Thursday, July 29, 2010


My human's making me do another one of those confession things again today because I got caught doing something I'm totally not allowed to do. So here goes:

Hi, my name is Puglet and I'm a rock/woodchip-aholic.

Yeah. It's true. See those things in today's picture? Well, they came out of me. And in case you think that's one of those optical delusion things, here's a
nother picture:

Not only did I get caught, but we almost had to take another trip to the vet again because of the rock/woodchip eating. Because last night I started to feel a little sick. And when it came time to eat breakfast this morning, I didn't touch my food. Couldn't even look at it. Blech.

The not-eating part freaked my human out, big time. She s
ays that for me to skip a meal, something has to be wrong. Very, very wrong. And I guess she was right because about an hour after she pumped me full of mineral oil and called the vet to make an appointment, I puked.

And out came the rock and a woodchip. Which is why I got in trouble and have to do the confession thing again. I know eating rocks and stuff is bad. And I guess I understand why my human gets mad. Sort of. But I'm pretty sure the -aholic thing means it's hard for me to stop doing it.

I mean, the world is full of rocks and woodchips. Sometimes the temptation is just too much.


Foodie Girl said...

I totally understand what you mean Puglet. I'm a recovering stickaholic. At first my human didn't think there was anything wrong with snacking on sticks because she had a non-pug dog do the same thing.

I just couldn't resist all the sticks, they're every where in NJ. Well all was good until one day last year on our daily walk, I went to do a #2. I never realized that things we eat come out the other end!

It's still hard to stay away from sticks and I might sneak one in every now and then....but I'm here for you Puglet. We -aholics must stick together.


3pugs2luv said...

First off, we are glad to hear you are okay. But it seems to be going around with us pugs. Yesterday, Zoey got sick from eating something she wasn't supposed to...we were unable to determine what it was. Even sweet Bellatrix had been ill from something she ate. You see you are not alone. Will we ever learn?
We are Pugs and we are -aholics.
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

Becky said...

Glad everything came out okay! Maybe therapy would help. Pugs are always looking for something to nibble on as I have observed with my two. They however usually spit it back out if not tasty.

Salinger The Pug said...

Wow and woodchips? Hmmmm. Glad you're ok.

I eat/crap out my human brother's Legos all the time and it makes mom really yelly.

Stick to real foodables buddy!


Ollie said...

Poor Puglet,
I'm a poopaholic and though my human isn't worried about stuff getting stuck in my system, she is worried about me picking up parasites and other bad things from all the poop I find. I'm a really good poop hunter and I just can't resist. least we're almost perfect.

Anonymous said...

Oh, poor is your appetite okay now? Hope its all gone. We was worried about you, about to call 911 cause there was no blog this morning. Tessa and I don't do the stick or rock thing...but we both love bunny poo. We live in a new subdivision, lots of empty lots and the bunnies come and munch down at night, leave these nice little raisin pellets for us. Freaks mom out.

Mom would completely freak if we ever didn't eat a meal...we have to remind her every hour our so that we are hungry.

pugsmom said...

My cousin who, is a Golden named Abby, and her friend, a Lab mix named Chelsea, ate a whole bunch of cherries that fell off a tree. They had to be rushed to emergency to give them something to make them puke, because cherry pits have cyanide in them, then they had to get xrays and their human moms were really scared and mad because they thought they might die and the emergency cost a lot of money. We were sooooooo relieved when they were both OK. I think they are -aholics too. So glad you are OK after eating the rock and the wood chip. I'm here for you too Puglet.
Phoebe in Oregon

Clandestine Cats said...

Puglet, We quadra-peds sometimes need to take 24 steps where our two-legged humans can stop bad habits in 12. Be a patient pug and not a pug patient. From your feline friends.

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet..and we thought we were the only pugs that eat things and get in trouble. Me and my little brother eat rocks or try to. When the human sees us with a rock she yells 'NO ROCKS' and we drop them & then get treats. We have her trained. We sometimes eat small rocks that come out the other end and the human gets mad! Mineral oil, Puglet buddy that sounds nasty..does it taste bad or stink? I would non-aholic the rocks if stinky oil was involved. Hope you feel better. Ellie and Eli, San Antonio Pugs

Mia said...

My name is Lilo and I am a rock eater!! I feel your pain Puglet!! I have tried very hard to be good about not eating the rocks and other non-digestables!! It is difficult! At least yours have come on their own. The momma still tells people that I ate "The most expensive rock she will never wear"! We will be strong together!!!



Noodle said...

Oh Puglet, please be careful!!

My human is always watching what I eat because I'm an -aholic too. I guess "foodaholic." I'm always starving. There are so MANY things she doesn't want me to eat! She's no fun.

After reading this post, my human sat me down and told me how bad this is and how I better not do what you did. She told me about another pug named Mushu and how he went to sleep one day and didn't wake up!! The doctor said he'd had a big ulcer(?) in his stomach that ruptured. Apparently, an ulcer is something that can happen if you eat things you're not supposed to and it damages your stomach. Since Mushu was a rescue, like me, my human had no idea he had an ulcer. The doctor said he'd had it a real long time...

I asked her if I could get an ulcer from eating my poo. She said she didn't think so, but she'd like me to stop doing that anyway. We'll see...

Dude, I'm just glad you're okay.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to see there are other pugs out here with the same problem. My brother and I are garbargeholics. Everytime I have a change to knock the garbage over I am IN! Yesterday I had some tasty left over baked ziti wrapped in tin foil. My brother also dragged out old cupcake wrappers, the list goes on. So far we are in teh clear but I don't want to go in my cage again if things start to head south, if you know what I mean??
Here is an inside scoop: I have dabbled in the underbelly of the outdoor grill, you'd be surprised how much great carcenogenic leftovers can be found there! Don't tell the rentals! shhhh

Lola & Roscoe

THE PUGLET said...

