Monday, June 9, 2014


All of Dutch's blood came back ok, the vet said he's just old. And fat. And maybe a little arthritic? Whatever that means. He has to take some pills for a week to see if they help him feel young and skinny like me.

Ok, so maybe the vet didn't say the part about Dutch being old and fat. But when you're me and you're starving to death and it's your fat spotted brother's turn to pick the food and he decides creme brûlée would be "the best possible human eatable, ever" you speak the truth. Even if it's kinda mean. 


If you've never met a creme brûlée, it looks like this:

And sounds like this:

Cramit brahooley? It even sounds nasty. Not that I'd know. Our cramit brahooley is still in the fridge because on the walk home from the brulee cart, Dutch's princess belly decided it wasn't happy about the new drugs and my human says you shouldn't eat dessert if your poop is like soup.

ME: what kind of stupid rule is that?!? 
HUMAN: (silence)
ME: but my poop is fine!
HUMAN: (silence)
ME: me and my poop are STARVING!! Give us some freaking brahooley!

No go. The cramit brahooley is still in the fridge. Dutch is still fat and I'm still starving. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.


Julie, Quin the Pug and Stuart the. Not-Pug said...

Lol Puglet, YouTube is pranking you! That is definitely NOT how you pronounce creme brulee! Try Google Translate next time.......

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Will they make you cramit brahooley with bacon????

Meredith & Scarlet

CHINAPUG1 said...

Poor Dutch...we sure hope he feels better.
Poor Puglet...we sure hope he gets fed.
PS: Puglet, don't knock the "cramit brahooley". You may find you actually like it!
Youngstown Bunch

Anonymous said...

haa haa haa CRAMIT BRAHOOLEY does sound nasty!!!
Pearl, Trixie, and Margie

Maggie and Lucy the Pugs in Dallas said...

Ain't life a bummer sometimes! But I bet you get your crème or cramit or whatever it is at some point! LOL! So glad that Dutch is ok, or at least getting better, sounds like his poop is not right yet! HA!

mlb7791 said...

Oh my Gosh PUG! You make my day! Every day! Hope you are feeling better soon Dutch!

Love you guys!

Melissa and Bosco

Anonymous said...

Cramit y bacon sounds fantastic! We would love to try!!

Sammy and Neko
ps. Dutchey still looks skinny and handsome : )

Charlie the Pugster said...

Glad Dutch is just old and fat! I have to say I understand your point Pug---you are both funny and point on!

Pearl and Tessa said...

Puglet, think of a crème brulee as unfrozen ice cream....same stuff in both, plus a crunchy topping. Think you both will like!

Unknown said...

Oh Pug you look soooo skinny in the picture of you with your paws on the brahooly truck wheels. You do need some extra food soon. I am glad that Dutch is ok. Hope that you get the treat soon.

AllyB said...

Puglet, I want to thank you for all the laughs. I enjoy your blog oh, so much.

AllyB said...

Puglet, I want to thank you for all the laughs. I enjoy your blog oh, so much.