Monday, August 10, 2009


Even though I really liked the wilderness, I guess life in San Francisco is pretty sweet.

Except for the sand.

I don't know how you humans feel about sand, but me and sand have a serious love/hate relationship going on. I love to play in it. Love to dig in it, run on it, and sometimes even eat it (on a good day, it tastes like sushi). Sand can be a lot of fun.
But it can also be a problem.

When you're a pug, sand gets stuck in your eyes. It doesn't just get in your eyes - but STUCK in your eyes. Where it forms great big clumps that my human has to flush out with eyewash. And if you've never been squirted in the eyeball with eyewash, it's a little like being squirted in the eye with, say, a garden hose. Neither brother Dutch nor my human have to endure this torture after a trip to the beach so it must be a pug thing.

If you have wrinkles, sand gets stuck in them too. Sand-removal from the wrinkles isn't quite as bad as the eye-washing, but can't say I like it.

Sand also kinda itches. Which wouldn't be so bad if sand stayed at the beach where it belongs. But sand gets
everywhere. It's in our car, our house, my dog bed. Drives me nuts. My human sweeps up big piles of it everyday. I'm pretty sure it drives her nuts too.

Sand or no sand, I still love going to the beach. Especially when the weather gets hot. My human said there are people who don't get to live near an ocean and would probably like to have a sand problem. I guess the grass is always greener?
If you can say that about sand.

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m said...

Lol. We have the same problem here in Florida. I swear I have more sand embedding in my car than I have gas in the tank :D