Wow. I had no idea so many others have -aholic issues too! Other than Lilo and my buddy Wendell (who both had removal surgeries) I've never met another compulsive rock/wood eater.

Maybe we should have some sort of support group. The 24-Step Program idea sounds kinda... hard. If we had to do 24 Steps, it might take forever to be cured - and in the meantime we can still snack on stuff we're not supposed to. It's a win-win really :)

THE PUGLET said...

Oh yeah. Don't tell your humans I told you this - but like Ellie and Eli (San Antonio Pugs) said, when you're an -aholic, it's supereasy to train your people to give you snacks in exchange for spitting stuff out.

Here's the trick: spit out one rock/stick/poop/lego!, and there are about a gazillion more just waiting to be eaten. The odds are totally in your favor. AND you end up getting twice the snackage.

I even used to pretend to eat stuff - just to get cookies, but then my human figured out what I was doing and threatened to stop feeding me.

Stubby said...

Hi Puglet! You need the 24 step program for sure. Your human is going to lock you up in the house if you don't stop eating all those crazy rocks and wood chips. Please remind me to never have you over to my house because we have about a zillion wood chips in our garden!

Stubby xoxo

Unknown said...

Oh Puglet- my mom just gave me a little extra food because I don't eat rocks or wood chips or/especially poo! (And I haven't eaten and pooped out a soft orange ear plug in forever)

Anonymous said...

Message to Pheobe in Oregon -

Hey! Your story about the cherries was "ouch"! We have a really big cherry tree on our backyard and this was my first time in my forever home that it came into season (I just missed it last summer)... My human was really freaking out because I will eat *anything*, even raw spinach... and I'm super-into garbage and fruit - I swiped a brand new bunch of bananas off the kitchen table and ate them skins and all not too long after I came home. Anyway! I loooove cherries, stems, pits and all, and I ate every single one I could get that fell off that tree and I am A-Okay! My human thought about cutting back on the kibble intake cuz I'm kinda large already (blood hound/rottie mix?), but then she figured maybe not, in fact, maybe a tiny bit extra to help cushion and move those cherries along, if you get my drift ;-) ... worked like a charm! No trips to the vet and no upset tummy that she was aware of... just piles of cherry pits instead of giant tootsie-roll-looking thingies in the yard - yikes!

Crabbie Chris said...

Ugh Puglet it's going around. I'm sick too! At least you seem like your feeling better, I'm not. Bummer that you can't digest all those yummy things, and you had to puke! I think the most tragic thing is that you didn't eat breakfast...I hope mom made it up and you got to eat some later.

Suki said...

Hi Puglet!
So glad you are ok! I was really worried about you this morning, almost called 911.
I'm a leaf-aholic in the Fall season. The crunchier the better.
A program is a great idea. Thanks for the trick idea.
Take it easy.


Anonymous said...

Puglet, please stop eating rocks and quarters. We worry about you! Eat only edibles!

THE PUGLET said...

But rocks and woodchips ARE eatable! And organic too :)

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

Puglet maybe there is something else more tasty you should be looking for on the ground. Tuni perfers the poop I prefer the smoked cig butts. Try those out they maybe gross but they seem to be safer.

Super Gross Pugs S&P

agent99 said...

Puglet, you may need an "Intervention." Please try not to eat things you're not supposed to. You'll make your human really worried. And then maybe she'll just forget to buy cookies...and that would be no fun at all.

Gen & Lefty

SpencerBartholomew said...

Puglet... I confess to lovin' the fuzz that fills my favorite toys. Oh, and paper, and my cat brother's toy mice. Come to think of it, I'll eat anything! We are all so much alike... it's great to have support. Take care and hold out for the cookies!

Anonymous said...

Yikes, Puglet! Those rocks and woodchips look quite large, how did you even manage to get them down your gullet? *Gulp*, please be more careful from now on!

Simply Pug said...

Baby: Didn't eating rocks and wood chips hurt? I mean it sounds rather painful!
Lucy: Well of course it sounds painful. Do you like it when our human had to pluck out those icky spiky round balls that you sat on.
Baby: Yeah...but Puglet had it worse.
Human: Okay you two (chuckles) let's make this a simple response.
Lucy: We're glad you're okay. Thanks to your Human - you can eat yummy kibbles again!
Baby: Yeah and tell that vet that pugs will one day prevail!


Erin @ Slipcover Your Life said...

Puglet, do you think that by eating woodchips/rocks you can distract us from the lack of surprise revealing?

Anxiously awaiting for the surprise reveal!

Kimmy B said...

Hi. My name is Tink ("hi Tink") I am an "holic". (claps) I can't help myself and consume acorns --with our without their shells. Sometimes just the shells. Our oak tree is already starting to drop and come September it's like raining treats from above. I should look into the rocks though coz they are available year round. Me and my brothers eat tanbark and I'm embarrassed to admit...we fight over one piece dangling from Beans' mouth and there's a WHOLE yard of them! Knock on wood (no pun intended) we have not had not trips to the vet....yet. Be careful Puglet. It's time all of us pugs rise up and use our noggins. Do you want me to mail you some acorns? Love Tink

Anonymous said...

It could be worse, I had a pug who liked eating trash and had to have surgery! Be thankful that throwing up works on woodchips and rocks.

ps your blog makes me smile every day. Keep on being pug-tastic Puglet!!!