Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The only bad thing about spending time with the Labradors is that I get really really dirty. I don't care about the dirt so much (Brother Dutch is the clean freak, not me) but sand makes me itchy. Oh, and so do fleas. Fleas really make me itch (my human says I have an allergy).

The vet gave us a special shampoo to help the itch feel better.
So this morning it was bath time. Baths aren't the end of the world or anything. I don't know why so many dogs hate them - I think they're kinda fun. My human lets me play with rubber duckies and when it's all over, I get a few cookies to reward my good bath behavior. What's there to hate about that??

Awhile ago I wrote a post on how to make baths more dog-friendly. If bath time at your house is a nightmare, give my suggestions a try. I promise they won't make it any worse!

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Odysseus said...

Did you really enjoy that bath? You don't look too happy there.