Thursday, July 2, 2009


There was a bit of a health crisis here at Case de Puglet yesteday.

I was in my human's office watching Fish float around in his bowl when all of a sudden he started swimming around real real real fast. Like he was getting electrocuted or something. Probably doesn't sound all that alarming, but if you knew Fish, you'd know he doesn't do *anything* fast. He doesn't really even swim. He's more of a floater.

I knew if Fish was moving, something must be terribly wrong so I barked to alarm my human. By the time she responded, Fish had stopped swimming and was floating on his side at the top of the bowl. Motionless, but not in the usual way. I knew we had to act fast, so I went straight to my friend Google for help.

Of course Google had an answer, but I wasn't sure if i could trust it. Sounded kinda weird to me:
give Fish peas. Like, frozen peas - but thawed and smushed.

Are you sure?
I asked Google.
Yes, Peas.
Google kept replying.

My human didn't have any better ideas, so she humored Google's give-peas advice. I was prepared for the worst, figured we'd wake up this morning and find Fish swimming with the fishes. But did a total 360 and is completely alive and well! We found him floating around like he always does, all calm and upright, munching on a pea.

It's a miracle! I told Google.

No, it's fiber.
Google replied. Fish can get constipated and when they do, the air bladder that allows them to swim can malfunction. The fiber in peas can un-plug a constipated fish and restore order to his system.

Oh. Well, miracle or not - I'm just happy Fish is still alive.


Odysseus said...

How did you manage feeding the pea to the fish?

THE PUGLET said...

My human just smushed a few & dropped 'em in the tank. I guess Fish likes the taste of peas?

NRogers1985 said...

Thank you pug!! I have been so worried because my fish Pie hasn't eaten in weeks. I trawled the internet looking for answers and none of their suggestions worked but this morning I mushed up some peas and he gobbled them right up!
It think it's definitely a miracle!