Thursday, June 25, 2009


This weekend is Gay Pride here in San Francisco, which means lots of celebration in my neighborhood. My human says we're really lucky to live in a place where people are free to be themselves... but not-so-lucky to live right where they set up a giant stage for the Pride party. So, before they start towing cars away to clear the streets, we're loading up our camping gear and hitting the road.

Destination: Lake Tahoe.

I'm not sure where Lake Tahoe is and I've never been camping before but I'm really excited about our trip. My Labrador friends Jack and Vegas are coming along too and they're suuuuper-excited about sleeping under the stars and swimming in a great big lake. Not so much excitement from brother Dutch. Apparently he HATES camping. Says he'd rather stay home with the loud music than sleep in a tent with bugs and dirt (especially the dirt).

Not sure about tents or bugs, but the Labs always say more dirt = more fun so we should have a good time.


Odysseus said...

This is so cool! I wish that I can join you.
Are there bears?

THE PUGLET said...

uh, what's a bear?

Odysseus said...

Daddys says that some giant creatures that will eat me! I dunno, I haven't never seen one. I've never been camping. Tell me about your experience after you are back.

THE PUGLET said...

Hey Ody, Dutch here.

You want to go camping?? How 'bout I stay home & take your painkillers and YOU go sleep in the tent with the bugs?

C'mon, I'm sure you'd have fun!

Odysseus said...

Dutch -- you don't look to happy in that pic!

M said...

Lol@Dutch. My male Dal is exactly like that! He's soo dainty. Our girl was totally the opposite thou.