Tuesday, August 31, 2010


As if the underground train-riding wasn't enough of an adventure, above ground was like a totally different planet. Downtown San Francisco has about a million more smells and sounds and feet than my neighborhood.

There were lots and LOTS of feet.

My human was a little worried about me getting stepped on, but I'd rather get stepped on than be carried in public. We only had to walk a few blocks from the train to Ellen + her friends,
so I took my chances. The risk paid off big time when I got to make an entire flock of pigeons fly away.

Me + new friend Ellen.

Anyway. We made it to Union Square and found Ellen + her friends, no problem. Even though we'd never met, I knew who they were right away. Pugs can always pick out pug people - it's like our eighth sense. Ellen also happened to be packing an edible surprise that totally set off my snack radar.

Ellen + her friends were all extrasupernice. They gave me loads of love and I got to show off for them. I did the Yeti. And the Jimmy. And posed on a few random objects, supermodel style. There was awwwing. And cookies. It was awesome.


I want to pause and talk about the cookies for a minute. They're called Charlee Bear and each niblet has only 3 calories so you can eat a whole bunch of them without getting tubey. And they're supertasty. I immediately stuck my head in the bag and sucked down as many as I could. That didn't work a second time, so I tried to eat a hole in the bag to get more. I have no idea why my human has never bought these things for me. Major thanks, Ellen!

Sassy, snack invader.

Oh yeah. I was not the only fan of the Charlee Bear. A little dog named Sassy wandered over and used the cone of shame to score some sympathy snacks. The humans totally fell for it. Sassy just had her parts removed (and a whole bunch of people were watching) so I didn't chase her away from the camera. But I wanted to.


Anonymous said...

This blog is a riot! Puglet has the best view of the world

Foodie Girl said...

Hi Puglet! Mookie here. I'm glad you're enjoying Downtown. Thanks for the heads up on those cookies! I will have to tell my human to use the google to look for them. I've been snacking on Zuke's Mini's for now. They're only 3 calories too. My human has been withholding some snacks because of the tubey issue (even though I don't say anything how tubey she's getting).

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,

Ellen is the bomb for bring Pennsylvania snacks with her - looks like you had a super time!

Also, you should tell your human to check out this channel on youtube, you will love it - these pugs can do a mean head tilt. Can you tilt your head?


Molly in PA

Mr. Puggle® said...

love reading your adventures puglet! congrats on your first time in the big city!

Mr. Puggle® said...

oh, major kudos to your biped for the Frolic Photography!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That head tilt video was awesome lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet...You didn't know about Charlee Bear treats..they are the best! We can only eat the Cheese ones because Emmitt has a sensitive stomach. Like you Eli decided to chew a hole in the bag and sucked all the treats into his own stomach, now our mom hides our stuff...stupid Eli. That heat tilt.. we call that *ratchet head*. Glad you enjoyed the downtown, our mom told us its a great place to visit. Ellie, Emmitt and Eli from TX

THE PUGLET said...

Zuke's minis are tasty (I love the stinky Salmon kind) but they're sooo small, I hardly even know I'm eating one. Charlee Bears almost need to be chewed first :)

THE PUGLET said...

Oooh - the head tilters! Max and Minnie (+ a friend). They live kinda near me but we've never met. Hmmm. Maybe we should fix that.

They helped me get through a very tough time last year:


THE PUGLET said...

PS: Most of the time, my head move is kinda more lopsided than titled.

But last night there was this awful video on the news where some poor man got tazered by the police in his living room. He was screaming and my head tilted around so much, I thought it might fall off.

THE PUGLET said...

Hey Mr Puggle ~

My human says thanks! I'm supposed to tell you to check out today's stupid Daily Frolic. Because it's a Puggle. In a tree.



Minnie and Mack said...

You are too cute! Love the photo with your Famous Ellen! My Ellen takes care of us when our humom and hudad are out of town. Don't you just love all Ellens!!!
You are one lucky Pug to get to go on adventures on trains and then downtown with all the great smells. Nice of you to share your treats.

Anonymous said...

Dude, way to score the Charlee Bears. I love both the cheesy and liver ones. My mom doesn't mind giving me a million of them when I go where I am not supposed to and hold out until I get a snack. A Pug's gotta "train" those humans right.(but you'd think my mom the shrink lady would have this figured out by now....)Jax in PA

Stubby said...

Hi Puglet! I so need to get my butt back to SF! You are always out and about doing cool stuff while I'm stuck in the house because it's about 2,000 degrees outside.

Ellen looks very cool and how nice of her to bring cookies. She's a very wise lady. Glad you had a good time and that you shared your cookies with Sassy.

Stubby xoxo

SpencerBartholomew said...

