Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Sometime around 6:30 this morning I was awakened by an intruder in our bedroom.

It didn't make any noise, but it didn't have to. Its mere presence in the room was enough to wake me up. And when I opened my eyes, there it was on the table next to the bed. Watching us sleep with a pair of huge, creepy eyes.

I had no idea what it was or how it snuck in, but I really wanted it OUT.
So I woofed. And nothing happened. My human and brother Dutch snoozed away, the creepy trespasser wasn't fazed one bit. I escalated my threats to a more serious woof-woo-woo-woo! But the thing still didn't budge. Neither did Dutch or my human.

It was clearly up to me to save us all, so I jumped on my human's head and let loose a loud growl/howl combo. The intruder didn't flinch, but I definitely got everyone else's attention. Dutch let out a very loud reflex-bark. And even though it was obvious he had no idea what was going on,
I totally appreciated the back-up. My human joined in the barking next:

PUGLET! What are you DOING?!?

I motioned to the intruder on the table.

Ugh. Puglet, that's YOU. It's just a PICTURE of YOU. Go to sleep.

And that was it. She went back to sleep and left me alone with the scary picture. Of myself.

I'm going to keep a close eye on Mr. Intruder, just in case my human is wrong about the whole picture-of-me thing. I mean, the way people gush over me, you'd think I'd be waaaay cuter than that. And a whole lot less creepy. Right??


Kimmy B said...

Last night I was introduced to your blog through somebody on Craigslist. I laughed and cried and couldn't wait to read your funny, hysterical words this morning. You didn't fail me. Our two pugs recently passed and I miss them terribly. Wormie and Lucy were the loves of my life (and rescues from PugPros). Until I am introduced to my next rescue pug I will enjoy the zany antics of Puglet and of course Dutch. Do you write for a paper or magazine? Excellent - Keep it up!

Stubby said...

Hi Puglet! That intruder looks really scary. I would get as far away from it as possible just in case he attacks.

Stubby xoxo

THE PUGLET said...

Hi Kimmy B,

I'm soooo glad I could bring some pug-joy back into your life. My human says she just sent the folks at PROS an email yesterday - something about doing a special post on their dogs.

Me and brother Dutch were "recycled" and want everyone to know that second-hand dogs are perfectly perfect. I'm sure another perfectly perfect pug (or two?) will find you when the time is right :)

THE PUGLET said...

Hey Stubby,

I know! Luckily, my human got rid of it. She said she was using the intruder as a bookmark. It must have gotten loose when she finished reading the book or something? Dunno.

I'll be on the lookout from now on though.

dw said...

Puglet, you shouldn't be scared of your own picture! You look absolutely adorable!

THE PUGLET said...

Thanks dw!

Guess I accidentally mistook 'absolutely adorable' for creepy.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Must have been a not so good pic of Puglet on the nightstand! What a cutie! I laughed at that posting of the "intruder". I foster Pugs and they definately have some unique abilities to make us laugh. Thanks for the site!

Sandra said...

Puglet, I loved your tale of the intruder. I laughed until I cried and then I read it to my daughter-in-law and we both laughed. You see I have a puglet named Phoebe who looks just like you and she would have done the very same thing if that intruder had been in "our" room. As a matter of fact I wore a t-shirt with a pug's face on it and every time I bent over to pick up Phoebe she would lay her ears back and slink backwards away from me. Your cute little woof woo woo woo sound is exactly the sound Phoebe would make for an intruder. Thank you for sharing your funny story. Keep it up. Sandra

THE PUGLET said...
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THE PUGLET said...

Hi Sandra!

My human says "big puggy eyes" must see better than regular dog eyes. Does your Phoebe bark at animals on the TV too??

My Brother Dutch (the dalmatian) either doesn't see the TV animals or intruders -- or just doesn't care. Not sure which...

pugsmom said...
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pugsmom said...

pugsmom said...
My Phoebe has a puggy sister named Kizzy who is all black and doesn't look anything like you and Phoebe. Both Phoebe and Kizzy love to protect me from tv animals. The only thing is, they seem to think the animals are behind the tv, because when they run barking over to catch them they always run behind the tv and get confused when the animals are gone. They have a brother Keeshond who doesn't care a darned bit about the animals on tv, but they all love to bark at animals walking their people in front of our house.

September 3, 2009 4:25 PM

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