Monday, March 24, 2014


So, my human was really early for a doctor appointment the other day and me & Dutch were with her because she forgot we were in the car and taking us home would have made her late instead of early. 

Of course Steve the phone is always with us, so I suggested we kill time by taking pictures of me. Because you can never have enough picture of me, right? 

When my human saw this window thingy, she said yes. We took some pictures. I got a cookie. No big deal. Until she looked at the pictures later on and said the four words every pug wants to hear (I underlined, tilted and bolded them - just in case you're not a pug):

HUMAN: is that a waist?
ME: (silence in case this a trick question)
HUMAN: wow, you look so skinny.
ME: yes, I am skinny. You definitely need to feed me more.

Now, you must *promise* not to tell her or anyone else what I'm about to tell you. Promise? Ok. The truth is, being fatter than the window thing kinda freaked me out because it felt like I might fall off. So I sucked everything in to make myself skinny enough to fit. And that's why I have a waist in the picture.

My human doesn't know this. I'm not telling her and you better not either. Because ever since she saw my waist, there's been a little extra food in my bowl. I'm tying reeeeeally hard to score some bacon before she figures out I'm not really skinny. 

Wish me luck. And baaaacon!


Anonymous said...

You do have sexy figure, Pug! Bacon is in order.

Sammy and Neko

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Bucket loads of bacon filled luck Puglet! You look SUPER svelte!

Meredith & Scarlet

Angie K. said...

Yes, that wall makes you look skinny! Have a good day!

Paco the Pug said...

Oh, Puglet! You look super gorgeous in that picture! We won't tell on you! Hope you score some yummy bacon!!
Paco & Jackie

Anonymous said...

You are so right and I wish you bacon. The photo is great in addition to making you look skinny but Dutch has been looking great too.

Anonymous said...

Pug...That window does make you look skinny. I think this is a bacon emergency!!! You are waisting away.

Your friend from RI

Unknown said...

Yeah Skinny. I wish for you a bacon filled week with whipped cream on top.

Maggie and Lucy the Pugs in Dallas said...

You are the smartest Pug we know! ...and Good Luck on this new quest for bacon of's bound to work!

Metcy said...

Don't worry Puglet, your secrets safe with me! Hope you score some big time bacon!
Kisses, Kisses,

Stella & Roark, zee piggies said...

i call you very thin and need of the treat jar.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to try that pose too! I'll do anything to look skinny!

Anonymous said...

TOTALLY makes you look skinny!

Anonymous said...

Puglet, I only recently found your blog, when you showed up on Cuteoverload. I am on holiday in Tucson, so instead of Daily Puglet, I have had Hourly Puglet, as I read back all previous posts! Back to July 2010 so far! You are awesome and funny. I don't have a pug right now, as my awesome pug Lola died when she was four from a mysterious peeing problem, but you look so much like her it is freaky! I get to visit with a massively chubbular pug Quinten who comes to stay every time his human goes away. Quin lost his waist a long long long time ago and could really use some tips of how you get slim. Quin is so chubbular that his nose wrinkle is falling over the end of his nose! His favourite pose we call The Worm, as he is just a big tube of fat with a head, all his legs invisible under him! Oh I also have a Siky Terrier Stuart, who, like Dutch, is super skinny.....don't tell him, but cuddling with him is rather uncomfortable! Keep smiling Puglet!

Rachel's Thoughts said...

Pug you do look skinny! Good job, even if you are sucking it in. ^^

Pug Slope said...

Puglet, I think you always looks great, but you do sure have an extra svelte look going on in that photo. I need to try your "sucking it in" trick the next time I notice my dad eyeing my waistline.