Friday, April 24, 2009


When someone looks at you and squeals EEEEEEEW! it's never a good thing. And if the next thing you hear is What's that on your HEAD!?!, be a little worried.

I didn't know any of this until yesterday. Until I got my first tick. On my head.

After apologizing for EEEEW-ing at me, my human removed the critter with a pair of tweezers and explained why, aside from being
gross, having a tick on your head (or anywhere else) is a bad thing.

Ticks suck your blood. They can lay eggs that hatch billions of new little blood-suckers that'll come into the world hungry. But worst of all, they can transmit disease. A whole bunch of diseases actually, and some of them can kill you.

Depending on where you live, the ticks in your area can carry
germs that cause:
  • lyme
  • babesiosis
  • erlichia
  • rocky mountain spotted fever
  • tick paralysis
  • tick fever (canine anaplasmosis)
My human says you can be be vaccinated for Lyme disease, but you're on your own with the others. This worried me a little, since I like to play in places ticks call home. Luckily, tick-borne disease isn't a huge problem where we live. But my human put some special anti-tick goo on my neck to keep the little suckers off me anyway.

Probably a good idea since I like to sleep on my human's head and ticks like to suck human blood too.


Odysseus said...

Did it hurt? Poor thing.

Mommy is always worried about me getting a tick when we go hiking, she drags me out of the high grass. I think she's getting me vaccinated for the lyme disease soon, because we go hiking a lot.

How did the tick look like. Did you eat it?


THE PUGLET said...

Yeah, we go hiking a lot too. And I LOVE running in the tall grass!

I never got to see the ticky. My human squashed it & flushed it, just in case. Don't think it was as big as the one in today's photo though.

Thank GOd.