Thursday, September 3, 2009


The UPS guy came to our door yesterday. And I guess I must've been in the way or something because my human picked me up... and suddenly I found myself eye to eye with a pair of giant black dogs.

I'd never seen these dogs before and didn't know what they were doing stuck to a wall in our house. I didn't want to freak out the UPS guy with a bunch of woofing, but
as soon as the door shut, I let out my best woo-woo-woo!

My human just laughed.
Silly pug! That picture has been on the wall for AGES. Really? Didn't exactly make me feel better. That's Moby and Grendel, she said. They lived with me a long time ago. What?? I never knew my human lived with other dogs. I mean, I know she fostered homeless dogs before I came along, but when I asked brother Dutch about these Moby and Grendel characters, he had no idea who they were.

So I asked my human to tell me more about the strange dogs. At first she didn't say much, but then her eyes started to leak. I licked her face until the leaking stopped and she told me Moby and Grendel were really special. Like me and Dutch - but different. She loved them a lot and was really sad when they weren't around anymore. That's why she hung their picture on the wall by the front door -- so she could see them everyday.

I was kinda scared to ask where Moby and Grendel went and if they were ever coming back. So I made Dutch do it. My human told him that Moby went to sleep because she had cancer in her bones and sleeping feels better than having cancer in your bones. And Grendel went to sleep after a giant truck ran my human's car off the highway. I guess because sleeping feels better than getting hit by a giant truck.

I guess there are times when going to sleep is the best thing you can do.
I asked my human if I'd go to sleep one day too. No way, she said, you're going to be with me forever.


September 13th is National Pet Memorial Day. A special day for remembering all the special animals we've had in our lives.


Stubby said...

Hi Puglet! Moby and Grendel look really cool. Your human loved them a lot and it was so sweet of you to lick the tears from her face.

It's funny how we think life started when we arrived on the scene. Mom has never mentioned another dog to me but I'm going to ask if I am her first.

Stubby xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet.....I'm a pug named Henry and my pug brother is Simon, I;ve been following your blog for a while but while my mom and I were reading this she started to cry.....she said she was sad because I almost went to sleep but she is sooooo happy that I didn't. I don't see what the big deal is I LOVE to sleep but my mom still seemed sad. I guess i will just have to give her lots and lots of kisses today and everyday. Your friends,
Henry and Simon

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet and Dutch.....
Thanks for giving your mom kisses and loving her, she is a very special mom....You and Dutch kept up the great adventures I really love them....Thank you

THE PUGLET said...

Oh, careful Stubby. If you ask your human about life before you, she might leak! Be prepared.


I didn't mean to make anyone leak. I had noooo idea sleeping dogs could make humans sad. I mean, I LOVE naps! Anyway - be prepared for leaking. Licking seems to stop the leak; tail wiggling, head tilting and general pug cuteness also helps.

Meg and Lola said...

Puglet- You made me a little cry-y today! My sweet Pug girl Lola is just a baby but I know like YOU, she'll be with me forever. Keep having fun with Dutch and your Mama, we love reading about you! Pug hugs!

pugsmom said...

I think there is a whole bunch of leaking eyes out there today after reading your story about Moby and Grendel. I hope they all have a loving pet to make them feel better until the leaking stops. My brindle pug Autumn went to sleep about 6 months ago because she had a rare problem called megaesophagus. My eyes still leak whenever I think about her and I love to share her picture with everyone. My Phoebe has a cousin cocker spaniel names Burt who has cancer and will probably go to sleep very soon. My grandchildren are very sad and reading about Moby and Grendel made them feel a little better. I'm so glad you are there for your human.

September 3, 2009 4:52 PM

Rosie the Party Pug said...

My humans eye's leaked reading your blog today. I asked my big brother buddy what was wrong and he showed me a box on a high shelf with a pink collar and doggie tags. He said it was Daisy...she was a crazy border collie that used to live with us before I was here. For her sleeping was better than cancer also. So that's why I'm Rosie, because we don't have a Daisy anymore. Humans can be very needy sometimes :-)

Anonymous said...


It seems that your human chooses gorgeous dogs to live with. The picture of Moby and Grendel is beautiful and all of your pictures show that the camera loves you.
My rottweiler's name is Zeus and hearing that story about Moby and Grendel almost made my eyes leak. I will probably hang a picture as well when he goes to sleep. I'm hoping I have several more years.
Your tails (hehe) of adventure are told so well. My maltipoo doesn't quite have as good of a grasp on the human language as you. Maybe in another year or two.


THE PUGLET said...

Hi Zeus' Human,

Give your Maltipoo some time. My human says my grasp "borders on extraordinary", so I think I'm ahead of schedule.

I wish I'd been around when Moby & Grendel were awake. Some people think Rottweilers are scary (I mean, even the word "Rottweieler" sounds kinda scary) but my human says they can be great big sweet mushes. Is your Zeus big, sweet & mushy?

Hugo the Portland Pug said...

Oh Pug! A wild goose chase led me to this post. Sorry it's like a million years old and I'm still commenting on it but we just wanted to pay our respects to Moby and Grendel. This made my mom pretty leaky but it just made me envious of Moby and Grendels good looks! We didn't know that's what caused the brain injury but we think your human is the toughest around! And nicest too! RIP Moby & Grendel <3