Thursday, August 20, 2009


On our way home from the lake yesterday, the humans announced that they'd been traumatized by my swimming and seriously needed a drink to "recover". I don't know what THEY had to be traumatized about. I mean, all they did was stand on the shore and yell (and take pictures of me drowning). I'm the one who nearly slept with the fishes!

But whatever. Humans can be weird. What I really think happened is someone spotted signs for a winery and needed an excuse to stop and have a taste. Still, visiting a vineyard sounded like fun. I'd never tasted wine before and thought I deserved a "recovery" drink too. But my human said no way - grapes can kill.


She explained that wine is made from grapes and grapes can be dangerous - even lethal - to dogs. Grapes kill?? Who knew.

I'm really glad my human knew about the trouble with grapes. I'm not ready to have a third near-death experience anytime soon.


dw said...

Ohs nos, we don'ts wants nos nears death experience for a little puggie!

Yous looks really fines standing on the rocks by those signs!

Lola said...

so glad you're ok after your scary swim. I always stay 'knee high' at the lake.
puggy love,

Anonymous said...


My human said the same thing, that she needed a drink after my little cliff dive!

Boka said that grapes are very bad also. His grandad ate a bunch and died. He said not to eat raisins either, he ate a box of them, had to go to the vet and got his stomach pumped (not sure what that is but it sounds bad) he said it was bad, but they tasted very good!


THE PUGLET said...


Staying "knee high" in water sounds like a good strategy.... except my knees are like 4 inches off the ground.