Friday, August 7, 2009


After 3 whole days in the wilderness, me and brother Dutch were spent. Dutch was sooo tired he fell asleep with his face in the dirt (and we all know how Dutch feels about dirt).

It took me a whole week to tell you about our little adventure and I STILL didn't cover half of it. Like the millions of tiny baby frogs I met at the creek (and the 3 that got stuck to the bottom of my paw). Or the snake my human found sleeping in her shoe. Or the invisible bear Dutch swears he saved us from. Oh - and the incredibly scary old train tunnel my human made us explore.
Next time I have a slow week here in domestication-ville I'll tell you all about that stuff.

I am glad to be back home, but also kinda miss the wild. Once you smell the great outdoors, it's hard to go back to the scent of stale pee. My human promised we'd go back to the woods again. But she also promised Dutch we'd NEVER go back to the woods, so who knows.

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