Friday, April 18, 2014

DUTCH FRIDAY: ernie edition

hi. i'm ernie. the Spotted One said you know who i am and i should tell you stuff. sorry if don't know all the best words yet. 


the Spotted One is my favorite. he lets me lick his lips but doesn't play so i just lick his lips a lot. i think he likes it. he is also a mystery. i think that's the word? what i mean is he does stuff i don't understand. like he eats grass.

Spotted is very nice and also wise. what i mean is when things don't make sense to me he helps them make sense. we have very long talks. so many things don't make sense! Spotted says this is because i am a puppy. he says i'll know everything he knows some day. 

the Faceless One is my favorite too. Faceless is not as nice or wise as Spotted but he is more fun. sometimes more fun. getting him to be fun is not so easy. i have tried lots of things to make Faceless want to play with me. maybe you have some ideas? 

here is what i've tried:

pretending i hate to play 

sharing my most favorite toy ever

letting him win at tug

showing him how to stalk poodles

none of those things make Faceless want to play with me. one time he got weird and ran around really really fast. maybe he was playing and i didn't know it? being me can be so confusing.

does this look like play to you?

ok. i think i'm done. thank you! sorry! good bye!


PS: Faceless let me hold his paw. it wasn't fun but i liked it a lot.


Anonymous said...

Faceless one! omg hahahahaha that is too funny!

Ernie: it's called the 'bullet run' and many pugs do it!!

It's weird indeed but highly entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Awww, I love you, Ernie!!

Sammy (Neko still loves Pug the best)

Charlie the Pugster said...

Oh Ernie! You are so adorable but I know it is so hard to get those two to play! Maybe the faceless one will see how much fun you have and decide to at least try!!!
Glad Dutch is being sweet and, you can never tell, he might be able to convince the "faceless one" to loosen up!

Anonymous said...

Love this story today! Made me giggle:)

Barbara said...

Ernie! It's so hard when you're first learning! I'm glad Spotted is helping you talk it out. Faceless (snort!) will come around. He just likes to pretend he's in charge. You'll see.

Anonymous said...

Oh Ernie! Your point of view is amazing and refreshing. You made me laugh out loud with your observations. Our vet told our human when we run fast it's "the puggy shuffle" when we run fast with our tail down and it is how pugs express joy. Thats a good sign for you. So the Faceless One must like you down inside, he just hides it.
Megan w/ Madgie Rosie Emmett & Dalia

Frank The Tank said...

Gorgeous photos, love the photo by the door, it looks like you both had so much fun together! I love it, hugs and Kisses from your furiend Frank XxxxxxxxX

Unknown said...

Dear Ernie, I think that faceless will like you more when you are older. For now, just hang out with Spotted. He has great fashion sense. He can be your mentor. That means he will teach you important stuff, like how to get bacon and belly rubs. I think you are pretty wonderful and I would totally hang out with you. And let you share my toys. Please give Thumbs a hug from me. I'm very glad that you are her friend.

Unknown said...

Dear Ernie, I think that the faceless will like you better when you are older. For now just hang out with Spotted. He will teach you important stuff, like how to properly wear a sweater and how to get extra belly rubs. And bacon. Faceless will come around in time. He's a little"self absorbed and obsessed with bacon" right now. It's okay. I am glad you are friends with Thumbs. Please give her a big smooch from me. She is a great human and she knows some really cool places. And she can throw stuff.

Julie, Quinn ( the Pug 500 Master), and Stuart said...

We call it The Pug 500. It is solitary play.........

Janet G. said...

Reading the "Faceless One's" posts, you might want to try bribing him with some bacon!! Your new fiends, The Youngstown Bunch.

Pug Mama said... faceless pugs do the bullet run all the time...and, does it ever make me laugh! I also call it Pugtona.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story. Ernie, you and Dutch have very special qualities. You are going to be good for Faceless.

Anonymous said...

Awww. holding paws : )

Sammy and Neko

Amy in Colorado said...

Ernie, what a sweetie Ridgeback you are! You will learn all the good words. The Spotted One will help. And Faceless has his own charm.