Monday, April 27, 2009


Do I look any different to you today?

Hope so, because that pug
you're looking at isn't me. Someone didn't get to go hiking this weekend because someone hurt their foot defending our yard against a pack of demonic chihuahuas. And since brother Dutch is in today's photo and I'm not, I probably don't have to spell out which one of us is at war with the little devil-dogs

(that would be me)

Dutch said it got kinda lonely hiking without me, so he went and found himself a replacement
pug. This pug's name is Prince Charming and I think that alone makes him a very worthy substitute.

My human has been putting ice and this Arnica gel stuff on my foot to make it
better. Arnica is homeopathic (whatever that means) and my human says it's really good for bumps and sprains. It feels funny on my toes, but I like it better than the icepack.

The swelling in my foot has gone down a
little, but if I'm not 100% better soon it's off to the vet to look for broken toes!


Odysseus said...

Poor thing! How's your foot now? Is it getting better?

Next time, hike with a replacement Dutch!

pseudograph said...

Oh no! Ticks. Now this. Are you being dogged by bad luck?

Adrienne Less said...

We were thrilled to be the "replacement" pug at the park this sunday, I hope the one at home is mending his paw. A great blog and a great post! Heal well!! Dutch the Princess and the Replacement Charmer did well together and I'm glad there was one picture that turned out so well. Charm looks very pugnatious.

THE PUGLET said...

Hi Shelby,

Princess Dutch told me ALLLL about his new friend The Prince. Have to admit feeling a little left out, not having a royal title of my own :(

My human got a nice picture of Charmer standing by your feet, looking very happy. She'll send it to you if you email us (address is in my profile).