Monday, July 20, 2009


Do you believe in destiny? Fate? Y'know - a predetermined, inevitable course of events. Well, I'm not 100% convinced about the whole "destiny" thing, but if it *does* exist, I am totally destined to fly.

The universe gave me another sign yesterday, in the form of three giant parrots named Isis, Freedom and Pearl. I met them at the same beach where the other giant winged-things live, which seems a wee bit more than mere coincidence. Don't you think??
I mean, when was the last time YOU ran into a trio of giant parrots?

Anyway. I got to ask the parrots all sorts of questions about flying and I think it sounds totally doable. They said I just have to work on my aerodynamics, whatever that means. I'm sure my friend Google can fill in all the blanks. I might not be colorful or have wings, but I've got destiny in my corner. If there is such a thing.

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