Monday, July 26, 2010


If you think my human lets me do cool stuff, you'd be superimpressed with my friend's Miley + Boka's human. She takes them to all kinds of fun places. And sometimes I get really lucky and she invites me (and Dutch) to go too.

Well, last Friday I totally got lucky.

Because last Friday was take your dog to baseball night at the Oakland A's stadium. Thanks to Miley + Boka's mom, this is the second time I've seen a real, live professional baseball game. In one of those giant baseball places most dogs only ever get to see on TV.

This year I even got scratched behind the ear by a real, live professional baseball man. My human said he's a catcher for the White Sox? I don't know exactly what that means, but it's probably very cool.

Dutch would like me to mention that he's been to see the A's three times "and survived". I saw him yawn a few times during the game and was asleep by the 4th inning, so I don't think he's much of a baseball fan. I'm thinking maybe they don't have baseball where he comes from. I mean, he just doesn't seem to get it. And he insists on wearing the team-bandana thingy like some sort of Amish hat. I didn't see any other dogs doing that.

My friends Phoebe + Zoey also got lucky on Friday because they got invited to come too. Phoebe didn't seem all that into things at first, but halfway through the game she went nuts and started cheering (or booing?) like crazy. Zooey was the luckiest out of everyone. A man with a camera took her picture and put her video on this ginormous TV (technical term: Jumbotron) so the whole entire stadium could see her cuteness.

I didn't pay much attention to the baseball part of our night out with the Oakland As. I was having too much fun playing on people's laps and eating snacks. I think Boka was the only one who actually watched the game. So if you're wondering who won, you'll have to ask him.


Those Elgin Pugs said...


We's be SOX Fans!!!!!!!!
Butt we's Pug and Dutch fans More!!
You guys look super cool!! What great fun!!

Izzy, Josie and Anakin Man

THE PUGLET said...

Hey Izzy, Josie and Anakin Man!

Any idea who the baseball dude who touched my ear is? Is he, like, famous in Chicago??

Noodles said...

I am a little jealous as I am a HUGE baseball fan. . . and a grass fan . . . and a popcorn fan . . . BUT, you said something about a GAME? What's that?

Miley said...

I call foul! My mom said only 1 dog per person so Boka got to go and not me. Your mom brought both you and Dutch! hmmm someone is in big trouble around here. Boka said that the A's lost first time they have lost on dog day in 5 years. I think it was because I was no there to cheer them on. I cheer for our little league team all the time, I'm good at it. The only good thing was that Boka said that the snacks were not as good this year that since mom is dieting she did not buy anything other then heathly snacks. I say what is a ball game with out chili cheese nachos, kettle corn and hot dogs!

I am not a happy spot today.

Anonymous said...

TOO COOL!!! You guys are so lucky to have such a great mom who takes you to fun places!!! My mom is lame (but don't tell her that)!


Anonymous said...

How cool for you and Dutch. Dutch is so funny!

Oakley and Swisher said...
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Anonymous said...

Puglet Dude you are lucky! Our human told us we were going to a Dallas Cowboys game for Thanksgiving. Sure...we ended up staying in the hotel because the stadium said 'no dogs'. My little brother got loose in the hotel, he played with fans & rode in the elevator..and because his name is 'Emmitt' and he's a black pug everyone liked him. But we did get real turkey from real roasted turkeys. That was good. Ellie pug from San Antonio

Oakley and Swisher said...

Hi Puglet! We read your blog all the time but have never left a comment before because our human is pretty lazy, but we just had to today! We were @ the game on Friday too!! We totally saw you and Dutch! We were a couple dogs in front of you guys when we were all lined up to walk on the field. We wanted to say hi but our human was too embarrassed to ask if you were 'Puglet and Dutch'. It sounds like you had a great time, we did too! If our human decides to stop being lazy we will probably blog about it soon. Your friend Zooey was also shown on TV! Too bad the A's lost, oh well it was for a good cause they raised $15,000 for 'dogs for diabetics'. ~~ Oakley and Swisher

THE PUGLET said...

Heya Miley ~

Don't be mad. Technically I was there with your mom's friend Cassidy and Dutch was with my human. Boka's totally right about the snack situation though. Last year we ate nachos. This year it was apples, carrots and sweet potatoes.

Dutch got lucky and found a taquito on the ground the way out, but it was all health food and fiber for the rest of us.

agent99 said...

