Thursday, September 3, 2009


I feel really bad for making so many people's eyes leak yesterday. Thank God I have nothing but 100% happiness for you today.

It's finally Brother Dutch's turn to wear the scary hat because today he turns six!
I really hope he gets some yummy birthday cookies and cool new toys to share with me because I don't get to have another birthday until next June.

This birthday stuff should really happen more than once a year.
I tried to convince my human that since 1 human year = about 7 dog years, dog-birthdays should happen 7 times a year (minus the scary hat). She didn't buy it though.



Meg and Lola said...

Ooooooh, MUCH happier! Happy birthday Dutch! Pug hugs from Lola in Las Vegas!

Rosie the Party Pug said...

Happy birthday Dutch! You look soooo handsome in your birthday hat. I hope the day holds many cookies and belly rubs!

Lola said...

Happy birthday Dutch! Hope your special day is full of cookies and gifts!
Puggy love from Lola in Lafayette

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dutch!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):)
Hope you get lots of treats and toys...Please share with Puglet....Sending pug hugs from South Carolina

Anonymous said...

Happy 6th Birthday Dutch!!! My mommy's birthday is tomorrow - she says Virgos are great!! Pug Hugs from Frodo the Pug.

THE PUGLET said...

Dutch says:

Aw, thanks everyone! I never knew I was a Virgo. According to Google that's supposed to make me:

Modest and shy (Yes!)
Meticulous and fastidious (Yes!)
Intelligent and analytical (Not sure. Maybe?)