Monday, June 29, 2009


Well, I still haven't gone camping or been to Lake Tahoe. My human had work to do and couldn't leave before it was finished (my post is a little late today because she finally just finished). Brother Dutch was ecstatic about the change in plans, but I was kinda bummed.... until I heard there was a Plan B.

Party at Jack and Vegas' house!

Forget bugs and tents. Who cares about going to some lake when the alternative is spending an entire weekend with our Labrador friends! They live by the beach in a great big house with a yard and everything. Even Dutch liked the sound of that. He LOVES the Labs so much that he wants to be one. I've even heard him tell other dogs he's part Lab, but he's not. He just likes to swim like one.

I really like the Labs because they're super fun. And a little crazy. Not in a bad way - they just do things I'd never even think of doing (like jumping off a big cliff). My human says it's not because they're crazy, it's just that Labs are wired differently than Pugs. She says Labs were originally designed to retrieve ducks - which means they've got lots of energy and like to swim and sprint and launch off things. Pugs were made to hang out with their humans, which means I'm supposed to be good at sitting around.

But who wants to sit around when you can play Labrador?? I can't always keep up with Jack & Vegas, but I do have fun trying.


Odysseus said...

I got confused, where did you go?

THE PUGLET said...

Oh, we went to stay with the Labs and their human (i call him The Man). They live on the coast, down by Half Moon Bay.

My human stayed in the city and wore earphones.

Odysseus said...

Half Moon Bay? It's not that far from me...

Have you ever tried earphones? Are they tasty?

Odysseus said...

Where was Dutch hiding in that pic?