Hey Pug- super cool for Ellen to bring you some hefty-friendly snacks. Although, I do believe you are rockin the waist- you look fabulous! Hey Stub- I agree! I agree! You need to get your butt back to SF!!

MissAnnie said...

I love Charlee Bears! I get them every day when I do my, um, business outside - and then sometimes I get more when we go back inside. My favorite ones are liver + cranberry - mmmmmmm!

I Love Lucy said...

I agree.
Puglet, you, Dutch and your person are a riot. My mommy and I can't go a day without your adventures.

Minnie Moo said...

Ohhhh I'm gonna have to get me some of those low calorie snackies. That way I won't have to eat grean beans forever to keep my puggy shape.


Minnie Moo

Wilma said...

Hi Puglet,
So cool you got to strut your stuff downtown,and meet another new friend. What a charmed life you have. And you deserve it. I have been a fan of the charley bears for quite some time now.Mom gets them at Trader Joes. They have cheese flavored ones too.I love those.Mom and Dad have been right there in Union Square. They said it was very cool.
Your Mom probably knows all about it, but apparantly, there is an awesome place to have breakfast near there. It is called Sears Fine Foods. They serve these sweedish pancakes, 18 of them with warm maple syrup. They were saying something like they were to die for.As far as I can tell though, they still smell alive, so they must not have tried any.

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

Puglet that was nice of you to let Sassy score a few treats. The cone is always hard to say no to. Hmmm I need to scribble down these new treat names...I have been looking tuby lately.


Suki said...

Hi Pug!
What a cool Downtown adventure & super surprise Charlee Bear snacks.
Being downtown has a unique vibe. Last year my Mom took me to the 3 mile Austin Heart Walk. I walked all 3 miles! Eating out downtown too is fun. Like your human, my Mom gets nervous about me getting squished by so many feet.


Anonymous said...

What is the Yeti?

THE PUGLET said...

Minnie Moo -

I've seen your abs in a bikini suit. That green bean diet is totally working for you ;)

THE PUGLET said...

Have I not yeti'd for everyone? Oh. It's when I walk around on two feet. My human says I look like a yeti. Whatever that looks like.

THE PUGLET said...

Hey Suki ~

Is the bionic leg all healed up??

THE PUGLET said...

Wilma ~

I'll eat 18 of anything, with or without maple on top.


Suki said...

Hey Pug,
Thanks for asking. Will find out on Friday about bionic leg, 6 week x-rays. Keep your toes crossed.


Anonymous said...

lol The Yeti or Abominable Snowman is an ape-like cryptid said to inhabit the Himalayan region of Nepal and Tibet;

a large hairy humanoid creature said to live in the Himalayas

LOL I get it now! that's hilarious, I can totally see it

Anonymous said...

sorry puglet, but that is too funny (above)

Unknown said...

Hi Pug! This is Ozzy.I heard you met my mom,aunt and grandparents in Union Square. Now they want me to do tricks, but I'm more interested in the treats.Hopefully my family can find them in Kentucky!

Kristen said...

We really enjoy your blog and all of your adventures Puglet.
You can follow my blog at: pudgypughug.wordpress.com
It follows my adventures since I was recycled last year... I was the biggest pug in the world! Formally, weighing in at 50lbs!

Hope to have you stop by!

THE PUGLET said...

Hi Ozzy in Kentucky!

I've kinda learned that tricks + treats go together. Sometimes you can score snacks by just being supercute, so I'd definitely try that first. My human says you're very photogenic, so you might want to try being cute in front of the camera. That usually gets me double-snacks.

Good luck :)

THE PUGLET said...

A 50 lb pug? Oh my....

Anonymous said...

I always buy Charlie Bears for mu Pug, they are great because they are so small. most pugs love em.

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

We love Charlie Bears, too. Mom likes them because they're light colored, and when she tosses them in agility training we don't have to spend hours looking for the treat (because we NEVER seem to smell the treat).

Just a note about Zukes Mini Treats: my mom gets them for us, but recently her vet told her about a flat faced dog (not Pug) that ate one when they were really hot and panting heavily. The treat was sucked into their airway and created a plug that nobody was able to unstick. It didn't turn out well for the poor little doggie, and ever since then, my mom only gives us Zukes Minis if we are calm, cool and collected.

She's started using a really great "small" treat that Miley's mom gave her - they're little stars, and VERY tasty.

THE PUGLET said...

Wow. I never thought about the Zuke's - plug thing. But I can see how that would happen. I'm *never* calm, cool or collected when it comes to cookies. Sometimes I get crumbs up the back of my nose, like in my throat and my human has to Heimlich me.

Thanks for the warning!!

Anonymous said...

"but I wanted to" lol, ah that made my day