Monday, June 30, 2014


Helllllo! It's me again. Pug said I could be here today if I let him have the first bite of Taco Bell on the way home from our trip to hell camping. I had to promise not to talk about the Taco Bell because he wants to do that himself, but I am allowed to tell you about our weekend in hell.

First there was dirt. Everywhere.

Then we climbed a mountain to sleep in a thing that's supposed to be like a house but is NOTHING LIKE A HOUSE. I was a little panicked and a lot unhappy. 

There were bugs. And SPIDERS.  

Then it got dark. Sorry, I don't have a picture of the dark because it was too dark to take one. If you close your eyes, it was like that. Except scarier. Because of the spiders. And other things I'm too afraid to talk about.

In the morning we ate food out of bags like wild animals. Now we are home and I am happy. Whoever invented camping probably never slept in a real bed in a real house with NO spiders in it.

I need another trip to the spa!

Pink hearts + yellow moons,



Meredith LeBlanc said...

OOPH! Dutch, we're not big fans of camping for the same reasons. No thank you. We like our big cozy bed.

Meredith & Scarlet

Anonymous said...

Dutch, I am so with you! Camping is scary for me too. I'm so glad you made it and are home, safe and sound!
Pink hugs to you!

Unknown said...

Whooooh. Glad that you are home and safe and away form the dirt an bugs and scary stuff Dutch. I have never been camping. Dad says that my Mom's idea of camping is staying in a Motel 6, whatever that means. Sometimes we stay in a cabin at a lake with a bed and with screens to keep out the bugs. There usually is lots of dirt, but it comes off in the lake. It sound like I would be scared to sleep in a tent too. You sure do deserve a spa trip and cookies.

Maggie and Lucy the Pugs in Dallas said...

SO GLAD that is over! We don't like any of what you told us! Thank goodness the trip in hell is done. Now we can look forward to Taco Talk! So sorry about your weekend Dutch...lots of love from Big D to ya!

Anonymous said...

Spa sounds great, right about now, Dutchey~ I love your sensitive side...


Sammy (and Neko)

Anonymous said...

Ooohh Dutchie! It sounds scary and awful. SPIDERS??!!! You and Puglet need to band together and let Thumbs know that camping is not for dogs who like pink OR Taco Bell. Did she cook you bacon?

Yours in camping aversion,
Daisy and Scooter Pugman

Paco the Pug said...

Oh, man! We're not a fan of camping either... Bugs, dirt & occasional snakes. Yikes! Love my comfy bed (& a/c).
Jackie & Paco

Anonymous said...

Aw, Dutch! You're such a trooper. and you made it out alive!

Anonymous said...

Dutch and Puglet,
We don't like camping either. Roughing it is not having bacon!
Pearl, Trixie, and Margie

Charlie the Pugster said...

I told you so! It's awful! Bugs and spiders and dark, dark, dark! And what if you suddenly needed to use the bushes at night--- Ugh, I forgot to ask you if any bears tried to sit on you!

Anonymous said...

Oh Dutch, spiders?? how awful for you! Glad you're all safe and sound now. We much prefer camping out at home to outside camping!