Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Before our Lake Tahoe camping trip didn't happen, my friend Ody asked if there'd be bears where we were going. I didn't know what a bear was so Ody me that his human daddy told him that bears are (and I quote) "giant creatures that will eat me!".


Well, Ody's definition of bear didn't exactly tell me what one is -- just that I should be very afraid should I ever meet one. I meant to ask my friend google for more info, but then our trip got cancelled and I figured I'd never need to know. Pretty sure there aren't any giant pug-eating bears in my neighborhood.

Was I wrong! Last night, my human had lots of work to do so she put the TV on for me & brother Dutch. She does this sometimes so we'll be quiet and leave her alone (she says Animal Planet is better than a chew toy, though I totally disagree). Anyway, I never know what half the animals on The Planet are until the announcer tells me. Last night's show was all about these big brown things that kinda looked like dogs, but my human had the TV's sound turned off so I didn't know for sure.

When I asked my human to turn the sound up, the first word I heard was BEAR! Ody's words flashed through my mind: Giant creatures that will eat me! and I guess I kinda snapped. I was really afraid but wanted to scare them off the TV, out of my living room. So I barked and tried my best to look ferocious. The bears on TV didn't seem to care, brother Dutch just got annoyed, and my human laughed and put the TV back on mute.

My human filmed the whole thing so you can laugh too.

(my human's better at pictures than video, you'll just have to trust me that those things on TV really *are* giant scary bears).


Odysseus said...

I'll fight with you.

The thing in the first pic is a panda.

THE PUGLET said...

I didn't know until last night that Ben (the panda) is really a BEAR!

As soon as I knew, I tried to eat him (y'know, before he ate me). I dragged him half way across the living room by the ear before my human yelled at me to stop.

Ody, are you *sure* bears will eat us? Ben's been in my house as long as I have and all he ever does is sit there.

Odysseus said...

Because he's a panda, not a bear?

I just emailed you.