Monday, April 13, 2009


Big brother Dutch came up with the plan: dress The Puglet up like a stupid bunny and raid the human's Easter baskets.

Like all of Dutch's great ideas, it didn't work. By the time we figured out how to get the bunny ears to stay on,
there wasn't any candy left to steal. Just a whole bunch of inedible plastic eggs. Fake eggs? How stupid. So stupid, I thought, they deserved to be smashed to bits. So I smashed one.

Moment of discovery: the stupid eggs were
stuffed with bright yellow chicks!

I like chicken. But something was seriously wrong with these chicks. Squishy and sticky and sweet, they didn't taste like chicken at all. It took some doing and was a complete mess, but I ate every single one of them.

The brilliant bunny disguise didn't hold up against a pile of smashed eggs and face full of sticky-chicken. I got in trouble stealing people-food... AND laughed at for dressing up like a bunny.

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