, but do anyway Cletus, Callie and Carter are jealous you got a burger but glad they didn't get attacked to get attacked. We are SO happy you are okay!
Christa and The 3 C's

Unknown said...

OMP...You definitely needed BACON for that "almost dying" episode. Glad you came through unscathed.

Suki said...

Hi Pug!

So glad you are ok! Have no idea what that attacker thing is. Scary!
Bacon makes everything better!


Anonymous said...

Oh Puglet, My Mom got to this line:
"So I did what Dutch would do and screamed like a girl."

AND THEN she almost sprayed her soda all over the computer. AND out her nose. I'm not sure how she held it back, but there was some choking and snorting.

Thank you for the best moment of my day and my Mom's day (even with the choking and snorting soda).

Love you guys! Allie the Boxer

Anonymous said...

Puglet, you are so rambunctious - you are always getting into things. First a cliff, now a lawn attack.....but yeah, totally almost worth dying for

Buford T. Justice said...

the lengths you will go to to score a burger.....DUDE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Puglet!! Sooo scary. Glad you weren't hurt and congrats on the bacon score. :)
Megan with Madgie, Rose, Emmett, & Dalia

Badgerlaw said...

uh pug be careful dude I know you love bacon but its not worth dying for. then you would have to be replaced by Dutch and the creepy camera Steve

Boppa said...

Thank Heavens your OK Puglet ! That thing that attacked you is a sprinkler head, you know the thing the water comes out of? Men come over and put a part into that to keep the grass green. You were lucky you didn't get hurt. Tell your human you need another burger for the trauma

Butch and Sundance said...

Totally worth the baconburger Dude.....scream like a girl more often!!!

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Dude! That must have been scaaaaiiirrreeee!!!!We're so glad you got bacon though!

Meredith & Scarlet

Anonymous said...

Totally worth bacon, and lots of it! We have no idea what that thing is either!!! We're just glad you are ok!
Love, Pearl, Trixie, and Margie

janice2pugsandaboxermix said...

Puglet, you are going to give your mom gray hair. Glad you are alright

Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

How scary for you Puglet!,
Glad someone saved your bacon:)
Eddie the Pug