Monday, June 22, 2009

TOY REVIEW: The Bento Ball

Awhile ago I promised to be less self-indulgent (at least here on the Daily Puglet, anyway). At the same time, I apparently also promised to do a review of a new toy called the Everlasting Bento Ball. I don't remember that part of the promise, but it's there in the archive for all to see, so I guess I did.

Sorry, I guess sometimes I get a little distracted. Ok,
a lot distracted. Especially by fun stuff like this Bento thing! At the moment, it tops the list of best toys ever**. The magic of the Bento is difficult to explain. It's chewy (but not edible) on the outside and hard (but edible) in the middle. From what I've tasted, the edible middle-bit is incredibly yummy. To actually ingest the yummy part though, you first have to remove it. I still haven't figured out how to do that.

I can't believe what I'm about to say... but even though I don't know how to actually eat the yummy Bento, it's really fun to try (and I've tried - trust me, I've tried!
). My human likes the Bento because it keeps me and brother Dutch busy for hours without upsetting our stomachs (Dutch) or making us (me) fat.

-- Summary --

Entertainment value: 4 paws
Tastiness: 4 paws
Duration of play: + an hour (or until it gets stuck under the couch)
Durability: not indestructible but seems pretty tough
Value? (my human made me put this): Might seem a bit pricey for such a little toy, but I think it's a good investment. Bento comes with one yummy middle that lasts a long time (and can be replaced for about $3/two pack).


** as always, this list is subject to change minute by minute


Odysseus said...

Thank you for the recommendation. I am sure that Mommy will get me one.

Have you done any smoky-eye today?

Yes, they took away my boy-parts. :( Were you sad when your human decided to take away your boy-parts?

THE PUGLET said...

Uhm, I wasn't really sad about the boy parts.

I was still pretty young when they got taken away - guess I wasn't all that attached to them yet??

Brother Dutch lost his parts when he was 3yrs and he said he missed them a lot at first. But other dogs don't beat him up anymore (because of the parts) so now he's happy they're gone.

Anonymous said...

Dear Puglet,

My mom went out got each of us one of these. Brother Boka was very excited at first thinking he could eat the WHOLE thing, than we he figured out you had to lick it, to much work, so it's in the back of his crate. I thought it was a ball but it didn't roll very well, maybe I will try it later after my nap. When are we going to play again?

Love Miley

THE PUGLET said...

Brother Dutch says to tell Boka you *can* eat the whole thing -- but only if your human doesn't catch you doing it.

Maybe try playing with your Bento near a couch? I think it's huge fun when mine gets stuck under the couch. Be careful not to get stuck under there too though - this happened to me and it was kinda scary.