One of us is Sox fan, the other is the Cubs fan, Of course we foget who is who.....but yuo are totally lucky! Ear scrithes are the best, but when you get them from a baseball human on the Sox, well, that's HEAVEN!

Gen & Lefty

THE PUGLET said...

Hiya Frodo ~

I think maybe your mom isn't lame -- it's just that you live in New Jersey.

My cousin Sophie is there too and her mom says dogs in NJ aren't allowed to do cool things like California dogs. I've never been to NJ, so I don't know if this is true. But I'm just saying, your human might not be the problem ;)

THE PUGLET said...

Hi Oakley and Swisher!

I can't believe we were all at the game together. It so cool when the internet and real life bump into each other. I'm sorry we didn't get to meet though - maybe next year??

Anonymous said...

Wow, maybe our Mom will take us next year...we live in the foothills, our local team are the Sacramento River Cats (Mom says they are a feeder team to the A's, pretty sad they get eaten, better them then us!)I think they do something like this also.

OK, is it our computer, or does Boka have green spots?

You guys have the best times...shooter or not, you are lucky to have your mom.

Pearl and Tessa

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

Puglet! So cool!! We never have been to a 'game' but if there is people and snacks we want to go too. Your friend looks cute in her jersey and Dutch with his Amish hat BOL.


Ollie said...

Even though you missed out on the premium snacks like nachos & hot dogs, it still looks like you guys had a pug/spotted dog funfest!

Those Elgin Pugs said...

Hello's Pug!! Sorry's!! I's was ins a meetings wits 'da backs on my eyeballs..hee hees!!
Hmmm.. if he was wearings numbers 14.. I's tinkings would be's Paul Konerkos!! Did yous gets his Pawtoegraphs??????????


Those Elgin Pugs said...

Yous 'prolly don't members his # butt 'dat who it looks likes for sure!!!


Suki said...

Hi Puglet!
What an exciting adventure... Did you catch any fowl balls?
At the last March of Dimes Walk, I got my picture taken with Spike. He is a giant bulldog mascot for the Round Rock Express (minor league team for Houston Astros). But I'm not as lucky as you and Dutch, I haven't been to a game.
Is your new baseball player friend A.J. Pierzynski? Say that three time fast.
Thanks for sharing your wonderful evening at the Ball Park.
Woof -

Suki said...

Sorry Puglet,
Fowl balls should have been foul balls.

agent99 said...

Puglet: Daddy says that was Carlos Quentin giving you scritches. He is a great paler, but wa not witht he Sox during the big year of 2005 when the won the World Series.

3pugs2luv said...

We had a great time at the game. Next year maybe we can get a big group of us to go. Maybe we'll get to sit by some humans who eat nachos & all that fun human food. We wish we could have seen Zoey on TV. We did miss you Miley, hopefully next year both you & Boka can go. Dutch had his Amish look & Boka had green & yellow all Dals get crazy at baseball games?
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

Those Elgin Pugs said...

Okay Okay!! Nows we's need confirmations!!

Can anyone else confirms..'cuz Gen & Lefty's Paw says its Carlos Quentin and we's tinks its
Paul Konerkos.. butt in 'us Puggies defences's all hoomans look 'da same...HEE HEE!!


THE PUGLET said...

Uh, it might not be either of them? Is totally not the Carlos dude though.

Crabbie Chris said...

Puglet!! Sorry I've been so quiet lately, mom got a work promotion and she's been so busy that she doesn't have time to help me blog. Imagine that! That is so cool the Zoey got to go on the big screen, she's such a beauty I can see why they picked her. Do you ever do "Dog Days of Summer" with the San Francisco Giants? Mom might see if Spencer wants to go...not sure if there are still tickets. Maybe we can have a "Pug Section!"

THE PUGLET said...

Hey Bella-T!

No problems. Human's can totally mess with your computer time. Stupid thumbs!

My human's been off shooting dogs or something, if it makes you feel any better.

Floris, Manu and Jessica, NL said...

Hiya Dutch!! Oh dear, you had to sit through a whole game of baseball?? No wonder you wanted to cover your ears! ;-)) And no, sorry, we Dutch do not have baseball... don't know why, maybe that all started after you left here?? They guys sure look tough and I think it would be fun, especially to go all together!!