Thursday, April 17, 2014


Hey! Sorry I'm so late today. I've sorta been... distracted. You can probably tell from the picture that's code for our giant neighbor Ernie came to our house and wanted to play. With me. AND all my toys.

Now, if my human was telling you this story she'd say the toys Ernie wanted to play with haven't been played with in years. Maybe longer. And maybe that's true. Whatever. When a toy is yours it's yours - MINE - forever. That's just how they work.


Well, not if you're Ernie. He decided the lion I spent months unstuffing (before it ended up under the couch) was his toy too. So what if he's the one who found it under the couch today? The rule of toys says once mine, always mine. 

I had to explain this to Ernie.

Of course because he's a puppy and puppies are dumb "cute", he didn't understand that a paw to the face means THIS TOY IS MINE! So I suggested we tug it out and he got reeeeally excited. Probably thought I would lose because I'm short. 

Duh. Of course I'm going to win. I might be short, but I'm practically a genius and geniuses know a couch can help you out-tug a giant puppy. Sorry Ernie, there's this thing called physics.

Anyway. The cool thing about Ernie is he doesn't get mad or feel bad about stuff. He was superhappy to have a tiny piece of the lion that fell off during our tug and picked out a different toy to play with. I was cool with that.

PS: don't think this means I love Ernie or anything. He's just OK.


Barbara said...

It was the awesome head shake that got Ernie into submission.

That being said:

Not nice, Pug! You're supposed to be teaching Ernie NICE things. I think he may need to spend more time with Dutch!

Unknown said...

You tell him Pug, hold your ground.

Anonymous said...

Not fair, Pug. He is on the hardwood floor!!

Sammy and Neko
ps. we are actually impressed you are that smart : )

Butch and Sundance said...

Puglet...stand up for your toy rights!!!!!

Pearl and Tessa said...

Puglet, I think you have it in the brains department...maybe his puppy size brain will catch up, but for now anyway, you have it. However, he is cute...not Puglet cute, but still cute.

Harry the pug from Oz said...

You have to teach Ernie the Pug Possession Policy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!